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That Escalated Quickly

Dang it’s cold….Winter….That escalated quickly. Yes, it is time for my annual “it’s too cold in the south” blog. Thirty two degrees before Thanksgiving is not our way of life. Yes, I can hear all of you in the north snickering. Fall and winter bring on many things here at ROC. Our annual Fall Ball, where our individuals are honored for their individual achievements throughout the year and the holidays that are so much fun.

The most important thing that it brings on is the spirit of giving. Whether giving thanks at Thanksgiving or giving gifts at Christmas, Hanukkah, or your choice of holidays. Our wallets get a little looser this time of year, so I challenge you, while those purse strings aren’t so tight to consider giving to a cause, something that will make a difference. In our field, there is a lot of need in a lot of areas. Whether it is an individual that we serve who has the need, or a program as a whole. Many of us are non-profit organizations, so I challenge you, spend five less dollars on each person you are planning to buy for, whether it is one person or twenty, and donate that money to an organization who serves individuals with needs.

That being said, enjoy this time and season…laugh a lot, hug a lot, be thankful for all that you have in your life, smile at strangers, call a family member or friend you haven’t talked to in a while. I wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons.

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Changes, Changes, Changes

Wow, what a lot of changes going on at Rainbow of Challenges. I am now not only the Therap trainer, I am all things training, and with our governing agencies, that is a lot of stuff.

There are also a lot of changes going on with our daily documentation on ISP programs. After new rules in Arkansas went into place, we had to adapt Therap to fit. This is when I realized the versatility of Therap. It took a lot of thinking (and Allison) but we were able to adapt the ISP module to fit our needs. It is amazing what one module can do. So, thank you Allison, Amber, Chika, Cindy, and Shelby…….and Therap for bringing it all together. What an amazing team!

Let me see, what else is going on in Arkansas, oh yeah, it’s hot! I am sure not as hot as Austin in September, but I am looking forward to seeing many of you there.

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A Scary Paperless Place

Okay, okay, so I am late for Halloween, but keeping with the theme, I can’t think of a much scarier story than the leap to paperless documentation. “They” have been warning us for years about the end of paper, oh yes, it will always have it’s place, but our world would not be it. Oh, we thought it was a fairy tale meant to scare us, such a thing could never happen, but it has, our world has changed. So, with much fear and trepidation, we adapted. All of the sudden, I could see if someone was allergic to a medication without calling the nurse, I could see documentation for a whole year without sending at least eight people into tailspin of copying and pulling files. Maybe the paperless boogeyman was a myth.

So, we embraced the new world, and have lived in it for several years now. i must admit, I was one of the fearful ones, always keeping a hard copy “just in case”. For those of you that are new to Therap, the fear does subside, and the ease of the program takes over, and one day you realize that the paperless boogeyman was a figment of your imagination and is not waiting around the corner to steal all of your data and that instant access is waiting to make your world easier if you can get past the fear.

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July 1st saw the retirement of Rainbow of Challenges founder, Patti Manus, from the CEO post. Below is a wonderful tribute to her vision and accomplishments written by Scott Jester. Her path truly changed the path of so many others:

Patti Manus veered from the path.

From the time her oldest daughter Robin drew her first breath, Patti was faced with choices to make and what path to take.

Her precious daughter, a gift from God, was born with a variety of developmental disabilities. Robin would need extensive attention and round-the-clock assistance.

During the early 1960’s there was primarily the conventional path of state-run institutionalization.

Instead of placing Robin in a cold, institution hours away from her mother’s watchful eye, Patti knew there had to be a better life for her daughter.

Patti chose a different path.

In the beginning, she along with other mothers made weekly trips to Texarkana for treatment (visit here to get more info about it). But Patti could envision an even better future for her daughter and others from the view of her path.

In 1967, she made the decision to begin services for children with disabilities in the surrounding area in Hope, officially launching what was known as the School of Hope. A board of directors was formed and methods of treatment were researched.

Before the end of the 1960’s classes for six children with disabilities were conducted in the Boy Scout Hut in Hope’s Fair Park. And, the rest, as they say, is history. And, boy, what a history it has been.

“She wanted what was best for her daughter and for every other child she came in contact with,” said Eileen Cole, who served Rainbow of Challenges for 36 years.

“In the early years, everybody pitched in,” noted Cole. “Patti did everything. She picked up kids, she taught classes, everything. I don’t know how the woman made it from day to day.”

In 1974, the School of Hope/Rainbow of Challenges (ROC) received licensing to begin serving adults and at the same time opened a building with four classrooms on the Yerger campus. This enabled more individuals to be served, further spreading the umbrella of care.

“She nurtures well,” said Judy Watson, ROC’s Chief Operations Officer. “It’s funny, because you look at her as the mother of ROC and you respect that. When you know how she feels about something, it affects your decision making. I think a part of that comes from the respect we have for her.”

In 1981, a grant was written with the neighboring city of Nashville which opened the door to provide two group homes and 24 apartments in each city. It was a monumental move that would allow adult individuals with developmental disabilities to live together and share living experiences.

It wasn’t long after that when more group homes and apartments were opened in Hope with then Governor Bill Clinton on hand to oversee the ribbon-cutting.

The future was bright and both children and adults were reaping the benefits of the path Patti Manus blazed years earlier.

One of the biggest accomplishments for Patti and ROC was the dedication of Omega Home, the first Intermediate Care Facility for Developmentally Disabled individuals, complete with a full staff to oversee their every need.

In 1996, the children of Making Rainbows opened the doors of their new Child Care center and Rainbow of Challenges branched into Lafayette County, serving 50 children.

Her path then led northward to Arkadelphia. The need was great to serve adults with developmental disabilities there and it was answered with Project Empowerment and Rainbow Junction, which provide working opportunities to many.

“It’s that history she has in her head, not just of ROC, but of the services as they’ve grown,” stated Watson. “Starting from nothing and building it to where it is today and how that history of what worked and what didn’t work. She has all that in her head,” noted Watson. She’s been through that process where none of us has gone.”

While traveling down her path, one vision was never lost on Manus. It was to provide each and every individual dignity, the dignity she wanted for her daughter. She also emphasized providing independence and choices for everyone, something that was not present in the large institutions from which she strayed early on.

Rainbow of Challenges now serves more than 500 children and adult individuals with developmental disabilities spanning the entire southern half of Arkansas. It has become one of the premier providers not only in the state, but throughout the nation. Its models of treatment and housing are a source for many other providers on how things are done right.

“When you say Rainbow of Challenges, Patti Manus is synonymous with that because there would be no Rainbow of Challenges without Patti Manus,” said the Hope/Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce Director Mark Keith. “The jobs she helped create are making an impact because every one of those jobs makes another life better. It gives another person a quality of life, a dignity of life,” he continued. “I guess Patti Manus could be thought of as the CEO that makes life better for everybody.”
And, Hope, in turn, has embraced Patti Manus and Rainbow of Challenges. “The community just chose a Rainbow of Challenges client as Citizen of the Year,” Keith said. “I think that is indicative of the openness that this community has when dealing with Rainbow of Challenges folks. They are so much a part of the fabric of the community. Hope has heart for them.

“She has made our town a much better place to live for all of us especially for those with developmental disabilities. She has made an impact that for those of us our generation will not forget,” said Keith.

“There’s comfort in knowing she’s still going to be here and I can walk in the door and ask for input and get the history that only she knows,” Watson concluded.

The time, however, has come for Manus to lay down her pen as Executive Director, but by no means is she walking away from “the cause”. She begins blazing a new path as Director of Advancement, broadening the horizons for her and of course, for Rainbow of Challenges.


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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, it’s not Christmas, although it feels like it in Arkansas. Side note, why, why, why is it so cold in the south, it is March ya know, flip flops, capris…but I digress. It is time for Special Olympics!!!

This time at ROC never fails to remind me how much fun life can really be. There has been lots of changes in this area for our organization this year. Instead of just track and field, we now have a bowling team, a basketball team, and a bocce ball team. Dorene Mosier and Amber Mackey have really worked hard to organize us all and have done an amazing job. ROC’s bowling team took gold in their division in the State Championships and our basketball team took bronze in their division. So a huge shout out to all of our athletes for working so hard!

Sometimes, we, as staff get caught up in the daily grind of paperwork and there is nothing like going out and coaching and practicing with the individuals we serve to remind us all that what we do isn’t about the paperwork, the computer, the regulations, or the guidelines. It is about being a part of the lives of the individuals. So, if you get the chance, volunteer for Special Olympics at your organization. When you step back and look at it, it is a privilege for someone to let you into their life, take every opportunity to deserve it.

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What A Week!

Wow, what a great conference. As always, I had a great time meeting new people and seeing old friends. Of course, it’s also cool seeing all of the new “stuff” going on with Therap. I came away with loads of ideas as to how to make Rainbow of Challenges documentation even better.  It is always amazing to me to see how Therap keeps moving and growing.  I am getting really excited about all of the new things happening in the health modules.  To think, all of that information in one place.  It is almost mind boggling, but, the future is here.  So ready…set…go! ROC’s Therap committee (Sorry, Damien!) is excited and raring to go!

Thanks Therap for the GREAT conference and looking forward to next time!


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A Whole New World

Whew, what a busy and exciting couple of months!! Rainbow of Challenges has been growing and expanding a little more everyday. We have opened two new office buildings and have been in the process of renovating several of our other sites. It has also been announced that ROC will be opening a new children’s residential facility in Arkadelphia, AR. We will soon be able to serve even more people who have developmental disabilities.

All of these changes means ALOT more Therap. We are now adding two more of our day programs to Therap, which has kept me and those who assist me with Therap (Amber, Chika, Shelby, Farrah, Cathy, and Dot, amazing group) extremely busy. The new roll-out along with new programs we are implementing on Therap has been a huge undertaking, but we know how much better and easier it will be once we are finished with the initial phase. I am not sure one ever thinks about the time they spend tracking down information until they don’t have to do it anymore.

The changes that we are going through may seem to overwhelm us at times, but it seems a small thing compared to the world that this organization opens up to staff and clients alike. The difference that this organizatin has made in my, just one staff’s, life is amazing and humbling. It was never that I didn’t care, it was that I didn’t know. The people that I am fortunate enough to serve have taught me lessons about selflessness, unconditional love, perserverance, and enjoying life that I could not even have comprehended until I met them. They teach me lessons in all of these things daily by role modeling them. Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking about the things that we need to teach the people we serve in order for them to be independent, we forget to learn. It is my honest hope that I never lose that focus. When I came to work at ROC, my life, along with my family’s, was changed from that day forward. So I thank the individuals that I work for, from the bottom of my heart, for opening up this whole new world to me.

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Greetings from Arkansas!

Hi everyone, greetings from south Arkansas. While pondering on things to blog about, one thing has stuck in my head for a few days. After reading an article on Facebook that was shared by Allison about a hospital not wanting to give a transplant to a young child who had a disability, I wonder, how many people think that people with disabilities are somehow lesser human beings?

In our field, most of us have ran across examples of bias against those with disabilities. Most of us have watched some companies open up new registers when there is a long line of people with disabilities only to take care of the “normal” person at the back of the line or had people ask the caregiver what an individual needs instead of asking the individual. It begs the questions, do people just have a natural tendency to think that people with disabilities are somehow less important? Is their time less valuable? Are they somehow less capable of contributing to society?

When I look at the individuals I work for, I do not see someone who has “special needs”.  Of course, I realize that these are people I work with everyday, people I know, people I love.  It is beyond all comprehension that people with disabilities could be discounted as somehow not worthy of everything that people without disabilities are.

As for this hospital, I am glad they are reconsidering, but why did it take a public outcry to attach importance?  I think this story has made me more aware  that some people in our “enlightened” society still see people with disabilities as somehow less important.  I guess I forgot that there are still those out there that view them as “abnormal”.

We have to continue to fight to change the hearts and minds of people who look at our individuals as different.  We have to continue to speak up when people treat them as if they are not quite as important.

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Goodbye summer….and good riddance from Arkansas.

Hello all, it’s been awhile. Just returned from a week on Alabama’s beach with some of our resident’s and staff. Man, this is a rough job, but someone has gotta do it.

Well, summer is about to ease it’s grip on the south, good riddance from Arkansas. I have to say it has been a exciting one for Rainbow of Challenges. We are in the middle of a massive construction project in two locations for new office buildings. I am torn, so excited about getting a new office, but so dreading the move. I believe that the natural born laziness that I try so hard to suppress has gotten wind of the word “move”. We have also gotten our Therap MAR program implemented, and I must say all of the data input is so worth it when you get to the finished product. Having so much information readily available so quickly has really changed the way our medical team works. Okay, okay…I am finished with my commercial for the MAR module, but if your organization is looking at it, it is a really good thing….that’s all I’m saying.:) Looking forward to seeing everyone really soon!!!!!

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Exciting Times At Rainbow

Hello all from the world of Rainbow of Challenges. There have been alot of advancements and changes in the way we are utilizing Therap. We have recently gone community wide (well kinda). We have many individuals who live in our community in their own homes and we have recently purchased netbooks so that we can add them to Therap. While each new thing we try has it’s stumbling blocks, it is going very smoothly thanks to the great staff we have here at ROC. Just one more step toward our paperless world:). I would welcome any suggestions from those who have set up community based systems.

Let’s see, what else is going on in Arkansas. Oh yeah, it’s hot!! So while you are sharing ideas, share some of those northern temps with me.

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