National Conference

This has been an awesome conference. It was very nice to travel outside NY/NJ for a change of scenery.Thanks Richard! It was great to see and visit with friends that you only see once a year. Even if they are from Hawaii and don’t have the pleasure of enjoying subzero weather like we are having right now in NY.

Damien was a hoot as usual and we all agreed that we could do better at blogging!! Allison agreed with that as well. We are all probably on probation so I’m trying to get off probation. Ha Ha! But I will try to do better this year just in case there is ever a conference in Hawaii. So I hope everyone makes it back home safe and sound. See you next year in Atlanta hopefully!!

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Just wondering how some of you are dealing with the script issue and having to create a new med history every time you need to add a new script?

I love Therap and all of the time that it has saved me but, with the last update with the change in the med histories it has made alot more work for us at TRC. Of course we are working through it and will come up with ways to keep it easy as we always do.

Also has anyone else noted that the monthly reports show every med history that has been started or stopped in that month? I had one gentleman with 16 d/c’ed meds and 17 new ones and it was actually only one new one during that month.

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Time flies

It’s been while since I blogged and I apologize for that. Life has been pretty busy and we are attempting to get our entire agency ready to use the eMAR by Jan 1st. We have had to update a lot of med histories and there has been a lot of training going on. It is frustrating for some and others are really excited about it.
I love using the eMAR and I would never want to go back to the old way. I think that it is much more effective to review things as they happen rather than waiting to go to the house for my weekly visit. I feel that once everyone gets use to it they will like it as well.
I’m also looking forward to the conference in Jan in NJ. It is always great to get away and learn more about Therap as well as share our knowledge that we learned over the past 6 years.

Thanks Therap for making my work easier!!!

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MAR Update

I was very excited yesterday morning to sign into the Therap MAR and see that the purpose now carries through to the MAR!!

This is going to save us so much time in the future. We are currently in the process of expanding the use of the MAR in our agency. It has been well accepted so far and this was one of the things that staff frequently asked me about.

It has been helpful in reducing med errors as well. We always use the due/overdue reports to help train staff as a way to cut down on errors.

Thanks to everyone at Therap that keeps making the MAR module a easy way to administer meds. We really appreciate it here at TRC!!

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February for Fishkill, in New Jersey!

The time is getting closer for our annual trip to Fishkill (I know it isn’t in Fishkill this year but, I think we will always call it that her at TRC). We are looking forwarding to going and learning alot of new things since the new release as well as work out a few bugs we are having. We are also looking forward to our annual bowling tournament that we have while we are there. I am sure that Todd will not take home the trophy again this year as I hear a few people have been practicing. We’ll hope to see a lot of the regulars there again this year.

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My first Blog

Ok, I have been a trainer for sometime and have finally gotten around to doing my first blog! (Had to figure out how to sign on, I am glad that Therap itself wasn’t that hard!!)

I work for The Resource Center in NY and we have been using Therap  since 2006 at my homes. We are using the MAR and my staff love it. Once they got use to it. They love being able to filter the meds as when we first started you couldn’t do that. We are looking forward to the changes that will come with the release of 9.0.

I will be at the WV conference next week as well as doing a Webinar on the MAR on Monday the 23rd. It will be nice to be at the conference in WV as my family is from there and I hope to get in some family time as well with them. So maybe I will see some of you there.

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