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Billing Progress Report

Hi Everyone,

We are moving forward with billing.  We have our pilot groups selected (2 departments from Hab, 3 houses from Residential, and 6 MSCs). I just finished making the screen shots for our admin assistants who will be setting up the service authorizations for us. Now I will be working on the screen shots for the attendance tracking. The pilot groups will start billing in Therap by December 2013. We are hoping to have all programs billing in Therap by February 2014. I figured I would get my blog done today as I am off all next week. Emoticon showing smiley face Happy Halloween everyone! Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.

September is here!

Hi Everyone,

September is here and we have a bunch of things going on with Therap. Jim Kelly will be coming to CSDD on 9/26/13 to help with setting up the remainder of the billing module.  Plus we have a couple of our residential houses piloting the personal fiance module. There have been a couple of things the staff noticed when we got together to play around with the module. One of the things we noticed is that there is no place to list the individual’s handling limit, for it to show up on the monthly transaction report. Also we did not see a spot for a Program Coordinator or Site Manager to show that they reviewed the file (ex. an audit). I did contact Therap and made these suggestions to them so I hope they consider adding these suggestions. In the mean time we will continue to pilot the personal finance module and decide from there to see if it will be beneficial for us to use it.

We also have Kevin doing a webinar for us on 9/20/13 to show the behavior staff how they can do behavior tracking on Therap.

You can tell that fall is in the air in New York. It definitely has felt like fall weather yesterday and once again today. I am not complaining either. I am not a fan of humid weather and would have to say that fall and spring are the seasons I enjoy the most.


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Therap Conference in Buffalo

I attended the Therap Conference at the Holiday Inn. It was nice to finally put faces to the names of the different Therap staff I have emailed and talked to over the phone.  Now I am looking forward to the national conference in January 2014. Thanks to the people who attended the conference it’s always nice to see how other agencies are set up.  We also got some feedback from another agency that has their billing module set up and is already billing through Therap. Thanks for the help and pointers we appreciate the feedback.


We met with some of our billing staff this week to work on rolling out more of the billing module.  The business office staff had a lot more questions than I had answers for. At this point we figured it would be easier to have Jim from Therap come to CSDD to help us get started.  We are hoping to meet with Jim in September so we can get the rest of the billing piece set-up.  Now Jim and I just need to stop playing phone tag so we can get the meeting set-up! Emoticon showing smiley face

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Various thoughts

I can’t believe it is almost August and it will be time for the conference soon in Buffalo. My boss and I will be presenting at the conference on “Getting started on the right foot with Therap.”  We also have all out staff that plan on attending the conference signed up and ready to go.

We are also looking to move forward once again with rolling out the billing module in Therap. We put it on hold for a little while due to staff having conflicting schedules.

I just came back to work this week after a wonderful visit with my 2 nephews and sister that live out of town. We took them took a few parks and let them go swimming at grandma and grandpa’s house. It was tough coming back to work this week but I made it! Emoticon showing smiley face I still have my 2 fur babies waiting for me every day when I get home from work.

Trillian & Buttercup

Trillian (left) & Buttercup (right)

Who wouldn’t be happy to see these cute little faces?

My cat Trillian got out of the house on me earlier this month and was gone for almost 3 weeks. She is an in-door only cat and I was a nervous wreck while she was gone. I am happy to say she is now safe and back home where she is happy and healthy once again.



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Regional Conference

Hi Everyone,

I am looking forward to the Regional Conference that is coming up in August at the Holiday Inn. This will be the first Therap conference I will be attending so I am interested to see how everything is set-up. Plus I have been trying to stay on top of all the changes that are coming about with incident reporting for the state of New York. I attended my first user group meeting at Southeast Works this month and it was very interesting to see and hear comments from other agencies as to how they are documenting services in Therap. It has been raining a lot her in New York. I hope the rain stops and the sun comes out by the time my family comes in to visit from out of town.

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Hi Everyone, I am the new Therap Administrator for Community Services. I started in the position in January 2013. I already worked for the agency as a Medicaid Service Coordinator so, I was already familiar with Therap when I switched into my current position.

The modules we are currently using in Therap include T-Logs, S-Comms, General Event Reports (GERS), ISPS, Hab Plans, ISP Programs, IPOPS, Individual Data Form (IDF), parts of the Health Tracking, and Training Management System (TMS).

We are looking to use the billing module next but have come across some obstacles in the process. Therap has been working with us to get the obstacles ironed out.

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