Everything You Wanted To Know About Excel But Were Afraid To Ask

As I’m getting ready to present again at the National Conference in January, I am curious if there are any requests out there regarding how to use Excel to analyze Therap data.  There usually is someone who gives a presentation about PivotTables so I tend to avoid talking about them.  Instead, I tend to focus on topics such as advanced filters, “Text To Column,” and the VLOOKUP function.

But what else?  What do you like to see?  Let me know!

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Sneak Peeks: 2013.2…will help QA, for sure!

Screenshot of ISP Data Collection form and excel document of ISP Data Collection


A lot of using ISP Data involves creating a quality assurance process with several levels, that may include the daily review of an immediate supervisor, through a quality assurance staff member, and potentially reaching into administration and finance.

The new release has added some fields much requested by agencies using ISP Data to track a wide range of teaching strategies, checklists, behavioral concerns, as well as taking advantage of its interface with Therap’s billing module.

Once released, the “Export to Excel” will include both data collection date and data entry date, to ensure data is being collected in a timely way. Both Scoring Comments and the main Comments field will also appear in this export now.

Along with some adjustments to ISP Programs that will allow for more flexible formatting, this addition will make QAing a snap!


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