1st Blog: Where Do I Start?

Now that our agency is in PC (Post CARF) phase, I can finally take a deep breath and dive into other commitments. With this blog being one of them, I will try to remain short, sweet, optimistic and informative.

Our agency made the switch to Therap in March 2013. As an agency, we are still familiarizing ourselves with the system and taking baby steps; rather than a complete overhaul of our record tracking systems.

So far, the majority of our DSPs really appreciate the “Go Paperless” record keeping and have had no problems adjusting to the system. Then you have the few who are not as computer savvy, but are doing a great job staying afloat. Then of course there is the handful that hates change (even if it’s for the better) and probably secretly hopes that Therap crashes, so that our office can burn through multiple reams of paper daily.

Our agency is currently utilizing Therap for Daily/Shift Notes, Individual & Emergency Data SComms, Health Appointments, ISP’s & Data Collection. We are getting there, slowly, but progress nonetheless! I can’t wait until my laptop becomes my mobile office!

As I said, I will keep my first blog short and sweet. I did say that it would be informative, so just in case I haven’t provided anyone with any nuggets of knowledge thus far, here is my #1 Therap Documentation tip….

Tip #1: “Do not complete your T-Logs while driving”.

It is predicted that by 2033, T-Logging while driving will overtake texting and driving as the #1 cause of motor vehicle accidents! ~ seriously!