For any providers who have not billed using the new ICD10 codes, claims that include diagnosis codes for unspecified intellectual disabilities are not being paid. I also spoke with a local physician who is having trouble with his billing because he stated that he has to know the cause of the illness before he can select the correct diagnosis code. For example, if a patient has pharyngitis, he would need to know if it is bacterial or viral. So more tests have to be order in order to select the right code – there is no unspecified code anymore. But, while he is ordering the additional (and costly) tests, he cannot bill the current appointment because he is awaiting the test results to get the correct diagnosis to bill by. It is slowing billing down and causing some major issues. When we find out more about how to bill the individuals with the 319 code, I will let everyone know. For now, it looks like you have to have the person “re-diagnosed” to get a billable code.