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Liking 2014.7 Release

Our agency uses GERs almost like progress notes.  Anything and everything is documented on a GER.  One “hair-pulling” issue I had was how staff seemed to misidentify the GER Notification Level of High, Medium or Low.  In the beginning I just thought staff were not paying attention to the memos and charts on GER levels.  I then learned the level was defaulted to Low.  I emailed Therap months back requesting the default be set at “blank”…nothing, which would require staff to select the correct corresponding level for the type of GER being written.  Low and behold…The Therap “Gods”, I mean “Nerds” obliged my wish and now staff are “forced” to choose High, Medium or Low.  Now I just hope staff take the second to identify the correct level saving me the extra few seconds to correct GER after GER.

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Test Mode Wish List

As OCD as I am about listed Therap documents showing discontinued because I found an error on a template or a form doesn’t work as well as I had envisioned is one of the main reasons I develop all of our initial documents in test mode.  The only drawback is that after I create a form, I have to manually cut and paste every document field from test mode to real mode.  Maybe I don’t know the trick, but I would love to be able to save the document onto the test mode global library, which then can be transferred to real mode global library that I can “download”.  Is there a way to do this?

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Practice Blog…as if I need to practice

I think I am doing things backwards… Blogging that is.  Just thought I would write something to figure out the “ins and outs” of blogging as a certified trainer.  Why do I think I am doing things backwards?  I know you are all asking this question…Well, unlike other new Certified Trainers, I volunteered to present 1-3 topics at the upcoming National Conference, then I scheduled a Webinar…which is on December 19th, and now I am writing my first blog.  Oh well… that’s just me.

First, let me introduce myself…My name is William Jones, although I go by Bill and I am a “newish” Therap Certified Trainer.  I say newish because I was certified back in early April 2014, and this is my first blog.  So on December 19th I will be doing a Webinar on “Test Mode is Awesome: Using Test Mode to ‘Pre’ Develop Documents”.  Overall, I think I am prepared…Just need to talk to my computer (which I already do) and move my mouse around the screen…how hard is that…right?  It may be a little weird if my computer answers back…don’t know yet.

So I do have a couple of questions, like should I go out and spend $1000 (actually $15) on wireless headphones with a microphone or should I just use my phone as the audio source?  Having a wireless headset has an advantage…I can use the bathroom during my presentation if I feel nervous or something.  No seriously…should I invest in a corded or wireless set?

Next question, which I am guessing a little, but do I use the TRAIN-US log in to do my presentation?  This is probably a question for Allison, but since I needed something to blog about, the blogging world gets to answer.  And, if I use the TRAIN-US log in, should I prepare a Test Mode practice document to reference during my presentation? Maybe I should log in to the TRAIN-US site to answer my own questions and/or to practice.

So this is my first blog.  Somewhere on my desk I have a list of blogging ideas that I plan to share with my blogging colleagues…just not sure where I put that darn list.  So get back with me with any suggestions, tips, etc. on doing a webinar.  Anything would be great!

Now to Post…Do I click Publish?  Here goes…


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