Happy birthday…to me!

Well, one more year has passed and I’m finally feel like I’m getting older.  No more telling people I’m in my early 30s.  Oh well!  With age comes knowledge, right?  I think I heard that somewhere…

With my knowledge I am attempting to create a mobile data infrastructure within the agency.  I’m in the design stage now, but I think once it is finished and we implement a test location, it will revolutionize how we operate.  I think I will have an open discussion on that on my upcoming webinar.


In the meantime, if any of you out there that have done this already have any tips or tricks you would like to share, I’m all ears!


Picture of John Kincinas's Birthday



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Rocked my first pivot table!

So aside from meeting Batman & Red Robin at this year’s Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, the only other exciting things to note are some changes here at Garden Center.  I now run a print shop/design studio as a micro business in addition to all the other nerdy things I do here.  Since I’ve been dedicating a bunch of time to that, I haven’t had the chance to get too technical or bloggy…until today!

Our management team is finally looking to Therap for more QA type things and had asked how they can distill all the information from a GER to a snapshot they can review easily.  My mind went straight to the national conference panel I sat in on a few years ago where my lovely Alaskan Therap-ites showed the miracle of PIVOT TABLES!  I admit, I am a little rusty when it comes to this, but their tips and tricks came right back to me.  Needless to say, I have to thank them for making me look like an even bigger rockstar at the next conference!

I have some tech stuff brewing that will blow your mind….once I have secured the funding.  It involves a large TV and some Apple products.  Let’s just say, your day program might be forever changed once you see this!  And it isn’t even that expensive!  Until then, sshhhhhh….


Stay tuned!!

Picture of John Kincinas with Batman and Robin at Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago

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Conference time!

FINALLY!  Therap has come to Chicago…well, Schiller Park, anyway.  Since I missed the National Conference, I had to take the opportunity to catch up with what is going on in the Therap-verse.

Some very cool stuff on the horizon!  I can’t wait for the summer release to start actually using all this stuff.  I even presented a topic on Day 1…and yes, it was full of Batman references. Emoticon showing smiley face

See…Jeff was even having some fun!

Conference Presentation

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Baby steps….

So…had the opportunity to be on a nice phone conversation today with Jim Hobbs, Manager Office of Clinical, Administrative and Program Support (OCAPS) with the Bureau of Accreditation & Licensure regarding the possibility of starting a pilot program with providers using Therap on the possibility of helping the State move to a more paperless review system.  I wasn’t the only representative asked to be on this call either…folks from Mosaic, Royal Living, and Rimland all joined in and helped facilitate a great conversation.  (Michelle Saunders set this all up…)

I’m not certain if any headway was made, but it seemed that we all had some very valid points that the Bureau seemed to agree with.  The conversation definitely caused the members at the Bureau to rethink about how they do things and this is a good thing!  Only time will tell if anything comes of this conversation, but be certain that I will update you all.  Maybe before I retire, I will see the State of Illinois be a lean mean Therapin’ machine….baby steps.

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I’m BACK…and here’s what’s happened!

Allison is probably VERY disappointed in my neglectful blogging habits, but I’ve had a bunch of life events within the last few months that have taken up all my time.  I think everyone will understand when you read this….here it goes:

On September 18th, I was blessed with the birth of my first son, Remy.  (His cute little mug is below…)

Original Picture is Unavailable

Remy has Robertsonian Translocated Down Syndrome which was revealed to us after the 32nd week ultrasound saw that he also had duodenal atresia, a condition where the opening from the stomach to the intestine is not present.  Three days after birth, he was whisked away for the surgery to correct the atresia and this began his over 2 month stay at the NICU.  I was still working during the day and then taking up residence at the hospital at night.  This was a crazy 2 months, but we finally got him home after he decided to start taking his feedings a bit more seriously….(doesn’t take after his pop in that department)

September 21st arrived, and I was the proud recipient of the new iPhone 5. (Had to throw a tech thing in..;) )  It is a pretty cool device and much faster than my old 4.  I’m definitely going to be upgrading the iPhone fleet here at the agency to these as I can!

October 26th brought me the new Windows 8 upgrade for a few of my machines.  I’m on the fence on this OS right now.  It is faster, it is styled a bit better, but it does take some getting used to.  If you are a Microsoft fan, you will probably like it.

November 7th I turned 35….and on November 9th, Remy finally came home!  With him home, I was able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with 3 weeks off.

I’m back now and our agency is going through some changes…and Therap will be heading this charge.  We are reworking caseloads, reassigning case managers, appointing new program directors and FINALLY getting into the use of ISPs (crossing fingers on this one).  Things are still unfolding here, but it seems that everyone involved in the moves are happy and can’t wait to have Therap simplify their newly appointed positions.


Stay tuned…and I promise to not be gone so long next time!

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Therap has officially melted my brain….

So I have been slacking a bit in my Certified Trainer duties due to the release of the new Batman movie (which I haven’t seen yet..BOO) and a visit from Michelle Saunders, my new Therap neighbor.  I think I can be forgiven once you hear this!  So, I sent an email to Allison asking the collective to think about how they deal with handling consumer’s banking.  A few folks got back to me with their way of dealing with it and they were VERY interesting and helpful.

Armed with this knowledge, I sat down with our Residential Program Directors, the front office people, and the Director of Program Operations and we began discussing how we can utilize Therap’s Finance module to our benefit.  We have been using it for over a year to log the spending of 31 individuals in our two ICF/DD sites and the staff love it!  Scanning in reciepts has really streamlined our spending account bookkeeping.  The desire of the Directors to be able to monitor the accounts was a necessity, and the way we were handling the spending accounts currently was the perfect go to solution that they wanted to see.  That being said, my mind went directly to how can we have one centrallized person be the agency banker without having to go to the bank and use Therap as the intermediary banking information source.

After meeting with two banks and beating up their legal departments with a barage of silly questions, we have finally found a way we can do this.  The agency will be opening two accounts on behalf of each person we serve residentally.  The first account will be labeled the “main” account where all direct deposits will go, such as paychecks, SSI, etc..  The second will be the “spending” account with a debit card attached.  Money from the main accont will be transferred to the spending account using the bank’s online portal.  Just the right amount of funds will be placed into the spending account, reducing the temptation to overextend the spending limit.  Weekely, the centralized banker will collect the receipts, transfer excess cash back into the main account, and input the transactions into Therap.  Only people with Finance module access can see it….and with that, it looks like I fulfilled all the criteria that the Directors asked.  (Let’s hope my thoretical scenario actually works once we get it going…..I’m in the process of helping with this now.)

I’ll keep you all posted as this unfolds….If I got it right, maybe I can do a session at a conference on this some day…:)

PS- Don’t send me any spoilers for the Batman movie!!  :p

Picture of John Kincinas and Michelle Saunders

Me & Michelle during her visit

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Loving this Certified Trainer gig…..

So in the beginning of this month, I got an email from Allison that was sent from a person within the Therap-verse that needed the input of a few computer geeks.  Myself and another techie were tapped to anwser this.  I thought, “How cool is this?!  I’m getting asked questions!  I LOVE getting questions!!”  It took me a few days to answer, as the topic was thought provoking: “What type of devices do we use for Therap?  What are the pros and cons for each device?”

Think about that for a minute….how many do you you use?  (How many of you just quicly said: pssshhhh..one?)  Throughout my day, I use Therap on at least 4 different devices!  When I come in I sit at my desktop and read my T-logs and deal with any system things I have.  I have to answer some training questions among our case managers throught the day and they all use laptops.  When I’m in the car, and not while driving, I fire up Therap on my iPhone when I have to answer my S-comms.  And late at night when I get a question texted to me about some caseload permission, I grab my iPad and get it done right there.

So then I thought, let me just think about my day and write down how I use the equipment.  As I went through the exercise in chart format, thinking about the pros and cons of all 4 devices, I realized that I am very mobile heavy and even more so iDevice heavy.  (Some of you know this from me helping to jailbreak a bunch of iPads and iPhones at the National Conference….BTW the 5.1.1 jailbreak is out!)  Why is that?  I think a lot of it has to do with the intuitive interface, minimal moving and breakable parts, and how truly mobile these things are!  I’d be open for a discussion on why a desktop or laptop trumps an iPhone/iPad any day!

The more and more I think about Therap and how it is used residentially and in day program settings, why wouldn’t a person just grab an iPad and go?  Doesn’t using the MAR on an iPad have a Star Trek feel about it?  Isn’t it more meaningful to actually document a T-log with a geotagged photo at the restaurant you and the person you serve have been dying to go do?  (I do that more to rub it into the staff on shift so they can see how much fun I’m having…)  Doesn’t everything you have to document on Therap happen away from a computer/laptop station?  Don’t you need a device that should be in Batman’s utility belt at YOUR disposal?

I’m one of those guys that like to be in the fray and test this stuff real time.  So, as a result of extensive field testing, I give the iDevices 5 full Batman symbols!  They are rugged, practical, and useful! 

How about you?  What do you use at your agency?  Why?  Is it really the best use of limited funding?  Keep those questions in mind as you reply to this post.  I look forward to a HUGE debate on this!


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Painting outside the lines….

As funding becomes harder to come by, many agencies are looking to open supplemental businesses to offset their operation costs.  At my agency, we have developed 2 businesses:  a print shop that services the community in designing and printing almost anything and an art studio.  I’d like to talk a bit more on the Studio…

This site will be open to the public in April, but we currently have the individuals we serve going there for day program services. (About 20 people rotate in and out of this site on a daily basis.)  This program was the dream of a volunteer, now current employee, Beth Kopf.  She decided to volunteer at the agency as an art instructor providing art therapy a few days a week.  Since a program like this has never been at our agency, many of the people we serve took to this immediately!  Her class size continued to grow to the point where her volunteer hours could not accommodate all the people that wanted to be a part of this.  When that happened, she was hired on full time to help our individuals continue to explore their artistic sides.

Most of our individuals found an outlet to communicate and create through this program.  Many of the pieces they have created were on display at Lewis University’s art show and some are permanent fixtures in 8 local Starbucks locations.  The acclaim received is what sparked the idea of actually opening a space to showcase all the talent we were seeing.

With this site opening soon, we are also offering this unique program to neighboring providers…we hope that their individuals want to explore their creativity as well in an environment build specifically for this.  In addition to the day program being at this site, we will be offering public art classes for kids and adults and will offer studio space for aspiring artists.  There are many local artists that have embraced our idea and have their works being displayed in the gallery already!  Here’s a few pictures of the site and the people at work:

Picture of the Art Studio  Picture of an Individual painting on a paper   Picture of Individual painting on a pottery

If you want to see more of the work we are doing here, visit the Gallery website at www.gardengalleryandstudio.com and visit the Gallery Facebook page to see more of the art being turned out of this great program.

Are there any of you in the Therap-verse that are doing something similar?  If so, please comment…I’d love to hear and see what all you creative people are doing!

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Happy Leap Day…Therap style!

After having time to reflect on all the great information I got from the Therap National Conference this year, I now have a clear path as to what I would like to have my agency do to implement these newly taught tips.  This year was my first year attending the National Conference, and all the great people I met and tricks I learned are really unbelievable.  One in particuar is the “on-call” super role.  By simply creating a caseload that includes the on-call sites and then allowing only T-log entry and update to the new super role is a game changer!  I was previously having to be notified to turn on and off an on-call caseload every week….crazy, I know.

Upon my return to my agency in Chicago, I was hit with questions like, “What did you learn?” and “Can I come with you next time?” and “Did the pizza suck like we thought it would, because we know Chicago has the best pizza in the world?”  When the barage of questions and hugs were over, I was able to show my newly acquired swag…my Therap Certified Trainer laptop bag!  It is now prominently displayed on my wall of trophies in my office.  (And yes, that is me dressed as Batman in the picture on the shelf…..but that is for a whole other blog.)

Swag Bag

On this Leap Day, I want to remember to use the forward momentum that the Therap National Conference has sparked in me.  I also need to keep in touch with all the great people I met!  What better way thatn to be a part of this blog.

Thanks for welcoming me to the family!


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