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User guides

Hello Therapers. I always had the privilege of working with another CT Kristen who was paid to play with Therap. Insert Jealousy here. Any time I had questions out of the scope of my knowledge I just hollered at her and got a quick answer. Now Kristen has transitioned from this place…. may she work in peace in South Florida, And I am finding my answers in the user guides. They are invaluable. I mean I’m a dude, I rarely read instructions but I must admit the user guides are a fav on my desktop. So if you haven’t yet explored them, type user guides in the search box, and learn away.

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APD & Certs on Therap and other ramblings

Allison I am back from CT FMLA : ) Newborn in mid June takes readjusting to life. Back to the joys of blogging  ;(

So life in the ICF setting had grown rather mundane for me. Happily, I was just a few weeks ago presented with a great opportunity to come over to the dark side and assume direction of 17 Group Homes. Yes I know I must enjoy a level self punishment for agreeing to take on this task but for me it is conquering the other side of the coin of DD Residential services. All new rules/regs and challenges.

In relation to Therap this move has re-energized me as well. I feel at the ICF I was Admin of, we were at the top of Therap mountain with not many other frontiers to conquer but here, here in the GH’s oh we are climbing out of the valley. So there is lots to do on many fronts.
My 1st small victory is the following: We as a company utilize TMS and keep PDF’s of all certs there. APD (Agency for Persons with Disabilities) does their monthly inspections of each home and they are looking in particular for Med validations & med class certs. They want to physically see the certificates and therefore have been issuing us notices of noncompliance (nonc) for lacking the physical certs on site. So I decided to show up at each of our scheduled walkthrough’s the past 2 weeks and show on the computer these certifications to the APD rep. We as an agency had also created their own login for APD but I was told by the inspector they weren’t comfortable navigating our system and would not log on. Unless myself or another supervisor was present at each walkthrough to show them, we would continue to receive these nonc’s.Anyhow that is not feasible going forward so at a regularly scheduled meeting at the regional gov office I met with the supervisor of licensing and showed them how to login and what our system was. They were very receptive to the method and indicated they would share this with the team in the field.
Sure enough at our next walkthrough where I was unable to attend, the rep from APD made efforts to logon and see our certs that way. It appears the nonc’s have stopped on this issue and the TMS system has prevailed!!!
On to the next battle………..

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Tampa Conference

So this was the 1st year of the Tampa conference and I am very thankful there are now 2 FL conferences. Tampa is def closer to Central FL and the other providers are closer as well which gives us some literal common ground. I loved hearing the perspectives of other providers and got to see our own implementation of Therap in light of other agencies roll outs. I had a conversation with another ICF admin where we were talking about the same thing but called it by different names and genuinely had each other confused. It became quite evident that we all have the same protagonist in our lives A*D ( I don’t want to say their full name for fear of getting a citation) and Barry definitely knows Food!!!! My highlight was definitely teaching GER’s which is far and away my favorite thing in Therap considering I approve about 40 a month in my day job. Look forward to future Tampa conferences and whatever working relationships we develop with other great folk like Kali and her people.

And on a side note be sure to watch World Cup in a few weeks and support team USA!!!!

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DE Conference

Hello all,

Delaware conference was last week and my 1st impression was how cold it was. I was made fun of because of my sweater and hat but it was 25 degrees colder than Orlando so I will chalk it up to their jealousy. Anyhow I had a great time teaching multiple sections to the fine folk of DE, NJ & MD. The team was awesome (Stacey, Deb & Fayonne) and Ken and Jim were great as well. There was good turnout and I think most folk enjoyed their time and learned some new things. Kudos to Delaware for mandating Therap and seeking to be proactive in providing efficient support for the clients they serve.


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AHCA survey

Hello All,

So we (64 bed ICF/DD) just recently completed our annual AHCA licensing and we did a phenomenal job! As a part of the process we gave the 3 member survey team usernames and passwords to login to Therap and access our documents. We have set them up with  caseloads with view access for all clients(Survey 1,2,3). The surveyors had no issue accessing our support plans/Ipop’s, T-logs, Appointments  and the past years worth of Incident reports. In fact the only thing on paper they needed was the POS (Physician orders) to compare to the MAR on Therap and meds they watched us pass. So i guess the moral of the story is the historically tough surveyors who wanted everything printed out are starting to soften up a bit and embrace this century of the electronic record.

I’ll write again post Delaware conference : )

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Support Plan documents to Therap

Our facility (ICF/DD) recently started to transition our Support Plan documents to Therap. We chose to utilize a combination of the IPOP’s General & Residential. The combination answers the questions we felt were most pertinent and we have each discipline (PT,OT,ST, RD etc) attach the assessments to IPOP in PDF format (Un-editable). It’s not a 100% fit but as we came to learn, many of our forms/req’s were as our E.D. put it, “Our own self imposed shackles”. After the annual Support plan meeting we mail the IPOP’s to the Guardian & Our District APD Rep.

Both of the IPOP’s have an Acknowledgment option for in-servicing staff which we love (Staff are aware of our requirement to acknowledge all IPOPs and ISP Programs) and anytime theres an update to an IPOP they have to re-acknowledge.

We are now capable of eliminating our Antiquated Client Books as we now collect all of our data with ISP programs, SP is on IPOP and all Demographic info is on the EDF.

Side note: I was n DC a few months back at the Museum of American History and can you believe  a few of the items on display were a VHS player, A computer mouse & a cassette tape & player? #Thatmomentwhenyourealizethethingsofyouryoutharenowantiques

Also this # used to be the pound sign. IJS



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Guardian access


A few months back we opened up Therap access to a pilot family to see how it goes. They have view only access for most components and limited scomm. The pilot family LOVES it. They even scomm us when they have questions or concerns about their child.  Last weekend we held our bi-annual parent meeting and I offered it to other parents, with 9 more families signing up. Therap has revolutionized communication within our organization and now with our involved families. If you haven’t considered allowing family access you should think about it. It has strengthened our ties with the pilot family and provided them the convenience of checking in on their loved one when they cant drop in. So far its been a success. I’ll let you know if we develop any challenges.

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West Palm Conference

The 22nd & 23rd of October were spent hanging out with other Therap nerds and potential clients in West Palm. A few things about the conference stood out to me:
1. I found myself selling Therap to a few potential clients who were asking me questions about how it could benefit their program. It was great to explain how Therap had transformed communication in our Program and how it could impact theirs. Barry later shared that one of those guys signed his company up!
2. Sometimes I feel like we are the only ICF in Florida. It was awesome to sit through many of the same sessions with other ICF rep’s and bounce questions off of each other on how our programs work and utilize Therap. We talked alot about IPOPs and ISP pertaining to the annual support plans. I taught somebody about the witness statement component of a GER and together learned about Pivot tables from Kristen.
I picked up a cool idea about using the Photo album on the Individual home page to post pictures of proper repositioning for clients and enjoyed great food all the while.
Much thanks to Barry and the team for a great Conference!

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Love at 1st Login

When I started at my company in 2010 having recently graduated with my B.A. I was shocked by the utter lack of computer use. We were literally the missing link in the evolutionary chain. Stuck somewhere in late 1999 waiting for the 2k bug to hit. Anyhow there were a few stone age workstations and almost all documentation was done by hand, with only a select few having computer access. When the company announced in  2011 that we were adopting Therap my dormant desire for workplace efficiency via technology was awakened. I embraced Therap as my partner in modernizing the job we do and the place we work. We have implemented T-log, Scomm’s, GER’s, Health tracking, MAR, ISP, IPOP and we track organizational trainings. We have since purchased many netbooks for staff to use for documentation and have helped many old souls learn the basics of computer use while simulateously becoming more efficient in the care of our clients. I have had the privilege of learning Therap with the help of  Kristen Thompson (Northwesterner who got lost and wound up in Florida) who is an awesome and amazing person and is sitting across from me blogging.  I look forward to blogging as an outlet for poor humor and information sharing about our adventure in the realm of Therap, ( The realm of Therap is to the south of Winterfell in case you were wondering).

Until next time,




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