Information age

Information is power, the adage rings true nowadays especially in the “information age” that we are in currently. Since the conference we at Trendsitions Inc. have expanded our use of Therap and have immersed ourselves with connecting the dots to new information we have discovered. We are able to prepare planning in a person center environment on a year by year basis with clarity and ease of information in a centralized location. We know with a push of a button if a proble should arise, where, when, and how to fix it immediately.

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Supported Employment Tracking

Hello all,
Happy Friday to every one. So I am working on Payroll for my employees. On one of them when I go into get pay period calculation report it pulls up over time Subsidy Distributions instead of the report. This is only happening to one person out of 36 employees. Has anybody had this happen? I trying to find out why its doing that PLEASE HELP any answers or suggestions will be greatly appreciated Since Payroll is due on Monday Morning Emoticon showing smiley face

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Welcome, Heather Collins!

Picture of Heather Collins, Certified Trainer of Therap at the Oregon Conference with Brent at left and Anna at right
Heather (center) at the Oregon Conference with Brent (left) and Anna (right)

Heather is the newest smarty pants to join the League of Extraordinary Trainers. She resides in Pendleton, Oregon, and for those of you keeping track, that makes six certified trainers from Oregon.

She is the administrative assistant and super-duper Therap guru for Trendsitions. They began using Therap last year and are using the vast majority of the system with the exceptions of the Training Management System and billing. Heather is working on those now.

I’ll plan on seeing her in New Jersey with the pod/herd/pack/murder/gaggle of other trainers. We had better see you there, too!


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