NY Conference

Wow.. just wanted to throw out there what a great Conference. Even with some of the unexpected issues which arose, fire alarms, no internet, it was a great conference.  I had my laptop with its built in Broadband card which I was truly greatful.   I’m always on over load, but after seeing all the new and improved modules… I can’t wait..  We have several meetings set up within DDDS to discuss the Conference and where do we go now.  We are implementing the ISP and ISP Programs in Delaware and are using several of the modules.  We’ve come a long way baby, but we still a few thousand more miles to go.  It was really great seeing familiar faces and new ones.  It was really fantastic to interact with other State Agencies and brain storm with them.  The States may change, but appear to have the same issues and concerns.  Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to all.

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Agency interfacing

We are currently working on agencies interfacing within Therap. The Residential agency is the holder of the Person’s ISP Plan, but in order for all supports to be inclusive in the plan; day programs would need to have an account created within the residential agency. We were doing good until we got to the implementation of ISP programs. So, should the ISP programs be all included within the Residential plan.  This would have the day programs entering there plans into the residental agency and inputting data through the residential agency.  Or should it be the day program create there own ISP programs within there own Therap account and it be pieced together.   Just wanted to see if anyone had some thoughts on this…   Thanks

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