Old Hat, My Purple Purse!

Once you know me better, you will know I can be called a silk purse, a bag lady or any number of bag related items but certainly not “old hat” (per AD)! I am so excited to be a part of this team that I will overlook that disparagement. But back to business! I am currently looking for ways to streamline the huge training piece that our ICF/MRs have to document and track in the homes. I am having all training done within the home documented by Home Coordinators, Trainers and Therapists in T-logs and having them put Training in the title so I can check for recent training. However, I find that there are a multitude of plans and equipment trainings and I am unsure how to keep this from becoming unmanageable under the TMS. I have created curriculum sections and classes but these pieces are a whole new level of documentation that falls under training. Can anyone give me some ideas for some simple solutions? I cannot seem to see the forest for the trees!