Technology is a tool

Bill Gates once stated, “Technology is just a tool.  In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”

I believe this to be very true, but not just with teachers; supervisors and upper management are like teachers are also responsible for working together and motivating and getting employees working together.  I read an article last week about how do you really know if you are a good leader; and the response to that was you really don’t know if you are a good leader or not, it is the people that you lead that determines if you are a good leader or not.  You can certainly work hard a leadership qualities, but according to the article by Bill Koza “Being a Good Leader is NOT Up To You. “  “How do you know?”

Click here for a link to the full article.

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Why can’t I have admin rights?

Having administrative privileges can be a blessing and a curse. A blessing on the one hand that you can control what is being put into the system and as administrator you have the responsibility to make sure that all information within the system is correct, and individuals that need access to the system have the proper access. The curse is that it is your responsibility to make sure that the information is correct and if you don’t have the necessary time to properly manage the system it can become a difficult task. A great thing about Therap’s admin access, it is broken into different areas, so you can spread out the workload. You can have house managers responsible for password resets, you can have the admissions team responsible for individual intake and discharge, and much much more. Break out the workload.


Fun Facts

• One percent of U.S. employers allow employees to take naps during working hours.

• People in the U.S. spend at least 1896 hours per year at work.

• During thinking, we only use about 35% of our brains.


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“The rule for effective governance is simple.  It is one Ronald Reagan knew by heart.  And one that he successfully employed with Social Security and the Cold War.  When there is a problem, you fix it.  That is the job you have been sent to do and you cannot wait for someone else to do it for you.”  Chris Christie

Governance within any agency is critical for the operation of the agency, but what people don’t remember that there needs to be some type of governance over your network, but also with the management of Therap as well.  You can’t just “fly by the seat of your pants” when it comes to the management of Therap.  By having a policy and even a procedure about the management of Therap will assist in keeping the people support’s data safe.  Some ideas about policy and procedure include:

  • Where are you going to allow the DSPs access Therap?
  • Who gets to document information about a person supported?
  • Who can read General Event Reports?

Having a good foundation makes for the best care you can give a person supported.


Fun Facts about government


  • During World War I, the US Government tried to rename hamburgers as “liberty sandwiches” to promote patriotism.
  • The Constitution was “penned” by Jacob Shallus, A Pennsylvania General Assembly clerk, for $30 ($726 today)
  • The youngest people working in Congress are pages.  These are high school juniors carry legislative documents between the House of Representatives and the Senate.  They also help answer phones in the party clockrooms and deliver phone messages to Congress members.
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Administrative Rights…Super Admin

What the heck is a Super Admin anyway?  Some would say they are the ones that have “All the Power”, some would say “just a fancy title”, and others would say that is me, I am a “SUPER ADMIN” J  Your half right and half wrong, if that is even possible.  A Super Admin is a user that has the ability to have complete control over the system for your agency.  Complete control means the ability to admit individuals, create and delete users, reset passwords, add templates, adjust caseloads, etc.  In the smaller agencies it is the Executive Director or the CEO, in the larger agencies it can be a variety of people from the Director of the Residential Program a program coordinator or even the HR Manager.  With the Super Admin role you want to keep it to a limited number of people due to the influence that this person has over your system.  I recommend that there be two maybe three people depending on your agency size.


Up next in the coming weeks will be the some more admin roles that we will review.  Take time and review who has Super Admin rights in your agency, maybe you have too many people and maybe you don’t have the right people taking care of the job.

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Administrative Rights…You’re never alone

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

When setting up Therap, it is always important to have a Super Admin be one or two people, but sometimes one or two people is just not enough especially in a large agency, so agencies think well lets add three and four or more people to Super Admin roles.  That can be good, but it can also be bad.  When there are “too many hands in the cookie jar” errors can be made and depending the settings it will hard to make people accountable of their actions.  That is why as an agency has the opportunity to assign various administrative rights to various individuals so that one or two people are not responsible for everything.  There are currently 14 administrative role assignments that can be used.  Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will be reviewing each of these roles with you so that your agency can make the correct decisions on who gets what rights.

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‘Tis the season for fun

It is that time of year again when we hear the bells ringing, carolers caroling, and children visiting Santa Claus. It is also that time of year for honking horns in the parking lot, angry people, and scams. Tis the season, people. There are all kinds of good things as well as bad things that are happening this time of year it is up to us if we want to be naughty or nice.


In the spirit of being nice, I am going to share some quick tips that will help you maneuver through the world of technology and it may help you get through the world of Therap.


1. Save often

2. Spell check your work

3. Remember to read your e-mail or Scomms

4. Ask questions if you don’t understand


Happiness lies neither in vice nor in virtue; but in the manner we appreciate the one and the other and the choice we make pursuant to our individual organization ~ Marquis de Sade




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Technology and Common Sense

Gertrude Stein stated “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.”  I agree with that statement 100%.  For me anyway, I am overloaded by information all day long.  People asking questions, phone requests as well as email requests.  My first reaction is to go to my technology and see what it says for an answer, not taking into account my own common sense.  I am so worried about what Bing or Google has to say about the answer that I don’t really think the problem out and use my fully capable brain.  I think we need to start looking into what the world says around us and use our common sense as appose to what does the technology says.  No I am not anti-technology, in fact I love my job as a technology administrator, but it is important to unwind the brain and take a look at what is going around you and use your common sense before you go to the technology.  I have found that I get better results with my common sense than going to Goggle or Bing.

Thunder and Molly

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What is innovation? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “the introduction of
something new”.  Things just don’t happen, people make them happen and that is where innovation come in.  When people are innovative, we get wonderful products such as Therap.  To be an innovative person it comes with determination and a positive attitude.  Jim Carroll said, “Don’t be some who asks “what happened?” – make things happen.  Change your attitude, and you will find things really can improve.  The next year is full of opportunity, and it is yours if you want it!”  My advice to that is GO FOR IT.  Reach for your dreams and be innovative.

Think Outside the Box

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