Therap is the Truth (and I’m loving it)

During the Therap Conference on 2/7 to 2/9/12, I participated in my second Therap conference in New Jersey. My first was in Baltimore last year. That was an experience because I was anxious and did not know what to expect. My team members and I from St. John’s Community Services were excited to share our Therap knowledge since our implementation in 2009. During some of the discussion sessions, we we’re so involved in sharing our experience and teaching methods. We also share some strategies and tips of implementation and staff training. We returned to the rest of our team in DC and shared this experience and communicated how rewarding it was for us to attend, also how much we enjoyed and appreciated being at the conference.

This year’s conference was the most anticipated for me because of its large population. Being around other Therap participants from all areas of the state was a learning experience. The rest of the DC Team and I were there (as an entourage, 7 DEEP). We participated in different scheduled sessions some new and some old. The most important one I attended was ISP Data Report and any other session that has ISP in it. As a Program Coordinator, my daily activities of the direct and indirect services involve ISP. Although I’m very well familiar with Therap modules, I was much more interested in learning the ins/outs and all the corner routes in creating and utilizing the ISP modules. This was accomplished by attending several trainings, including some with Stacey which was very helpful. The sessions provided me with the understanding and knowledge to continue to be very effective with my job duties.

In addition to the sessions and trainings, I was blessed to become a certified Therap trainer, in addition to the many trainers from St. John’s Community Services. My certification was facilitated by Allison, she trained and helped me to know other cool areas of Therap to create reports and excel tips.

Therap is the truth and I’m one of the success stories of the 2012 Conference in New Jersey. I had a 360 experience of learning, teaching, sharing, communicating, and many other things include meeting Warren (one of the original creators/developers of this system).