Empowering Families

Hello again,
It gives me great pleasure to share how therap not only empower the individuals we work with but also how it empowers families. One of my last posts I shared how therap empowered individuals by teaching them how to use the MAR to document taking their medications. Now, We went a little further by teaching family members how to document on the MAR when the individual goes on a home visit. Families also have access to see T-Logs, ISP goals , medical appointments, etc. on their family member. Families love this because it keeps them in the loop with what is going on with their loved one. Now, some have learned to navigate the MAR is an awesome achievement. Families can not only see the progress their love one are making but they can also participate in doing the medications on the MAR. This makes them feel empowered and truly apart of the team. We have received good feedback from families regarding this and they appreciate the work that is being done with their loved one. It gives me great joy to empower families as well as the individuals we work with. Thanks Therap!

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Each One Teach One-Independence For All

I am a firm believer that whatever I know, others should know as well. I enjoy sharing new things with others as I learn them. I took this concept of each one teach one a step further. As a nurse I take on many roles in my organization. The one I enjoy the most is educating others. As a delegating nurse in the District of Columbia it is the nurse’s responsibility to train and monitor TME’s (Trained Medication Employees). We train them in the proper procedures for medication administration to individuals living with intellectual disabilities. Being that we use therap’s MAR we train them on how the MAR in therap functions.

In our program the majority of the individuals we serve depend on TME’s to administer their medications. However, we do have some who self medicate using a paper MAR. It is my desire to teach these individuals how to document using Therap MAR. On my caseload, I have approximately 7 individuals who self medicate. Thus far, I have trained 3 out of the 7 to use Therap MAR instead of the paper MAR. It is good to see their faces light up as they log on and document on the MAR. By doing this, it gives them a sense of independence and they realize although they may have an intellectual disability, they can learn and depend more on their own abilities to live their lives. The concept of Each One Teach One can truly give independence to all.

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Therap and Monitors

Hi,  I have been away for awhile but now I am back.

This past couple of months, our agency have been under a lot of monitoring from our governing body (DDS/DDA,Evans,Quality Trust, DC Health and Finance).  Before we had Therap, there were a lot of books and folders that we had to present as proof of our work we do. Needless to say, that took a lot of time and energy. Now, that we have Therap the monitoring visits go much more qucicker and the information is easier to show and explain to the monitor person. We even went so far as to give them a log in for a read only time while they were there.  To make a long story short, at first the monitors were not comfortable with using a computer to show our documentation. However, after a brief training in Therap on how to locate the information. The monitors  enjoyed using Therap. The monitors stated it was quick to get the information they were looking for and it was arranged in a way that made sense and easy to read.  Thanks to the hard work we do and thanks to Therap we did well on our monitoring visits. Therap has really changed the way we do business.

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Conference Updates

I went to my first therap conference this past week and it was fun. Fortunately, I have verizon wireless air card inside of my HP notebook, therefore, I had internet access all week! Sorry, for those who had internet issues. I thought it was kind of ironic that I was at a conference that showcases electronic charting using a website base and half the time there was no connection or internet issues; makes you go Hmmmm.
Anyway, outside of that and the fire drill, it was a good conference for me. I actively participated in several areas of focus such as: ISP program, GER, MAR, and CARF just to name a few. I had the opportunity to meet and network with other Therap users and share ideas. The highlight of the conference was, I had the opportunity to prove that I was a “SmartyPants” and become a certified trainer! I now join the ranks of other certified trainers at my agency (St. John’s Community Services). I was so excited, I left without learning the secret handshake!
Overall, I had a blast and can not wait to implement and train my other fellow nurses and staff on the new updates to the MAR. Well until next time, goodbye!

Antonio Brown RN

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