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I have had a busy and exciting month. I continue to learn more of my job. We have gone through two state reviews this month and Therap was mentioned in a positive manner with both. This is great, as Bonnie and I continue to advocate to use more.
Our agency will have all people supported using MARS by the end of the month. We will then be working on entering more of the health information starting with appointments. By July 1st, we will have everyone’s plan in ISP Plan. My next project is working on a format for Quarterly Reports in ISP Programs.

This is all exciting; however, the best day of the month was March 24 when grandchild # 12 was born. A little boy, Kinton William. I now have 6 granddaughters and 6 grandsons.
Now we are looking forward to spring. It is still quite cold here and we still have some snow.

Have a great day! Later–Betty

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Catching Up

I do not believe that I have shared that I changed positions at LifeQuest. I have moved from Vocational Supervisor to Program Manager-Service Coordination. I am also responsible for admissions for people to LifeQuest. I have been in this position since June 2012 and enjoying it; however, it is a whole new set of responsibilities.
I am using Therap in many more capacities and I am looking for new aspects of using it. At this time, I am creating an Admissions Database in Excel that can be exported into Therap once a person has actually been admitted. Researching what the Database needs to look like, if any of you use this format, advice would be appreciated.
Have a great week-end.

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Wishing I was there

Reading what is happening in New Jersey and wishing I was there. The National Conference is such a powerful time to learn and reconnect with other Therapites.
Sorry I missed it this year and hope next year will work. However, there are many things at home I would have missed, had I not been here, so it was ‘meant’ to be.
It is “COLD” here this morning -5 degrees (-30 windchill).
Thanks to those who are commenting and sharing what is happening. Have a great day of learning and sharing.

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Betty Visscher

Up at 2:30 am, on the road at 3:30 am driving in the dense fog to Sioux Falls to fly out at 6:25 am. Flight canceled, so rescheduled for 2:30 pm. Flight canceled. Choice to cancel or reschedule for 6:30 pm. The forcast is for freezing rain/snow so I decided to cancel and drive home in the light before it started to freeze. Happy I did as I just checked and this flight was also canceled.
Have a great week. Will miss seeing everyone.

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Betty Visscher

Another cold South Dakota morning! (- 1) this morning… However, looking at next week and the flying weather looks pretty good.
Looking forward to the conderence next week and seeing all of you again. It is such a great time to connect with each other and learn new ideas in Therap. Have a great week and see you all Monday!

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Another year is quickly coming to an end. It has been a good year but very busy. At our Agency we have implemented using ISP Plan and MARs. All is going well. My husband and I rode our motorcycles to Yellowstone Nat’l Park this summer. And now I am looking forward to my third trip to Therap National Conference in New Jersey. See Ya there!
Have a Wonderful Holiday!

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Betty Visscher

Greetings to all in Therap Land,
Busy trying to start new modules in our agency. In the process, I lost my blog instructions and password in all of my notes. Finally getting things organized again and found them.
It has been a busy summer with work, vacations, and staff on vacation. It has been wet/cold and then hot/humid; not the ideal summer.
I had a second knee surgery in March, so I am finally walking as I should again. Next step, knee replacment, but it is good for now.:)
Was able to take my motorcycle to the South Dakota Black Hills in June for a family reunion and then we traveled to the Colorado Mountains with our convertable in July. (Next trip there will be on the motorcycles but did not have time for that this year.) Hope to make a couple more long week-ends to the Black Hills this year though.
Sorry to be rambling, but it has been a long time and need to tell it all.
Later, Betty Visscher

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