Our Utah Campaign

We just finished up on our company-wide training to move forward using Therap.   One thing we realized is that one of the most used modules has a great feature that is usually overlooked.

I’m referring to T-Logs and Sharing the T-Log with other programs in the organization.  Right now, we have to click SHOW DETAILS to find this feature.  Although we showed staff where to find it, most everyone agreed it would be better to have it visible.

I did a little research and found that this feature used to be visible.  There are comments in  “Ideas” about this dating back about a year.

So, we are on a campaign.  We would like to have “Share this T-Log with the following program(s)” visible again.

The topic is active again in the “Ideas” section so if this is something you would like to see happen, make your opinion known.


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Hello from Utah

As the official first Certified Trainer in Utah, I figured I better be the first to blog too.

My expertise is in Personal Finance but I also have a role as Provider Administrator and am the Therap go-to gal at my organization.  If I don’t know something, I figure it out.   My organization, Columbus Community Center, is preparing for  mandatory training sessions  for our direct care staff where I will be co-presenting/training.  We even just acquired 10 notebook computers for training.   I was excited about Therap from the day I learned about it and happy to be part of it.  I hope I will have things to share with everyone in the future.

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