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Getting ready for fall in CT

I have to admit that I am very “reserved” (a little shy) when it comes to blogging and hosting webinars.  This is definitely obvious from the date of my last blog (almost one year ago to date).  I am committing myself to get a lot better and overcome this.  As it is the same time of year as my last post, rereading that one really shows how routine things can be.  I am once again getting ready for my sons birthday as well as the CT Therap Conference in Meriden next week.  This is the absolute best time of year in CT in my opinion-summer humidity is ending and fall is right around the corner.  Apple and pumpkin picking, long sleeved shirts and chilly nights.  Some of the great things that I hope never change.

As for the company I work for (WILA), we have advanced in our use of Therap somewhat.  We have more users on board and they are a lot more advanced in their Therap skills than a year ago.  We are currently utilizing as much of Therap as pertains to us as a smaller company, including but not limited to T-Logs, Scomms, GER’s, ISP Data and Programs, TMS, Health Tracking and other Therap “staples”.  We are not using IPOP’s, MAR’s or time tracking yet but hopefully they will be included in our near future endeavors.  The benefits of Therap are more than obvious for all of our staff.  The nurses see a lot of the benefits with Health Tracking and the ease of communicating updates/changes with all of the staff.   Therap allows for new staff to get to know our clients from different view points as well as track their health/behaviors/activities a lot more efficiently than ever before.  Therap has been a great advancement for us and I personally look forward to all that it will bring us in the future.

Hopefully I will see some of you at the CT Therap next week, especially as I will be hosting 2 classes during the conference!

P.S. Allison…I blogged!!!!

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Busy but good… :)

The past few months have literally FLOWN by, work related and personally.  Just finished my sons 6th birthday party and now getting back into the swing of creating a normal routine.  Work has been great, very productive, with great thanks to Therap.  We continue to hit a few bumps in the road but nothing that was not easily overcome.  We are implementing the ISP data and working on the reports generated from data that staff input.  Once we have sorted out all of the kinks, I can see this being very beneficial.  One mistake we made was not listing the N/A for ISP data as non-reportable.  This made a mess out of the reports and was very difficult for staff doing reports to sort out.  Luckily it was just a minor fix and we are off again.

Our staff are looking forward to the CT Therap conference at the end of this week.  It’s nice to have Therap users together, communicating and sharing.  We have many new staff since the regional conference so this is going to be very helpful.  The CT user groups have been great as well Emoticon showing smiley face

Hope everyone is enjoying the “almost” fall weather.

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Caseload Quandary

Hi all :o).  The agency I work for is a small company and we have spent the last year and 1/2 learning and critiquing our Therap skills on very basic categories.  We are beginning to use the ISP and billing and it’s making for a more exciting experience.  Recently, my Executive Director asked about something that we have never had to deal with before and I’d love some input on it, especially from anyone experienced in this.  We had to change the caseloads for some of our clients (i.e. from Individual Supports to Individual Day Supports).  Is there a way to transfer their data with them? Like the T-Logs etc. that would have been logged in under their previous status instead of pretty much starting fresh under their new one? Hope to get some feedback.  Thanks….Michelle

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