This past week, I was able to meet with another behavior specialist from another agency to give her the “grand tour” of Therap and how she can apply the various modules to her setting. Even though we use Therap on a daily basis…it becomes “mundane” in the sense of how we use each module. By introducing someone new, it creates conversation into new ways of looking at the modules and how to better keep data. Sometimes, we can get in such a rut! I definitely enjoyed my time going over therap with her and hope to do more in the future!

Happy weekend!!

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My latest webinar!

No one can ever tell me that I am the smartest person in regards to technology! Despite me being ready and waiting to conduct my webinar well before my scheduled time…I forgot to log on to the specfic webinar! Regardless…many folks were waiting for me to begin and I felt horrible! Emoticon showing sad face

Anyway….it was a great webinar and I felt like I did a better job than in past webinars. There were many great questions…and dare I say…I actually enjoyed it!! I felt more confident despite the fact that I came “late” to my own webinar!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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CT Conference in Meriden!

Good Morning!
What a great couple of days this week! Therap hosted the CT User’s Group Conference in Meriden on Wednesday and Thursday! I had the privilege of presenting BER’s, reporting and tracking to a group of new Therap users.

First, I must say…what a wonderful difference it is to present in person than on a webinar! There was must more interaction and my presentation lasted the complete hour…not the 20 minutes usually done on the Webinar!!! I loved the interaction, the questions and group discussion! It wasn’t as bad presenting as I thought and I actually did enjoy it!!

It was great to see so many familiar faces and again want to invite anyone from CT to join our CT users group which is held at Oak Hill about every other month. The next one is slated to be in November. If interested, please email me at:

Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather and all that Fall has to offer!!!


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Another successful CT User’s Group!

Greetings from CT!!! On Monday, Oak Hill hosted another wonderful CT User’s Group. It was great to see Justin and have him tell us all the new details about the latest release!

One feature I am loving is the updated time tracking module!! It will be very useful to me, a behavior specialist, in collecting data that is easier for staff to use and to be able to have an alternate to the BER’s interval data. In the graphed form, time tracking provids a quick snapshot of the behaviors being tracked. It is quick and very convienient which means data will be even more accurate! I plan on using time tracking to track mood changes and other behaviors more typically captured on an interval data collection system. I will also plan on including time tracking in the behavior webinars that I do twice a year!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer!

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Happy Thursday!

Last week Oak Hill organized another successful CT user’s group! While all our sessions help each other to brainstorm, problem solve, and attempt to move forward in “therap land”, it was especially wonderful to have Maureen join us this time! Maureen gave us an overview of the changes coming up in the next update and of course, she left with a notepad full of “ideas/wishes” from us!

It was also great to hear Justin’s voice during a conference call and he filled us in on possible changes to who can get access to therap (inspectors, DDS, etc.) and how best to go about that!

Looking forward to one more CT user’s group before the big CT conference!!

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Using Tablets

Very interesting meeting we had the other week in regards to our agency possibly using tablets instead of laptops! As our agency is beginning to venture into the land of “in-home” supports, we are once again finding ourselves having to use paper documentation as many homes that we serve do not have internet access. Using these tablets will be great as most of the staff working have gotten used to using Therap. In addition, having paper documentation makes it difficult for me as a behavior specialist to do my job outside of that home to do my work and to keep tabs on the behavioral incidents that occur. I guess we have gotten very spoiled with having all the data right at our fingertips! The only trouble I see is that the families still won’t have access as I am assuming that we wouldn’t be leaving the tablets at the house.

Anyway…hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather!

Deanna Bisaillon

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Happy April Fool’s Day!

Happy April Fool’s day!! Hope no one is getting tricked today or is suffering from a sugar coma from yesterday!

The behavior specialists at our agency got some great news last week. Psychiatry dictations/med orders and recommendation pages from previous PRC (program review committe) will be scanned into therap! While this may take a bit of time to compete as scanners still need to be purchased, it will be a wonderful thing to be able to have instant access to those documents. The behavior specialists tend to use those documents a lot and not having to drive all over the state just for those pieces of information will be so much more time-efficient!

This will of course means that I will need to learn yet another form of technology…but from what I hear scanning isn’t so bad! Wish me luck though just in case!!

Enjoy the first week of April!!!

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Blizzard 2013

Well…we all survived the Blizzard of 2013! What an incredible amount of prep work winter weather bestows upon us!

I have been hearing all about the conference this year and was once again am sorry to have missed it! However–fingers crossed–I will be back in full conference mode for our annual CT conference in Meriden in September and hopefully for the annual one next year. Attending these conferences really gets you motivated to try new things! At Oak Hill, we have slowed down a bit and are still getting the training piece working for all employees.

Hopefully when I am finished with my new school adventure and my colleague is back in full swing at work we will once again forge ahead to new and excitiing things on Therap!


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Merry Christmas!!

Well…I’ve made the switch…to Dashboard! I hated it at first. I hate change! I made the switch because I wanted to do it on “my terms” and not come into work one day and be forced into it! It has been several weeks and it is not that bad! I wish I could organize it so it works best for me…but overall…not bad!! The only problem I ran into was when I realized that I hadn’t been checking Scomms and ended up with 30 unread ones! To be honest…I didn’t even see the scomm section! I still have to make an effort to remember to look for it though!

I keep telling myself that yes…change is good!!!

Anyway…Merry Christmas everyone and see you in the New Year!!!


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