If you are the in house Therap trainer, or at the very least the person everyone goes to when they want to know how to do that one little thing, you probably wish you had time to do a Power Point full of screen shots or a step by step manual. You have taken different colleagues through the steps many times, but never captured it. Well if you are using Windows 10 you could have already recorded an amazing tutorial to share with everyone.

I struggled with deciding which tool to use to record tutorials. My company has GoToMetting, but not everyone has access to it. We also just started using Skype and you can record Skype maxresdefaultmeetings. The problem with both of those options is they are designed for meetings, you know with another person. I couldn’t bring myself to ask someone to hop on a meeting with me and only ask the appropriate questions so I could get a good training video. I hoped there was an easier way. Taking to google I found several expensive options or solutions with steep learning curves before using the right search terms and stumbling upon Windows 10 Game DVR.

This seems to be something Microsoft did to try and bridge X-Box Live and Windows 10, designed for gamers to record their games and share them with the gaming community. Some of you may know much more about this than I ever will. My video game playing now days mostly involves my 5 year old daughter standing over my shoulder asking me why I am so bad at a game she mastered in an afternoon (Subway Surfers).

Getting started wit2016-12-13h this is as easy as pressing two keys. First open up the browser you use the most often then press the windows key and “g”. A small black box will appear at the bottom of the screen asking if you want to open game bar, it will also ask if this is a game. Check the box next to the “Is this a game?” question. Of course it is not, but windows wants to think it is so we will let it.

After you have enabled this option for your browser you can start a recording session anytime by pressing the windows key and “g” again. You will notice that once Game DVR is enabled in your browser every time you open up a new window you will be prompted to “Pres Win + G to open Game bar”. If this becomes distracting you can choose “Don’t show this again”.


You are now set up to start recording some great targeted training videos. When you press Win + G the recording controls tool bar will pop up at the bottom of your screen. To start recording press the red dot. While you are recording the red dot turns to a red square that you can press to stop your recording. Also be sure to look at the settings options available by clicking on the gear to the right side of the bar. You may have to enable voice recording.

There are a few important things to note, one being the quality of the sound. You will want to choose the highest quality for the sound. If you can use a USB webcam or mic and place it 5 to 6 inches from your mouth, you will get better audio. If you use the webcam on your laptop you will need an environment with almost no background noise. Also you will want to be able to find your recordings after you finish them. By default your recording will be in This PC > Videos > Captures. They are in MP4 format, which is playable with most media players. Windows Media Player is probably your default, but you can change it to iTunes or other media players. To transfer your videos easily you probably want to stick with something that is 10 minutes or less. I recorded a 7 minute, 37 second video that is 560 Mb and a 2 minute, 50 second video and it is 299 Mb. These are both easily transferable and upload quickly. Unfortunately they are too big to email as an attachment with most email servers. I uploaded them to our companies Office 365 Video Channel and our trainer across the state was able to download them to a thumb drive and load them onto computers in the homes. One thing I can’t help you with is listening to your own voice when you review your video. Experts say that most peoples number one fear is public speaking, I think listening to a recording of your own voice is a close second.



If you have questions, run into any snags, or just want to share your videos with me please use the comment section. Thank You Tom Peterson, D&S Community Services.