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Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe 2014 is here, but I’m very excited about some things in my near future.  One being the National Therap Conference is a little over 3 weeks away, and will be in Kansas City this year.  I look forward to seeing everyone, and hopefully meeting some new Therap users too.  I will be leading a session on using Therap for Admissions/Central Intake at the agency level.  Therap has a few options, and I will show you how we made use of them in a unique way.  See you all soon!

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Training and Quality

We all know the critical link between training and quality of services, as well as quality of documentation. It takes a lot of training and follow up to ensure your staff give you what you need to meet state and federal requirements. You need a keen eye as a quality assurance staff member to catch errors, fill gaps, and communicate the necessity of good documentation.

Having said that, many providers are using different techniques to train their staff, both in the classroom and online. Making sure that all of your personnel have been trained accordingly is a fundamental need for all quality assurance.

For your consideration, we are offering a session open to Certified Trainers and the Quality Assurance Special Interest Group on looking at tools to both help with training, as well as managing all of that information.

Lorelei Glenn will be discussing this on November 22 at 1PM EST. She has been doing some research about Learning Management Systems (LMSs) versus Training Management Systems (TMSs). Lorelei put it this way, “In our organization, many people were confused between LMS and TMS – thinking that TMS was an LMS solution. We are currently looking into implementing an LMS that will work with Therap’s TMS (interface). We have reviewed about 10 different LMS’s, and imported Therap SCORM trainings (which was super cool) as well as our own SCORM formats. Most of the systems allow a CSV export, which can then be used to import into Therap’s TMS. An LMS can often be implemented with low or no cost, especially for small providers.”

An invitation has been sent to all current members of the Special Interest Group. To join, click here.

Happy October!


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New York has Nerds, too!

Welcome, Vicki Erdie from Ulster-Greene Arc to the herd of nerds we affectionately call Certified Geeks Nerds Therap JunkiesTrainers.

Picture of Therap's Certified Trainer Vicki Erdie

Here is what she has to say for herself:

Over the past 3 years at Ulster-Greene Arc, I have worked as the Therap Administrator.  Prior to taking on the role of Therap Administrator I was a Day Hab Manager for 7 years and Direct Care in both Residential and Day Hab for 4 years. I provide training and oversight across our agency  and have done so throughout the implementation process. I have been known to answer the phone at odd hours to provide assistance as needed to direct care and management.  I am always looking at how an electronic system impacts services and supports for the individual. Working with other agencies and brainstorming ideas and pulling from each other’s knowledge has helped us stream line some of what we do on Therap.

I have BA in History from SUNY New Paltz in New York.

(Allison’s Note: All I can tell you is that this woman was made to do webinars so keep a look out for her!)



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Tips and Tricks

Lorelei did an awesome presentation on the variety of reports and searches she uses when sampling data from Mosaic’s multiple Therap systems.

Video on Quality Assurance SIG : Quality Assurance Tips and Tricks for Therap Data

Have a look! Keep a look out for more webinars from this Special Interest Group.


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Another…Smarty Pants!

Picture of Milton Neuenschwander, Staff Development Coordinator at Missoula Developmental Service Corporation (MDSC)

Welcome, Milton! He is the latest to join the herd.

Milton Neuenschwander is the Staff Development Coordinator at Missoula Developmental Service Corporation (MDSC), a non-profit organization that services many adults with developmental disabilities. Milton has many years of experience as a Therap Administrator as well as knowledge and hands-on experience in working with adults in the developmental disabilities and mental health fields.  Milton graduated from Wabash College (Crawfordsville, IN) with a Bachelor’s degree in Religion and Chemistry. During Milton’s free time, he enjoys doing a number of outdoor hobbies including slow-pitch softball, mountain biking, backpacking, snowboarding, fishing, and so much more. “NO! Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” – YODA

(Allison’s Note: Religion and Chemistry??)


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TMS served up from Florida

Elizabeth Das, one of the first certified trainers and a long-time Therap user, does an overview of Therap’s Training Management System (TMS).

Video on Certified Trainers Series – Training Management System Basics


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Newest Nerds!

We have nerds all over the place. Our newest hail from Florida and Missourah  Missouri.

Here is what they have to say for themselves:

Brandon Tripp

Picture of Brandon Tripp, Individualized Supported Living Program Manager (QDDP) for Willows Way, Inc.

Of course, my name is Brandon Tripp and I am from Chicago, IL. After graduating Greenville College with my B.A. in Sociology, I found myself relocating to Maryland Heights, MO. I am currently an Individualized Supported Living Program Manager (QDDP) for Willows Way, Inc., located in Saint Charles, MO. Willows Way is a non-profit organization that services adults with developmental disabilities. Willows Way provides personalized support to individuals with challenges, promoting dignity while fostering independence, growth and life choices within the community. In my spare time, I coach high school sport(s): Track & Field and Football. My favorite hobby is working; not to be confused with working-out! – “If you rest, you rust!”

(Allison’s Note: We’ll keep him from rusting, I know it!)

Scott Barnette

Picture of Scott Barnette, Coordinator of Support Services for DSI Management

I am a Coordinator of Support Services for DSI Management at Howell Branch Court located in Winter Park, FL. I have a BS in Non-Profit Administration & Development from Southern Adventist University with an additional certification In Non-Profit Leadership from the Non-Profit Leadership Alliance. Our company adopted Therap in June 2011 and since then I have sought to learn as many components of the software as possible. I also assist in the training of our employees on Therap’s uses. I love teaching, reading, traveling & sports.

(Allison’s Note: Kristen already geeked him out with an extra Trainer’s bag…Maybe he will be a good influence on her BLOGGING!)

Watch for blogs and webinars from these guys and all of the trainers here and here!


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Sneak Peeks: 2013.2…will help QA, for sure!

Screenshot of ISP Data Collection form and excel document of ISP Data Collection


A lot of using ISP Data involves creating a quality assurance process with several levels, that may include the daily review of an immediate supervisor, through a quality assurance staff member, and potentially reaching into administration and finance.

The new release has added some fields much requested by agencies using ISP Data to track a wide range of teaching strategies, checklists, behavioral concerns, as well as taking advantage of its interface with Therap’s billing module.

Once released, the “Export to Excel” will include both data collection date and data entry date, to ensure data is being collected in a timely way. Both Scoring Comments and the main Comments field will also appear in this export now.

Along with some adjustments to ISP Programs that will allow for more flexible formatting, this addition will make QAing a snap!


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Incident Management

Bonnie Scott shared some information about how her agency handles incident management.

Have a look!

Video on Certified Trainer Series : Managing Incident Reports



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