2014 Therap Conference

The conference was a success for myself and my travel companions. It was wonderful seeing old friends and making new ones. The crowd was rather large this year. The content was awesome. I picked up as much from other attendees as I did from presenters. It’s great to come together and hear what people in the field are doing with Therap. We are excited about going home and taking new ideas back with us.

Thank you Therap for a wonderful time.

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Awesome Billing Audit

We just went through our first billing audit in years and aced it! Thank you Therap. Not only was it ever so easy to produce records, we saved trees! Our error rate is so far below the state average I wanted to get up and dance. I set up each individual in a caseload for the auditors. It really did not take much at all for them to learn how to navigate to the information they needed to see. And once they figured it out we only had to provide those few documents that are only on paper. When they did their entrance on Monday they said they would be there until Friday. They were able access information so quickly and efficiently they left Wednesday afternoon. Now on to making plans for Kansas City!

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Therap Committee

Our company has now had it’s second Therap Committee meeting. Why we didn’t think we needed a committee in the beginning is beyond me. Of course we did! If we want to be consistent in how we use Therap company wide then it is very important. And we learn from each other. We are using GTM so that we can include users throughout the company wherever they may be. It’s really cool when someone says, “We need a way to….”. And someone else in the group says, “Oh, well I just do this….”. So sharing is a big part of the meetings so far.

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One More Thing

Well, now I have added one more thing to my list of things I am responsible for. I am now a Certified Trainer. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited. It will be fun being involved in the movement. The conference was great. I learned there is always more to learn. And of course it was nice to put a person to the name I see when I seek out Live Help or read blogs.

I did come back energized and ready to move my company forward with Therap. I want a Therap committee. Yes, that is correct, we do not currently have a Therap committee. But we will! And then hold on to your hats. I guess since I am in Texas I should say hold on to your cowboy hats.

I have to say it was nice to get back to Texas weather. I did miss the warm and wind. I live near Dallas and have read that Dallas is windier than Chicago. I don’t think it is windier than West Texas though. Stay tuned. I’ll be back. Same place another time.

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