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Alaska updates

I recently did a webinar which i thought went pretty good. I don’t know about everyone else but even with planning it out and having an outline I always feel like I forgot to talk about something or went through it too fast.

Our agency is moving forward with everyone doing ISP’s or at least almost everyone, we still have the logistics to figure out for those that don’t work at one of the houses or office buildings. there is the issue of hardware, viruses on personal devices etc. Our IT guys are working on policies and procedures surrounding the use of personal devices. Meanwhile everyone is anxious to get started.

Now that we have gotten past Thanksgiving and are full swing in the holiday season things are getting busy around here and I am preparing to take some time off work to be home with a new litter of puppies that are due in less than 2 weeks. I’m sure that I will be doing some work from home during that time but oh well that is life and at least I get to be at home with the Emma and her babies.

I hope that everyone enjoys the holiday season and doesn’t let it get them too stressed out. Take some time for yourself and relax.

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Settling in For a Long Winter

It is a busy time of year here in Alaska as we all scurry around finishing all those outside projects before everything is buried in ice or snow. Yards cleaned, tools put away, toys winterized and covered, it is a lot to do and the temperatures are already dipping below freezing at night and some days.

I recently had knee surgery and was able to work from home while I recovered, we are trying to get all departments up and running doing ISPs so that we can move to electronic billing. I was able to get a lot accomplished working from home without all the regular interruptions of my attention being pulled 20 different directions. We are still not ready but partly because of IT issues with hardware.
We were looking into Chrome books but then there was some IT conference so that may all be changing again. We have bypassed our original date to have all departments go live and pushed it out due to hardware for the remote staff. I do feel like we are making great progress in training all staff and input of data.

Now I am looking forward to the National Conference, hope ot see you all there!!

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The Big Push!

After spending a week with Allison training staff we are we are working feverishly at getting as much information about all our individuals and their ISPs into the system. We have high hopes of having ALL departments go live (currently only Residential and some vocational on line) by Oct 7th. We have staff working extra hours doing data entry to get everything in for all departments.

Having Allison here was great to get staff excited about what the program can do for us and what we can do with it. We did lots of sessions with the supervision and talked about reports and pivot tables and that got a lot of interest.

I am finally feeling like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I know we are in for some hick-ups but it is moving forward at a steady pace now. I am really exited to get things up and running. The next step will be billing and we hope that will be by the end of the year.

Thank you Allison for coming up and getting everyone headed the right direction!

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Almost August!

It is hard to believe that it is Almost August. It will be a very busy month here in Alaska, for us it is the start of the changing seasons. Our seasons are so short, at least all of them except Winter which lasts a LONG time. August is Fair time, time to finish the outside projects and best of all Allison will be visiting!

Allison’s visit means we will hopefully be that much closer to full implementation. I am working feverishly to get the system gone over to make sure everything is in place. We hope to put all the departments on and be ready to do billing by the end of September. I have to stay positive about it because it is a lot to accomplish with little assistance from others in house.

I am really looking forward to the new release this weekend, just hope that staff don’t panic since I will be out of town at a dog show.

August also means the end of our Dog show season, This coming weekend is our final summer show. I have accomplished so much in the show ring this year despite my injury to my knee. My Girl Emma has earned her Championship and her Rally Advanced title, her daughter Cassi has earned a 4 point major toward her championship, and I have had fun and learned so much more about showing and grooming. It is a never ending learning process, as is everything in life.

Kristi Davis

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Still Floating in the clouds

This has been an exciting weekend for me, it is one that I have been waiting for. I can now introduce my Bernese Mountain dog as my First Champion, CH Emma V. Riverhaus, BN, RA. We drove to Anchorage to go to our Regional specialty (a Dog show for dog of all one breed), knowing that our girl only needed 4 points to get her championship and with the number of dogs entered she only needed to take Winners Bitch (best of all the girls) one day to get that. She did it on the first day of the show so the pressure was then off and we could enjoy the rest of the weekend.

At this point I’m not really sure how to tie this all into Therap other than I was able to monitor what was going on back at the agency while away and I wanted to share this with all the friends I have met through Therap.

Emma Proudly displaying her Ribbon from this weekend

Emma Proudly displaying her Ribbon from this weekend.

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Dreaming of full implementation

We have been working on trying to get all departments fully on board with use of Therap. It has been a long drawn out process. I wish that I had a magic wand and could wave it and make it all happen…..Allison can you look into that PLEASE.

We are still trying to get buy in from everyone, I am getting all the same stories…we don’t have time to input the data…it takes too long…why do we have to change…what if the computers go down…on and on….
I’m sure you all have heard the same thing at some point. I have done demonstrations & trainings to large groups, small groups and individuals. I think I am finally starting to win the battle. It will get there eventually.

I spent a week in Loveland, Colorado at a Dog show recently and had a great week but the heat was horrible. going from 30 – 40 in Alaska to 80 in Colorado with the altitude change was quite different. I was not able to show my own dogs because I had my knee in a brace from a dislocation that had happened in April. But they did very well with handlers. My home bred puppies took placements in Futurity, Cassi took 2nd and Sprig took 4th, and Cassi took a 3rd in the regular puppy conformation class. Their mother Emma got two qualifying scores in Rally Advanced which completed her title. We have a local show this weekend and all three will be competing again, not sure if my knee is up to handling them but we will see.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!!!

Whirlwind month

I can’t believe that February is almost over. Had a great time at the National Conference, learned lots especially about all the new features and the CCHIT modules. Since I returned I have been busy making sure everyone understands the new features. We also are getting closer to adding new programs, clients and progressing towards billing. By the beginning of March we will have Residential and Vocational totally using Therap for all clients, that just leaves Family Services and Sr. Services to add.

Sr. Services and Family Services staff mainly are remote workers that are not at the office with internet access and it was great to hear what other agencies are doing to get the needed documentation from those staff that work remotely.

We are getting everyone trained on how to use the TMS and that seems to be going great. Everyone likes the access to their training records and the ability to sign up for upcoming classes.

I always have to write a little about my fur kids when I blog so if you are not interested don’t read any further….
Since I last wrote, we had a tragedy and lost two of our older dogs to cancer on the same day. This was a horrible start to the new year for us as it happened on January 4th. Thankfully we have the two young puppies that we kept from our first litter to help keep our spirits up. We are gearing up for the start of our showing season, the puppies will start their show careers with a show in March in Anchorage and then a trip to Loveland, CO,  for our National Specialty. I can’t believe they turned 6 months old yesterday. How time flies!

Well back to work, gotta think of what I want to do a webinar on before Allison slaps my hand.

Sprig and Cassi

Hope that all is well in Therap land for all of you!


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Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it is a new year, this year should prove to be very productive for us with Therap. There will be 3 of us attending the National Conference and with that support I expect to finally get the ball rolling to have all departments on board so that we can start electronic billing by mid year.

I look forward to another exciting National Conference and look forward to meeting new people as well as renewing friendships with people that I have met at the past conference. Look out New Jersey, Alaska plans to be represented well at the conference.

See you all Soon,

Kristine Davis

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It’s COLD outside!

Well winter has hit Alaska. it was -12 this morning. It has been a very busy couple of months and I have not written in a while. Here at FRA we are almost up and running with the TMS system. It has been a long haul and I have learned a lot along the way. I was lucky enough to spend a week at home when my dog Emma delivered her puppies and spend the time entering old certifications into the TMS. Now we are in the first stages of doing sign ups through the system and then certifications. I can see so many advantages and don’t know how we did things before Therap.

I spoke with another agency here in Fairbanks that used Therap for about 2 weeks and quit that now has a new executive director that wants to get it up and running again. I think that my enthusiasm rubbed off on the two women that I talked to and they are now ready to get going.

With all of this going on I have successfully raised a litter of 6 puppies to 9 weeks. I am keeping 2 of them a boy and a girl that I will raise and show. puppies

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Summer is flying by!

As all summers in Alaska this one is flying by, the fair starts next week and that is a sure sign that Fall is just around the corner. Then comes the S word, which we don’t like to use too early. This summer has gone by particularly fast for me because I have been on the go. In May I was in Gettysburg PA for a week long dog show which we took time to also see my parents who are 300 miles from the show site. Then I took a 5 day trip to Denver CO. to breed one of my dogs to a lovely boy there. We are expecting a good size litter on August 20th. which will be another adventure in itself. This will be my first litter so I have been doing lots of research and reading. I was home two days from that trip when I headed to Oklahoma City to see my new Grand daughter. I got to see 2 of my kids and 2 Grand daughters for a week, which is never long enough.

Now while I anxiously await the arrival of the puppies I am up to my ears in getting things rolling in Therap, we are in the process of changing our ISP’s to make billing a reality, rolling in all the departments and getting the TMS up and rolling. I feel like we have dragged this out so long and I finally and getting the support and backing needed to get it moving along faster. I can’t wait till everything we have been working on is fully functional and moving.

Of course there is also the new update coming out which looks like it will make life easier. I have spent this week reminding everyone that they need to have off line forms printed up for the 14 hour outage.

Life in Alaska stays especially busy in the summer time with all our day light, I don’t get as much sleep as I should and that makes me look forward to some darkness and time to catch up on rest.

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