NM Regional Conference and Policy

As a certified trainer I have the privilege of leading sessions at our regional conference. This role makes me feel like a true Therap geek, as I get super excited to talk about things in the system and help people brainstorm to find the best way for the system to work for them. My husband was teasing me the night before the conference as he saw me pack my certified trainer bag and I did feel a bit silly that I was so excited. But then I was able to lead some good discussions and share more of Therap with many people today.

One of my sessions (which I get to teach again tomorrow) was on policy development as it relates to Therap. I wanted to do this session here in NM after I attended a similar session at the national conference this past Feb. It is truly helpful to see how many agencies are approaching policy development and what topics others believe are necessary to address in their policies. Here is a list, albeit incomplete, of some we discussed today: electronic signatures and sign up agreements, Internet usage, staff usage of Therap off hours, ensuring agency policy agrees with state policy, QA/QI and incident management/review, sharing of documents and data with team members outside of your agency…

Often we discover that we need a policy or procedure after the fact. Many policies end up being developed as a response to a problem or issue discovered and then solved. We would love to learn from your history. If you’ve developed new policies at your agency in connection to Therap in some way or if you have policy thoughts/comments, please share. Thanks!

Family Living and Therap

My big news of the month includes a major job change.  I moved from being the statewide training coordinator at our state DDSD and am now the Director of a Family Living Agency called At Home Advocacy.  The best part of this change is that I now get daily interaction with the individuals we support.  Working at the state level, I didn’t get to see or work with individuals very often.

My new agency uses Therap for a number of things at the administrative level: e-CHAT, some custom forms, medication history, GER, etc…  I am excited about the possibility of getting our family living providers using the system directly.  Many of them have internet in the home but not all so there are some barriers.  We are everywhere with how people handle their daily progress notes – some handwrite them, some type them, some use our electronic form – some hand deliver them to the office, some fax them, some scan them and email them.

I’m hoping we can start using T-logs for the daily progress note.  How wonderful will that be when our family providers no longer have to deliver paper to the office (via car, fax or other)!  Now the road ahead of me includes convincing them why this is a benefit to them and teaching everyone how to use the system.  Exciting days ahead…

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Hurdling HIPAA Roadblocks in NM

Here goes my first post to the Certified Trainer’s Blog!

I’m the administrator of the statewide oversight account in New Mexico.  Here in NM all of our state DDSD employees use email to communicate with our providers.  We were recently told we can no longer send any PHI via email as our state email system is not HIPAA compliant.  This was a huge, I mean HUGE, change for our DDSD employees.

Well Therap is awesome.  I’ve been trying to convince and educate the DDSD employees why they should love and use Therap on a daily basis.  I’ve been creating custom user groups and working with many of our DDSD staff to learn to use SComm for any communication with PHI.  This has worked wonderfully!  Now many of our DDSD staff are using SComm to send audit/survey information, send ISPs, and communicate with our providers about the many applications New Mexico is currently using statewide.

Yay for hurdling HIPAA roadblocks and Yay for Therap.  How have you creatively used SComm within your agency, region or state?

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