A great benefit of using Therap is the ability to enhance or incorporate an incident management system within your organization.

Incident Management Systems (IMS) are a very important component in our effort to provide quality supports for people with developmental disabilities.  We all deal with making decisions about how to work more effectively and effeciently due to limited budgets and resources.  A good IMS can assist in those efforts and with those decisions.

Therap allows for:

Immediate response to incidents through the use of GERs:

This is enhanced by the capability of incorporating notifications by cell phone, email, and secure communication to supervisor, service coordinators, administrative staff, etc as needed.

Routine/scheduled monitoring of incidents through the event summary feature:

This enables an organization to monitor for trends and complete analysis of those trends.  This analysis can help with strategic planning for an organization.

As helpful as the current Therap capabilities are – after attending the brainstorming session with Warren in Kansas – I’m even more excited about the T-sync Approach.

It appears this could give the capability for a quick review of what activites are occurring during a selected time frame.  You could compare the incidents during that same timeframe to analyze how environmental factors and staffing patterns may be contributing to those incidents.

By learning more about why things are happening we can also do more for prevention.  I love being “PROACTIVE” rather than “REACTIVE”.

Renee – this is another reason I LOVE THERAP!!!!!!

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I’m always intrigued when I read people’s blogs and listen to them talk about technology.  Here are some thoughts as a result of those observations.

Symptoms of being a geek and characteristics of the levels of geekhood through my eyes.


* Uses computer to the extent that when going to meetings that require scheduling, referring to past meetings, and planning ahead they carry a laptop with them.  May even feel a slight allergic reaction to handling paper.

* Probably have 2 to 3 email accounts.

* Perhaps use facebook and other chat rooms on topics of interest.

* In awe of geeks who are further along in the geekdom.

* When asked what is in a computer bag they respond with “my life”. (Sound familiar Pam?)

For anyone who works with me daily they will recognize I’m in the beginner geek phase and display symptoms of being an upper level geek wanna be!


This geek embodies all of the characteristics of the beginner geek along with:

* Blogging with pics, etc.  Not confined to text only as a beginner geek.

* Familiar with computer terms that gently float above the beginners head.

* Consistently come up with creative ways to use computer programs that again gently float above the beginners head.

* Use of more than 2 or 3 browsers and know many of the “bells and whistles” of each.

* Terminology use whips by the head of the beginner at a speed that makes it difficult to catch.

Renee and Pete – I admire both of you in your phase of geekhood!  I’m thinking Pete might even be in the advanced geek phase.  I happen to catch a conversation between him and Justin that was whizzing by my head.


I considered just putting Justin’s name here with no other explanation.  But for the sake of those who may not know Justin I’ll share more:

* Too cool to carry a laptop around.  The laptops just magically appear before them – it is a phenomenon that escapes the beginner.

* Blogs of this length would take 2 minutes and 34.032 seconds.  The whole time they would be thinking about shortcuts to get it to 2 minutes.  We won’t even talk about how long it took this beginner.

* Blogging, being on facebook, completing a presentation, and who knows what else – all at the same time.  This leaves the beginner geek needing to concentrate on not having their jaw fall to the floor.  Thus avoiding a very embarrassing situation.

* Beginner geek does not even catch the terminilogy – it is a blur!!!

Super Geek

* Does not need a computer as their brain “is” the computer.

* Their magic trick is pulling a microchip out of their ear (to heck with the quarter trick from behind the ear).

* Fix whatever problem exists.

* Beginner geek does not “hear” them.  The beginner sees lip movement and knows there is sound but has accepted the fact that their terminology is wayyyyyy to far above their head for them to hear.

I’m sure there are many of these such super geeks in the world I just happen to know Sazzad.

More later I’m sure (smile).

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There are more good things in store for conference attendees today.  I’m looking forward to more discussion about how people are using Therap and CDS.  While there are many varying approaches and challenges – it is encouraging that so many people are dedicated to providing great supports for people with disabilities.

I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the conferences Therap facilitates and look forward to attending more in the future.

If you have not attended one – you should!  It is well worth your commitment of time and finances.  Check out the website for upcoming conferences!

Safe travels home everyone!

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Once again Therap has put together a great conference.  While I’m spending my time in the Therap related conferences I also hear good things about the CDS sessions.

It is exciting to spend time brainstorming about future features like T-sync.  Check out the usability garage – it is way cool!

Oh and you just can’t top seeing Richard, Pete, Renee and others jamming with Wii.  I’ll be waiting for the announcement of the tour.  I’m excited to hear what the name of the band will be.  I’m sure it will have “T” in it somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Exclamation marks in honor of the Therap Queen).

This is a short and sweet blog – more later I’m sure!!!

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Renee you Therap Queen you – I too like exclamation marks!!!!!

I’m sorry my black lab does not tell really cute jokes so you will have to keep us amused with jokes!!

This is really cool that we can now blog.  The Therap staff are very creative and this is a great idea.  I’m excited to hear what other users are doing within Therap.

Please don’t be jealous Renee but I’ve acquired the title of Therap Queen recently by staff here at LifeQuest – but my reign is only at LifeQuest so you position is not threatened in anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Therap team for this opportunity!

More later I’m sure!!!!

Bonnie Scott

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