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CT Conference

It was nice to see so many familiar faces at the CT Conference last week!   I was very excited to be able to present at the Conference and share Oak Hill’s process for developing ISP’s.    I would much rather present in front of a group and think it went well!  Many of you here in CT should also attend our User Group Meetings at Oak Hill in Hartford.    Please email me at julianm@ciboakhill.org and we can add you to the list.  It is a great place to share ideas, ask questions, and see what other agencies are doing on Therap. 

Looking forward to the Conference in Kansas City!   

Mary Beth Julian

Program Supervisor-Oak Hill

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Hi from CT!

I know, its been a LONG time and I am feeling guilty, guilty, guilty for not blogging!  But my excuse is that I just got back to work since November!   Feeling a bit old having a hip replacement at 50, but I am now the Bionic Woman, so watch out!

My first day back to work, I got to go to the Annual Conference in NJ, what a way to start the week.   The Conference was awesome, saw a lot of my Therap friends, and met some new ones too!  Thoroughly enjoyed just talking to people on how they are doing with Therap, what they are working on, and whats next!  I got alot of helpful tools, handouts, and just new ideas.

I joined in on many discussions about the MAR section.  That is our next section here at Oak Hill.   I think we are all very hesitant to start the process and trying to get everyone on board!  Any helpful hints would be great for anyone out there using the MAR!

I hope Allison doesn’t kick me out of this wonderful group!  I thoroughly enjoyed the Certified Trainers Group in NJ.  It made my day to meet all of the new trainers and all we did was laugh!  What a riot!    I needed that.  And as Billy Joel says, “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints!”

Will write soon, promise Allison!

MB Julian-Oak Hill, Hartford, CT

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CT Conference

Hi Everyone!

Wanted to say how much I enjoyed the day I attended the CT Conference and also even got to teach a session on ISP’s!  I just love this section and am learning more and more every day!  We have everything almost off paper here at Oak Hill except for some of the Interval Behavior Data sheets.  That piece is a bit frustrating, so if anyone has ANY advice, pass it this way. 

I missed the second day of the conference since it was my 50th BDay!  So sorry to have missed, but spent the day with my daughter who also turned 13 the same day!  But I heard it was great and cannot wait until the conference in January!

Please send me any ideas you may have on the 24 hr interval behavior data.  I would like to do it on an ISP!

Thx, MB Julian-Oak Hill Program Supervisor

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Hello from CT!

Cannot wait for the CT Conference in Sept!  I was asked to do a presentation and since my favorite piece is the ISP section,  I can share some cool things we have done in our agency here in Hartford!  It is always nice sharing ideas and seeing what others are doing with Therap. 

Supervisors have been working hard on the Training Management section and entering all of their staff’s training.  It is alot of work up front, but SO worth it!   I now have access to all of the staff’s training right at my fingertips.  What a great tool to make sure everyone is up to date on their training.

I also have been busy training other Supervisors in helping out with the “Teaching” piece of Therap.  For the past 2 years, there have only been two of us doing all of the training and with our other full-time job, it can be overwhelming!  So, I suggest you have some backup in case of an emergency!

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!  It has been very hot here in CT and have had our 17th day of 90 degree weather.  Is it Fall yet?


Mary Beth Julian

Oak Hill, Hartford, Ct

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“A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains”

I found myself thinking about all of the things we can do in Therap and want our agency to do more and more!   Then I realized that our agency is the largest provider in Ct and I really need to relax a bit, and have some “Patience”!   Good things come in time!!

Here in CT, we are having our next CT User Group Meeting on March 15th, 2pm, at Oak Hill’s Campus in Hartford.  If you need some additional information, email me at julianm@ciboakhill.org. It is a nice time to share your wealth of knowledge within Therap!

Had a wonderful time at the conference in NJ in February.   I really enjoyed being in a hotel by myself and no one asking me to feed them, do laundry, and do homework, but don’t tell! I did have to lose 10lbs after those 3 days!

I really liked the Training Management Section and this is next on our list!  I am setting it up this month and any suggestions or helpful tips would be greatly appreciated from anyone out there using the system.  We are not using the entire section of having staff signing up for trainings, but we will be using this for staff to alert them when their training is due.  Think this would be great and  it will help staff from lapsing in their training when it is sitting right there on their First Pg!

Our agency’s motto is “Consistency” and we are currently doing alot of training for Supervisors, RN’s, and Behaviorists!    The ISP section has been working well and Supervisors enjoy the Individual List Pg!  RN’s are finishing entering medications and are working on getting everyone using the Appointment Section in Health Tracking.  Behaviorists are working on ISP’s for mood and anxiety scales, reinforcement schedules, and getting everything on Therap!  No More Paper!  Yeah!

So, I guess I need to have some “Patience”, it will all work out in the end!  We will get there!

Enjoy this weather, we have been very lucky this winter, just 2 snowstorms and one of them was before Halloween.  Amazing!

Mary Beth Julian-Supervisor, Oak Hill, Hartford, CT



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Hi from CT,

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world”

I have to keep up with this blogging!  I too have been forgetful and busy with Therap!  

Was so excited to see Justin’s Webinar on 9.0 and got to see our new “Time Tracking Form”.    Here at Oak Hill we are very excited to start using this form for Sleeping Patterns, Mood + Anxiety Rating Scales, and so many other ideas have been brought to the table!   I am currently working on this as we speak.

We also held our 2nd “CT User Therap Group” and had 18 people at our meeting on Friday.  This was very exciting and what a great way to share everyone’s “THERAP” knowledge!  Looking forward to the next meeting.  I cannot wait to share with them how our Time Tracking Forms are coming along.

I am hoping after the Time Tracking training is done, we can start on developing the MAR!  We are such a big agency, I think we are all a bit nervous on this.  Any feedback would be welcome on how you all started!

Enjoy the summer months!  It all goes by so quickly……

Mary Beth Julian-Oak Hill CT

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My Very First Blog

Hello fellow trainers!  I enjoyed meeting many of you at Fishkill and wished the week had never ended.  I recall sitting in the lobby after the second day saying “I wish the conference went all night!”.  Therap can be very addicting.  And yes, I am addicted.  Looking forward to the upcoming year!

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Therap Conference First Timer

WOW! What a great experience. 

Anyone considering utilizing Therap – don’t wait! You can’t afford to. Lots of helpful people to get you started and user all across the nation that are willing to help you through any struggles. 

Co-Conference with College of Direct Support made it even more powerful being here.

Thanks everyone for all of the support and ideas.


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