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Busy summer in Alaska

As the warm weather is hitting us everyone is out and about enjoying it. Therap has assisted with summer activities because it is easy for staff to use their mobile devices to log medications on the MARS and do GER’s if there is an injury or behavioral event.

We are working on getting the billing up and going. I welcome all the comments and suggestions from others and how they are setting it up as well as stumbling blocks that they are running into. Anything that will save us time in the future and will prevent us from having to do it over again to change the set up.

My personal life has gotten hectic, I will be traveling again to Oklahoma City next week for my 8th grand baby who was born yesterday. I can’t wait to see my kids and grand kids that live there.

Just over a week in Oklahoma and it will be back to Therap world.There are definitely things I wish we had done differently in the beginning because I think it would have made it easier now. Oh well such is life. Off to schedule more Therap Training to do right after my return.

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Springtime in Alaska

As the temperatures rise and the snow melts spring fever is hitting all of us. I get up in the morning to 32 degrees and head to work in short sleeves and a light jacket, by the time I leave work it is 50+ and I want to run the air conditioner already. Funny how when I lived in places like Las Vegas 50 degrees was cold, I am running a fan in my office daily now. I know for most of you that doesn’t seem strange but after 17+ years in Alaska I have adapted to the climate. In my front yard we have what we call Lake Davis, we had so much snow this year that we have our own little pond that the area ducks have started swimming in. It will be a disappointment to get up one morning and the pond and the ducks will be gone, but at that point we will start to see green on the trees. We only have about 3 1/2 months of green and warm temperatures then it will be right back to white and cold. I LOVE ALASKA!!

Here at work we are working hard at getting the Training Management System and the Billing up and running. With the TMS we are about 50% of the way there. The next step is to import the current certifications for all our staff. if anyone has any tips on how to make this go smoothly let me know. I have been working feverishly trying to get all the classes and other requirements put into the system, it seems that every time I think I have everything in someone comes up with another 2 or 3 more to add. I’m sure this will be an ongoing issue.

I am working on setting up schedules of training for the staff from all departments, up to this point it has been just the Residential staff using Therap but with the addition of the TMS all staff even if they don’t do direct care will have access. This should improve communications with all departments for all sorts of things: trainings, special events, etc. I am looking forward to that, I think it will create more unity instead of it being each department on it’s own.

I will be leaving in just over a week to go to Gettysburg, PA for a dog show. Included in this trip is a side trip to my parents who are 300 miles away from the show site. We will be near Bradford, PA May 2 – 6, if there are any Therapites out in that area I would love to meet up and maybe have lunch. Then May 6 – 13 I will be at the show in Gettysburg. If there is anyone in the area that would like to see about 500 Bernese Mountain Dogs all in one place let me know, I would love to have visitors at the show site. If you don’t know what a Bernese Mountain dog is come on out and see. You will learn why I am so passionate about my dogs. My life is divided between Therap and my dogs, and of course some sewing/quilting and embroidery thrown in there too.

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National Conference and looking for some imput from others

It has started out as a crazy week with being gone all last week to the National Conference in New Jersey. It was a great week, I learned a lot and met a lot of great people. I always enjoy it when I meet another dog enthusiast (especially someone with a Bernese Mountain Dog!) I only wish I had enough fore thought to have stayed longer and gone to the Westminster Dog show. I knew people that were there and it would have been a great experience. Maybe next year!.
I not only learned a lot at the Conference but now have someone else in the agency that realizes the benefits of Therap and the things that we are not utilizing to their fullest, this of course means a lot of work ahead for me because now our implementation is going to move forward at a very rapid pace. I may be looking to some of you for information as we do this as to what works and what doesn’t.

The evening in New York city was great, it was a first for me. I discovered there is a lot to see and do and not enough time to do it all. Next trip i want to go to Ground Zero, take in a show and many other things, guess I will have to plan leave in conjunction with the conference.

Today we had a Risk Management Committee meeting and we are looking for some input from other agencies. What do you do as far as procedure/protocol for allowing someone who has a documented seizure disorder to go swimming with staff supports? Do you allow them to swim, do they have to wear a flotation device, does the guardian and/or parent sign off on it, just what parameters are in place if any?. Do you have a written protocol or procedure that you would be willing to share? If you do you can e-mail it directly to me at kristined@fra-alaska.net. Thank you for any input you can share on this topic. I am finding that this is something that a lot of agencies have not really looked at and have just allowed clients to swim. We are looking at the Risk of all our operations very closely and how it can impact our services.

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This past weekend we went to Palmer to go to the Dog show that I had talked about previously, which we won’t talk about except to say we donated to the club putting on the show. While there the second night in the hotel I was startled awake by my phone at 1:45 AM, it was my son in OK City telling me that he and his wife were at the hospital to deliver their first child. All day I paid more attention to my phone than to the dog show which is probably why we didn’t do much there. when we started home after the show I was still waiting for news about the babies birth. The bad part was I knew we would be out of cell range off and on during the next 6 hours. Well finally at about 4:33 AK time she was born. 7 pounds, 8 Oz. 19 1/2 inches long, Peyton Maria Bye. I will be visiting OK City in December to meet her. If anyone wants to get together and talk Therap I would love to meet you.

I had the opportunity to meet with a provider from ND by phone yesterday to help them through the process of implementing the MARs. It was a great phone call and I look forward to talking with them again. Good Luck Red River Human Services Foundation with starting the MARs. You can do it and show the rest of the state that it can work.

People at our agency call me the Therap Nerd but that is OK…I get very excited when I talk about Therap.

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Winter is here!

Here is it November 2nd and we have hit the minus zero temperatures. This morning when I got it up was -4. the trees are covered in frost and believe it or not it does snow at this temperature. September & October were busy months with training staff and adding new homes on the ISP module. But the biggest event in my life was my daughter (my youngest child) got married. We flew off to Oklahoma and spent a whirlwind week visiting with family, rehearsal & dinner, wedding and brunch. It was 80 degrees every day while we were there so we went from our 40 degrees in AK to 80 degrees and back to freezing and below. Of course I got sick when we got home from all the temperature changes. My son and his wife that also live in Oklahoma are expecting a baby in less than a week and I am busy trying to plan a trip to go back to meet my first grand baby Peyton Maria. While all this is going on I am thankful that I can still problem solve for the agency on my iPhone for their Therap issues. I didn’t get too many calls but there is always that one person that is desperate can’t get anyone else so calls and begs for help even though they know you are on leave. I am just thankful that it is so easy to help out via my iPhone no matter where I am.

Now back to work so that I can be ahead of the game and take my next trip, of course first a dog show this weekend with my young girl Emma. A 6 hour drive each way to the Anchorage area for what turns out to be a one day show for her. But it is always fun to spend time with my dog show friends from all over the state.

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Being tied to your smart phone when away…Good or Bad?

I spent the entire long weekend in Palmer which is 330 miles south of North Pole at a dog show. While there Ron and I spent a lot of time together with four of our six Bernese Mountain Dogs. We both got work calls and I got Therap notifications. (most of which had to wait wait till Tuesday when I returned to the office). It is wonderful though to have the option to keep up to date on what is happening when away. I love having the notifications and the option of what you respond to or not. Being the on site trainer I got calls about issues that needed worked though and I was able to talk the person through every one of them. Some had to do with the new changes and I was glad that I had read up on them and taken a look at them on line. It made it much easier to know what to tell them.

Now on to the important stuff. My 19 month old Girl was entered in the show all 3 days, she progressively moved up in the placements. On Friday she got 3rd in her class, Saturday 2nd and then on Sunday she took first in her class then moved on the take Winner’s Bitch for a 4 point major. For those who don’t know a dog must have 15 point and 2 majors to get their championship. The points are based on how many dogs entered and a major is anytime it is 3, 4, or 5 points. Emma beat 8 other dogs to take Winner’s Bitch. It was overall a great weekend, I learned a lot of new tricks from some friends about handling and grooming. We can always learn something new.

So after the weekend and taking Monday off to recover and as my Birthday Holiday I have played catch up for 2 days. That is always the hard part of taking time off. My first page numbers are slowly decreasing and I will get them all cleared before I go home today!

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Always new things to learn

Allison spent the day with me yesterday and it was quite educational as well as amusing. We had lot of people come and go through issues with Allison, most important was our visit with Peggy O’Neil from our state office. She was interested and I think impressed with that Therap has to offer. The rumor is the state is looking at mandating a system for providers to use and with a number of us here in the state using Therap we want to try to sway the decision that way so that is why we opted to have Allison speak with them. I hope that it opened their eyes.

Maybe after this visit we can finally iron out the differences the agency is having about how to record ISP data. I am ready to get the ball rolling and move on to bigger and better things.

I learned a few things about my role as an Administrator and setting things up differently now to get started. I have become a Therap Nerd in a very short time and I’m to the point that I dream Therap and think about issues and how to solve them using Therap.

I’m glad that it didn’t rain the entire time Allison was her and she got to see the sun shine yesterday and should have great weather for her trip to Valdez today.

Thanks Allison for all your help!!

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Summertime in Alaska

We have been enjoying some warm but smoky weather in Fairbanks. We have several wildfires nearby that have burned a lot of land and several people have lost cabins or out buildings. They are not threatening us in town but defiantly are hard on the respiratory system.

For me personally Dog show season has started and I spend a lot of time traveling the 350 miles south to Anchorage to go to weekend dog shows. Memorial Day weekend was our kick off show and it was right here in Fairbanks which was great but a lot of work since I am on the show committee. It is always fun catching up with old friends that you haven’t seen since the last show. It is a great big camp out at most the summer shows.

We have been busy with adjusting to all the great changes in 9.0 and adding MARs which everyone loves. We are still ironing out issues with using the ISPs and making sure that we meet our billing requirements in the ISP notes. It is a battle of the wills and how it should be laid out. If anyone has any samples of how they use the ISPs and if they use them for billing notes I would love to see how it works for you.

We have a lot of new staff coming on board and so I have been working on training.

We are looking forward to Allison visiting next month…. see you soon Allison!

Kristine Davis
North Pole, Alaska

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