It pays to browse the Therap website!  On Saturday I viewed a webinar by Pete Ratekin and Justin Brocke and learned about using Macros within excel.

Now I have to say – I was like a child in a candy store!  It was a good thing I was in the office with only one other person in the building.  Fortunately the other person was Daryl who has supervised me for 16 + years and already knows I am strange.

I am so excited to experiment with this new knowledge and hopefully save a bunch of time each month!

Thanks Pete for the great information!

Looking forward to seeing many really cool fellow Therap users in Fishkill!

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Now that I have your attention with the title of the post!!!!!

One of the very helpful features of Therap is the Event Summary.  At LifeQuest we are trying different approach to facilitate using this feature more and hopefully having an even more positive impact on supports for people.

Not everyone is like me and enjoys learning about how to use excel to manipulate your information to track for trends and such.  While that is hard for me to understand – it is true!  So we have now started a group that met for the first time today – that will be the “go to” people for obtaining information through the event summary and using fun things like pivot tables and charts to get information to the teams who need it.

Our first and most important task was coming up with a name for the group.  Now the title of the post is accounted for!  Yes, we are the Stats Cats! 

Although we may have some disagreement on what “level” of expertise some members have in excel – it is a fun group!  I still say I’m a beginner – no matter what Mark Limberg says!!!

This is going to be interesting to see how this concept develops over time.  I’ll have to keep you posted on how it is going!

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As many of you reading this blog already know – there are many advantages to using Therap.  Today I will focus on the ISP Feature.  

My position involves oversight for several residential locations.  Previously if I wanted to review documentation of programs or monthly reviews of programs it would require tracking down binders and also traveling to the different homes.  Now I’m able to view several programs at a variety of locations within a few minutes while in my office.

It is just inevitable that demands on our time increase and expectations for oversight does NOT decrease!   One of the advantages of using the ISP feature is to allow more “people” time and less “paper” time. 

It is nice that my limited time in homes can now be spent visiting with employees and people using supports.  It is  cool to be able to visit with the person about the volunteer activities they participated in during the last few months because I read about it in the ISP Feature.

Yesterday I was able to assist an employee prepare for a meeting by obtaining a summary of information for programs.  The best part was it took about 10 minutes.

If you are not currently using the ISP Feature I encourage you to do so!  It is a very versatile feature and well worth the time to learn about and use!

For those currently using the ISP feature – what are the various ways you are using it?  I’d love to hear about them!

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The Therap conferences continue to be great!

These are just a “few” things I consider contribute to a successful conference:

1)  Interactive  – what a great way to learn!

Original Picture is Unavailable

2) Variety of topics – there is something available for everyone!

Original Picture is Unavailable

3) Great participants – other Therap users are just cool (they even share their cake – right Andrew)!

Original Picture is Unavailable

4) Listening – Therap is always willing to hear from their customers!

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I’m sure many of you have seen the movie Marley & Me.  I loved the book and the movie.  JP (my husband) and I watched the movie together and the whole time we kept saying – he is a yellow version of Chip!!!!

It is time to introduce you all to our beloved black lab Chip.

Original Picture is Unavailable

We are fortunate to have wonderful people who take care of Chip whenever we travel and he goes to “doggie camp”!  The Anderson’s lovingly call him Mr. Vertical.  Yes, he loves to jump and jump high.  I’m often thankful that he was not blessed with the instinct of our former beloved Sam (also a black lab) who literally scaled 6′ kennel panels.  He was an escape artist but had to work hard at it.  Chip, on the other hand, has the physical agility to stand on a cement block in the kennel and leap over the fence. Fortunately he has never figured that out (smile)!

Sam also knew NOT to use his escape tactics until “after” I left for work.  I recall several fun greetings from him when pulling into my drive when getting home from work.  Again, Chip was not blessed with the discernment gene of when NOT to use your escape route.

I came home one day and he is wagging his tail in the kennel.  I’m in the house for 5 minutes and on a phone call.  Check the voice mail and have a message from the service we use in the event Chip is lost saying “Chip has been found”.  I’m thinking – Chip is not lost!!!

After retrieving him from a neighbors yard — I surveyed his kennel and could not figure out how he got out.  Of course I’m thinking he finally figured out how to jump over the top.  After laboring for several hours with 12 foot panels on the top of the kennel – I put him in the kennel and I sarcastically say “Chip show me how you got out”.   Well – within 5 seconds – he did!  Which lead to a few more hours of repair on the kennel.  Wish I would have asked him first – but never dreamed he would show me (smile)!

Someday I may post the story of the training we tried for Chip!  Amazing how he behaved so well for the trainer.  Hmmmm – maybe it should have been JP and I that went away for 10 days to “doggie training camp”?

I’ll post a picture of Chip as soon as I can figure out how to do that!!!

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It has been awhile since I last wrote a blog!

Now this could mean one of two things:

1)  I’m so busy that I just can’t find a few minutes to write a blog


2) I have exhausted all my knowledge on previous blogs

I’ll let you decide!

I hope that all of you are finding some fun things to do this summer.  Afterall it is almost July and we will be looking at fall coming too soon! We are working diligently on some fairly significant landscaping projects in our yard.  This has been rather challenging as it is either raining or a tropical 90 + degrees!  The humidity is awful!!!

There are some good things happening in Therapville this summer too!

I’m looking forward to the release of Version 8.2!  It looks like Secure Communications is getting quite the “facelift”.  Check out Justin’s blog – he always keeps us well informed with the latest scoop!

I hope you are planning to be in Denver, CO for the Side by Side Conference Technology Conference.  I attended the  CDS and Therap conference in Kansas – it will be worth your time and resources!

This is short but I hope to be writing a blog again soon!

Have a great summer everyone and Happy 4th of July!

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Been farming lately???

Technology is one of those things that continues to intrigue me.

I grew up on a farm in rural Nebraska. Now I’m going to date myself with this blog – but it was back in the day when a Sunday afternoon meant going for a car ride with your family.  You did not have a particular destination in mind but always ended up dropping by a neighboring farm.  No call beforehand, no scheduling on a calendar, no email, no chat online to see if they were home – just dropped in unannounced.  I recall standing in gardens with the women and chatting about how the gardens were doing this growing season.  There was always one or two vegies that did really well that year while others struggled.  The men would hang out in the corrals and chat about a variety of things while looking over the livestock.

Never did I imagine that I would have those memories be brought to the surface so vividly through a computer game.  For those who have not checked out facebook yet – and I’m sure there is at least one person out there  – I encourage you to do so!

I now have a farm online in facebook.  I get to drop by my neighbor’s farms and help them out with raking leaves, watering crops, and pulling weeds – even when they are not at home.  For those who have grown up on farms – you know that is quite real.  There is even a little bonus of earning $$$$ for those chores – which I can then use for crops on my own farm.

I go to a marketplace and meet other farmers (who are all begging for work).  The game is designed where you actually earn more money by hiring others to harvest your crops.  You also can earn $$$ by helping out your farmers with their harvest.  My husband also has a farm.  Now we are having conversations about getting home to check our crops!  Wow – does that sound familiar for a farm gal or what!!!!

I get to hang out on my sister’s farm and chat with them.  We talk about our plans to expand the farm and how much money we can make on different crops.   We catch up on how our lives are going.  Again – what do most farmers talk about????

I hope that all of you have the same great opportunities that I do through work, church, and social networking online to meet people and reconnect with old friends, family and neighbors.

Connection with people is such a powerful thing.  That is after all what all of us in the field of developmental disabilities is working to make happen everyday.

I guess the farm girl can move off the farm – but the farm never leaves…

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Can all training be fun?

For those of us who have attended Therap conferences we have experienced that training can be fun.  Who can answer the question on the Justin’s jeopardy game of how many browsers he uses?  I believe Pete got that one right!!!

However, there was a discussion at the conference in Kansas about how it can be challenging to provide training on some topics.  I recall blood borne pathogens being a topic mentioned.  However, I’ve witnessed that trainings, while not always something we look forward too, can at least be fun!

What do you need?  People who are willing to put a little extra time in preparing.  People who can share less than exciting information in a “fun” way.  We are fortunate to have those people at LifeQuest.

Our staff in the nursing department shared some information on blood borne pathogens in a very memorable way.  I can still see them walking through the room, lip syncing to music, dressed in personal protective equipment, and carrying some food items displayed in very imaginative fashion!  I won’t say more about that!

Or how about dressing up with Village People headgear and PPE to sing about prevention of passing on contagious illnesses.

After all we all learn better when we are enjoying ourselves and for those of us who are auditory or visual or kinesthetic learners – what is better than singing, dancing and something best described as goop!

There is a website that is helpful in finding songs that can help with training on health related topics.

In April we have several workgroups planning our “Factor Fun” training at LifeQuest.  I’m looking forward to seeing what fun ways we are going to learn about CQL Basic Assurances!

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Hello All,

I am attending another great Therap conference!  This one is in Fishkill, NY.   Which has some great history!!!!

On a side note, I got to do something I never thought I would.  I was able to go to OCC Choppers store yesterday and saw Rick working in their shop and also see my personal favorite the POW/MIA chopper.

Renee already filled everyone in on the cool new feature Therap has developed to share ideas.  I hope all of you take advantage of this feature – it is really a good one!

Attended several sessions and I’ve been learning lots, reconnecting with people and meeting others – all in all a very fun time!

Now I’m going to check out some of the games on Wii.  Who knows maybe I’ll even win at one.

More later I’m sure!

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I’m not very likely to make New Year Resolutions.  This is probably due to the fact that I’ve not been real successful at keeping them.  However, I am working on having an “attitude of gratitude”.

Today I was able to experience gratitude for many people at LifeQuest who make our journey together meaningful.  As many of you know – it is stressful to have reviewers looking at files, reviewing processes, and analyzing your systems.  LifeQuest just experienced this for the last three days.  But all is well!  This is due to the dedicated employees working to make our supports focused on what people want and need.

We were commended for our efforts with Person Centered Thinking, respect for people’s rights, facilitating people having more control in their lives, plans that are modified as change occurs in their lives, and safety being addressed.  We were also commended on our Incident Management System that addresses trends.

So I’m grateful for my coworkers and for their dedication to the people we support.  I’m also grateful for Therap being a great tool to help us in our mission at LifeQuest.

So since I’m struggling with being grateful for subzero weather in South Dakota – I’ll just keep focusing on what I can be grateful for!

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