“When things slow down”

We always say here in Oregon “when things slow down” we will do this, or we will do that. Do things ever slow down?  There’s always a new rule, a new procedure, module or program to learn/implement. But, I suppose that this is one of the many things that keeps us on our toes.  It’s a good thing I love what I do!

Therap has made it easier on us, that’s for sure.

This year, our new procedure we are faced with is changes to our day services billing. Luckily, Therap provides a few different options-Time tracking, T-Logs, ISP data, and attendance. The difficult part is deciding which one would be the best for us. We need something that will be simple for staff to use, and something that will work well for our accounting folks (who are all the way in Minnesota!!).

We were thinking of using time tracking at first, but thanks to our most amazing and awesome Therap rep, Allison, we are strongly considering ISP data now.  Not only are staff already familiar with the ISP Data tracking module, but it will provide us with a number of reporting options and will give us everything we need to know and then some.

Please respond if you have any other suggestions or comments…any and all suggestions are welcome!

Be well!


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Aha! Why didn’t we do this sooner?

Recently, while training, I had an AHA! moment, and could clearly see that staff in class had one, too.  It was simple…

We were training current staff from one of our programs on Medication Administration, and were focusing on policies, procedures and practices that were unclear to staff.  Staff had already been reminded of things like the 6 rights, the importance of triple checking the bubble packs and MARs, how to log that a medication was given, and all of the “usual” med admin procedures.

The AHA! moment came as we were training staff on making sure resolutions to PRN (and other health)  follow ups are logged, and the importance of documenting in the health tracking modules (instead of only logging in detail mode of the MAR).  We tried to give them a glance of their documentation through the eyes of supervisors and QA.  We pulled up the Health Care Report (which has been an invaluable tool for us recently) and showed staff how their supervisors and QA folks are using it to  monitor follow ups and health issues.  We also refreshed their memories of the PRN follow up report, and looked at recent appointments and actual T-Logs entered by staff at the program to see if we could “close some of the loops” based upon the information they were seeing.

That simple explanation–and acting with the eyes of a QA specialist–was incredibly helpful in helping staff to understand what it means to close a loop by noting when a GER is written, by attaching training records to GERs, by simply making an entry that a resolution was reached on a PRN,  and by making sure all health issues are addressed and documented.

Why didn’t we catch on to this approach sooner???

Closing loops for the people we support is important, but closing the loops for staff understanding is valuable too!


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Thank you,Therap, for making me look cool!

One of my goals at the Therap national conference was learning more about running reports and learning how other agencies were utilizing them to analyze data more efficiently than we are (were!).  After attending a couple of the “ISP data reports” and “Using Excel and Pivot Tables” sessions,  I learned that there are far more reporting possibilities than I realized.

We have already begun using Excel and pivot tables to analyze ISP and behavior data tracking, and soon we will be training all management and self-assessment staff on how to utilize those and other Excel reports during the self-assessment process.   Not only will this allow us to get a tighter grip on our documentation, but will also save time, which none of us ever have enough of, right?

We are all excited to dive in deeper, and to start reaping the benefits.  It has been fun bringing back helpful solutions and sharing them with staff.  So, thank you Therap, for making me look cool!   Ok, maybe it was Therap that looked cool…

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Hello from New Jersey

Whew!  Day 2 of 2013 Therap conference down, 1 day to go!  It’s been a long couple of days, but am excited to take back a lot of great ideas to Oregon.

Meeting people from different agencies and hearing creative ideas of how they are using Therap has been very helpful.  Everyone has been so willing to share ideas of how we can improve and streamline our documentation.  I have really enjoyed meeting and talking to more fellow Therapites this year!

More information around reporting, manipulating excel reports and creating pivot tables is new for me this year and will be very useful to us as we roll out a new self assessment process at our agency.  I am also excited to explore more custom forms and utilizing ISP programs in more creative ways.

Looking forward to one more day of Therap learning.  I still need to corner Allison at some point…

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Goodbye 2012, looking forward to 2013!

2012 has been an extremely busy year!  This year we transferred our individuals’ personal property records and financial records into Therap, began using time tracking, attendance and started utilizing the ISP data tracking module for site visits.  All successfully, I might add, and with pleasure (well, mostly!).  We have been especially excited about the financial module.  It has made a world of difference for our staff and managers; saving time and frustration.  No more missing receipts/records!!

I am sorry to say that I did not reach all of my Therap goals for 2012.  The plan was to implement TMS by December, to tighten up T-Logs and to revise our Therap manual.  But…I am not looking back!

I am now looking forward to an exciting 2013.  We have a few new (excellent) additions to our management staff, new house coordinators, and plans for a few process changes.  Our Therap goal for 2013 is to implement TMS by mid-year, (Oregon specific) ISPs, revise the Therap manual, create management and lead staff specific Therap training,  and tighten-up our T-log processes.

As we check our Therap goals and tasks off of the list, we will update on things that worked and things that didn’t.  Any advice or comments are welcome too!

Here’s to a safe and exciting  new year, cheers!

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There are many different ways…

And documenting in Therap is no exception!

Since all of the people we support in our (17) programs across Oregon are very unique, one of the things I love about Therap is the options we have- all the different ways to use T-logs, time tracking and ISP data tracking.  But, with so many ways, it is important to learn the most effective and efficient documentation procedures that work across the board.  Question is…how do we do that??

I’ve been asking myself that question for the past several months at least! The best answer I can come up with is…by asking questions, by listening, and by learning.  Listening to staff.  Listening to the people we support.  Listening to what has worked for other agencies.  Listening to licensors.  And learning from what is said.

With 2 years under our belt (since we began our Therap implementation), we have realized the importance of streamlining our documentation, T-logs specifically.  The easier it is for staff to determine how to do thier documentation, the easier it is for management and licensors, resulting in higher quality of care.  That’s what it’s all about.

So, once we finalize our most effective way to ‘skin the (T-Log) cat’, we will share.  Maybe it will help you determine yours.

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Oh how time flies…and things change

It is hard to believe that two years ago this month Dungarvin Oregon began implementing Therap.  At the time, it felt like a daunting task to me, and to many of our staff.  As I began training GERs and T-Logs, I will never forget the looks on the faces staring back at me; most in disbelief that we really were doing this…making the switch from paper to electronic documentation.  How could we?!

My have things changed!  As time passed and we continue(d) to implement module after module,  those doubtful faces staring back at me in trainings began to change.  Long term staff began to embrace the idea that Therap was here to stay.  They began to see the value in Therap, and were relieved (and surprised!) by it’s intuitive nature.  Finally, I was not alone in my excitement! 

 In addition to GERs, T-Logs, Health Tracking, ISP data, and MARs, I am excited to say that we are looking to implement the financial, TMS, and a newly created (specifically designed for Oregon) ISP modules  by the end of this year.  At every conference and user group meeting, I am amazed at the possibilities and the creative ways Therap can be utilized.  So many modules, so little time!

Thank you Therap (and Allison) for opening our eyes, helping us implement positive change, and saving trees!

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