Ever tried to get something done but somehow you always find no time to do it? That is me. Every time I plan to sit down and write my blogs, how something gets in the way, taking away the time and before I know it, time has passed and I am supposed to do something else. So I move on and eventually I wind up not blogging. To overcome this malaise, I have come to realize the solution is simply to start writing whether I am waiting in a lunch queue or I am comfortably sitting down to eat my dinner. When a topic appears on my mind, I will simply start typing or penning it down. I have been procrastinating for so long about writing my book to the extent that I now almost doubt whether I will ever do it. If you are like me, please take heed and try to get away from this life style. It is a wasteful way to live because you waste a lot of valuable time that would have been spent being productive and, who knows, may be making millions of dollars for your pocket. Unless you take action right away, you may never get richer. You never influence other people unless you tell them what they don’t know. See, I have taken just a few minutes to put down this paragraph, giving you something to think about!

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Therap, as a Tool Toward Quality Assurance!

About two weeks ago, I had the privilege of representing our company on a committee meeting to discuss “Quality Assurance” among all service providers of both residential and day program service agencies. The meeting was conducted by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). As the topic clearly suggests, the main goal of this committee was to ensure that, despite budget cuts at state level, with the inevitable consequences of reduced funding for the division, and consequently the deep cuts to rates paid to service providers, quality service can still be maintained.

As the discussions progressed, it became apparent to me that Therap can be a tool to help meet that objective. Here is the reason why: after using Therap for all these many years, I have come to know that for the most part, staff document what they have really done. In most cases they under-document. For those who may falsify what they actually did, it does not take that long before they are discovered. Because, when one makes a false claim, other staff will soon see that what was done is not what was reported.

A good example is where someone writes a t-log stating they swept, mopped and took out trash from a resident’s apartment. If that was not so, the incoming staff are going to see that it is not true and they are going to write about it. Since everyone reads what the t-log says, it becomes apparent to the staff who falsified information that their inaction was discovered and they can not report similar falsehoods without actually having done the job.

Therefore, the Therap system becomes not only a tool to ensure staff do what they are supposed to do and at the same time an evaluation tool for supervisors to tell, in part, who is doing what they are supposed to do, thus assuring quality service to the consumer. In retrospect, using Therap helps foster honesty, accountability and quality assurance.

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Justin: Welcome to Arizona

So…., word came out that Justin is coming to AZ. What a long time it has been since you were here last. Many of us in the CLP program at CCS recall those sessions of video shooting and sit-down interviews with Justin and the entire gang that was here in Tucson, those early days of Therap.

It would seem like Arizona would be at the top of the states using Therap. Unfortunately that is not the case. And why is that? That is a question I will have to ask Justin when he gets here. NO, I am just kidding! But honestly, I wonder what happened to AZ? Why is it that, an area that was a pioneer, is now amongst the last states to embrace the Therap technology?

Let’s just say, sometimes, you have to lead in order to follow. Or, you can look at it the other way round. Leading is not always from the front. Perhaps, AZ is still leading by pushing the rest to move forward. All is not lost for AZ. Thanks to the CCS/CLP, Therap is alive and well in southern Arizona. Justin’s coming will go along way in re-energizing the service here in the Old Pueblo and hopefully motivate expansion into the entire southwest region and beyond.

So, as Justin prepares to fly over to Tucson, I hope he will make sure his business satchel will be bulging with “goodies” to entice the business communities in this region, that need Therap but have not taken the ride, simply because no one has introduced them to the wonderful communication platform.

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Therap, Cursor Flu

On this maiden blog, I will just write about something that has been slowing me down lately. This is not meant to be funny, for there is no fun is being slowed down by some kind of technical “flu”. So, let’s just say, it’s kind of funny the way this little problem affected me.

But let me explain what I am talking about before you all get confused with my problem, which could be your problem too. But I hope not.

First, the definitions: Therap: Is this convenient internet based platform we are all using to do our jobs here at CCS and at your own workplace wherever you are, thanks to Therap Services Inc. Cursor: Is that little blinking dark vertical stroke on your computer that appears anywhere before you can types anything. Flu: Is a disease that slows you down because of its uncomfortable symptoms, including but not limited to sneezing, headache, runny nose, and the like. You know them all so let me not bore you with those. Note, this is not a clinical definition, but it will suffice for the sake of my story here.

In computers, flu like symptoms do not seem elaborate simply because we don’t see them but they are there. Some obvious ones include slowdown of the entire computer and now in my discovery, the slow down of the cursor. As in humans, computer or cursor flu is caused by a virus. This is how you know your computer has a cursor virus. The cursor (as defined above), does not keep up with your pace of typing on the screen. Normally the cursor should be at the very spot of the letter or character you are writing. In the case of cursor flu, the cursor does not show up until much later. Because of that, you don’t see the letters or characters you are writing until after a couple of seconds have elapsed. What is so annoying about cursor flu is that you can not see your mistakes until your line is done. Then when you try to go back to where the mistake is, the cursor still has to go through the entire path of your typing before it can ever get to the location of the mistake. The effect of this flu is a total waste of one’s time.

It was interesting in my case in that the flu only manifested itself on Therap. I have not experienced it with other programs. Therap Technical Support tried to help but were unsuccessful because as you now know, the problem was not a Therap problem but a virus on my computer.

Cursor flu is one of the most difficult forms of computer flu. It is hard to eliminate by most antivirus(es). Unfortunately for me, I could not get rid of the menace until I had to clean up the entire hard drive. Hope you don’t have to go through that ordeal.

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