Therap Regional Conference

As I mentioned in a previous post, I attended our Florida regional conference last week. As always, Barry Pollack does not disappoint and neither does the Therap team. Our agency has been with Therap for many years, and yet no matter how long, there is always something new to learn and discover at the conferences. I recommend them to everybody.

The miniature key lime pies weren’t bad either. :)))) We were well fed.

Thank you for putting on another informative conference.

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Therap Regional Conference

Just opened up the link today for the Therap Regional Conference in Miami, Florida, today. Lo and behold, I see MCPRS is doing a presentation on the successful implementation of Therap. Yes, it has been very successful and frutiful for us. I am just intimidated thinking of this presentation. Started working on it. Will keep you posted. The conference will be on September 9 and 10. Wish me luck!

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Yellowstone Trip

Hi All!

Those of you who are lucky enough to live in Wyoming and Montana will know what I am talking about when I say Yellowstone National Park is the most wonderful place in the world. We were there in June (second trip). We absolutely froze. I know you all had a rough winter. But coming from Miami and being exposed to 32 degree temps in June was mind boggling for us. But we were blessed to be there so it did not matter. This time we did not see grizzly bears, but we did see black bears, a snake right in our path, fox, fawn, etc. A beautiful country and a beautiful park. My Montana and Wyoming (and Idahoan) Therapites are very lucky!

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BETA Site for July 2013 release

Thank you, Kristen Thompson, for your nice comment about us. We do rock! Also, while on the BETA site, I found Archie’s IDF. Archie, as you may know, is the coolest pug there is! So Archie’s IDF drew some smiles. Archie is a Hindu pug who speaks Mandarin and is of South American ethnicity. Now how multi-cultural and multi-faceted is that?! With all that multi-culturalism, he should live in Miami! Adorable, nonetheless.

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Therap Splash Page

We have found this to be an effective and useful communication tool.  We use it to post announcements, congratulatory messages,  and due dates for any number of items.   We use  Therap’s SComm  as the e-mail communication system for our DSPs and nurses.  Using  the splash page is very effective in making sure all our important announcements get out to staff.   I would be interested in hearing if any of you have other uses for the Splash Page.

P. S. South Beach Wine and Food Festival this weekend!  Hope to go.



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Justin’s 9.1 Webinar

Just completed Justin’s webinar today. Great information. I’m looking forward to using all the new administrator options. They will make life a lot easier because of the new assignment method. Have fun guys!

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Update on Miami’s Therap Workshop

We had a great turnout and learned so much. We have been using Therap for several years, but there is always so much to learn. It’s great to try out the new things. Did you know you could share the screen with Live Chat? I didn’t. Hope you are all staying warm and safe. We are basking in the sun, but sympathize with all of you. Really, we do.

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Upcoming Therap Conference at MCPRS

Hi everyone! Happy New Year. Here in sunny, warm Miami we are enjoying the fruits of beautiful weather. Emoticon showing smiley face

We are happy to announce an upcoming Therap one day conference here at MCPRS. Barry Pollack has kindly offered to come all the way down here and present. We are hoping for a huge turnout. Lots of great information will be available.

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