BER Webinar!

Yay! Another notch on my belt for a (I think) successful webinar! I again did my webinar on creating, reporting and entering data for BER’s. I also included a little blurb on time tracking. Again…I felt a little weird because it is hard talking to my computer but as I continue to do them, I get a little more confident. One of the differences this time was that some of the people that joined in asked questions and I really liked answering them. It told me that 1) they didn’t get too bored and stayed on the whole time and 2) they were interested and had great questions to ask. I hope for future webinars such questions will occur!

Hope everyone is doing OK with the aftermath of Sandy! Quite a hectic week it was last week!!

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Missed Conference!

I was so sad to have missed the annual CT user’s group in in Meriden this year! What made it worse is that last year I was considering doing a presentation in BER’s. Hopefully next year things will calm down and I will be able to once again be surrounded by the CT experts of Therap!!!

From what I have heard – it was a great conference!!!

Happy October everyone!!!

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A very slow Therap month!

This month, while very busy with behavioral issues, crisis situations and the overall craziness that life brings…was generally a slow Therap month for us in terms of development. As I noted last month, we did host and participate in the CT user’s group and hopefully those meetings will resume after the upcomng conference in Meriden.

I am starting to think about data collection again and how best to achieve better data. I am concerned that staff aren’t as descriptive when filling out BER’s and I worry that we are missing key elements such as antecedents.

Anyway…hope everyone has an enjoyable September….looks like the weather will be getting cooler here in CT! Time to start apple picking!! :-)

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Another successful CT Therap User Group!

We met again at Oak Hill yesterday for our “monthly” CT user group. It was great to see new faces…especially from Mosaic! They are brand new to Therap (here in CT anyway!) and so we spent a great deal of time discussing ways to start out with Therap focusing on passwords and problems/successes we found with tlogs and scomms.

Not sure I will be able to attend the Meriden CT Conference this year…but what a great way to network and meet new people from different agencies!


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BER/Interval Woes

Happy Summer! It has been very hot here in CT…but we are surviving…sort of!

Not to complain…but…….here goes! I have always been a big proponent of the BER’s however I wish there was a way to separate the BER’s from the Interval data. The interval tracking is very under-used which is sad because it is the perfect interval tracking system. I know everything is “easier said than done”, but if there was one thing I could have in Therap world it is to have those separate. As I sit here, I am wondering who I can beg, plead, etc.??? Maybe if I keep blogging about this???
Haha!!! Enjoy the rest of summer!!! :-)

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Another one down!

I just completed my second webinar and I am left with similiar feelings as the last one…did I talk too fast, did I sound like a little kid, did I even make sense? Ugh…I still would love to do this with more “audience” participation! I also wonder about have questions at the end…I never get any questions…is that a bad thing?

Anyway…here at Oak Hill we are moving ahead with the training part…slowly but surely!!! Behaviorally speaking, we have started to use the ISP more to record such behavioral data such as “positive behavior supports”, reinforcement and mood states. Although it has been great having so much data at my fingertips…I often wonder if having behavioral pieces “scattered” throughout Therap is helpful to staff. Most data collection takes place in the BER but staff also have to document sleep in the time tracking and now certain aspects in an ISP. I wish we could have all the behavioral components in one place. But hey…nothing is perfect!!!

Have a great June everyone!

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day (tomorrow)!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! While it is actually “celebrated” tomorrow, I just wanted to thank all the teachers out there!

At Oak Hill, while we all have various “titles” one of the most important hats we all wear is that of “Teacher”. While we don’t all work in classrooms, life in general is what we teach to our residents. How to maximize the quality and “normalcy” of their life is what makes us important educators.

In “therap world”, we are again looking forward to the CT user’s group to be held at Oak Hill in May. At these time, we all bounce ideas around and try to help each other make the most out Therap. It is also great to be able to meet with other folks from nearby agencies!

Will blog later about our group and looking forward to presenting at the CT Conference in September!

Until next time…..

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Happy Easter!

Here at Oak Hill, we are forging ahead with the training component. My co-worker, Mary Beth has been hard at work (as usual) getting everything set up!!!

We are continuing to enjoy using the Time Tracking…it has been very helpful in tracking sleep for our individuals. Hopefully, over time, we will be able to expand our usage to other components of data such as mood scales.

It has also been interesting switching some of my data collection from a BER to an ISP. I still love the BER, but it has been easier for staff to use an ISP for certain things. I guess my confidence level is improving with using ISP’s!

Anyway…hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and enjoy the long weekend!!

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National Conference

There is so much to talk about regarding last weeks conference! First of all…another blogger wrote about all the eating! Totally true! Breakfast was just about over and voila! Delicious snacks graced the coffee table!! I, too, probably gained 10 pounds!!!

Two other things worth mentioning…I have two small kids (3 yrs and 10 months) and it was wonderful to be able to sleep in the hotel and get uninterrupted sleep!! That was fabulous and I most certainly did not tell my husband! Kind of felt a bit guilty!!

The other thing was being able to leisurely stroll through Target! I have not been able to do that without kids in 3 years!!! So much fun….I know….It’s the little things!!! Haha!!!

Anyway…I also learned a lot during those three days! Event summaries was very interesting to me. It is a simple little thing but something in which I forgot about. These summaries will surely help gather behavior info.

I also avoided the pivot table session! I start to glaze over when I hear the words, “pivot tables”!!! However, Brent told us that he also had difficultly with those until he was taught by Allison. Maybe I gather up courage and take another go at it!!

We also spent a lot of time going over the training component. This will be our agencies next thing to do. Looking forward to getting that set up and will keep everyone posted as to our progress!

Anyway…it was a great conference and am already looking forward to next year!

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My first Webinar!w

On Monday, I conducted my first Webinar! It was a bit awkward only being able to speak “at” the people who called in. My topic was BER (setting up, collecting data, and reporting). Throughout this past year, I have taught this same topic to a “live” audience which was much easier to do. With the webinar I struggled a bit with not getting immediate feedback. Likewise, I wonder if the people who called in struggled to follow what I was trying to teach.

Hopefully, as I continue to do Webinars I will get better at it…hopefully!!!!


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