Wyoming holds first user group!

Thank you to Nowcap for hosting Wyoming’s first user group session. There were nine people representing four organizations in attendance. Thanks so much to Ken Slavin for guiding us on this journey through changes and usage of Therap programs. Today is a new day and Therap is a beaming ray of sunshine to welcome us to it!

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Therap in Montana

As the final day of the regional conference in Helena gets underway shortly, it is so wonderful to have spent time with such great folks. The Therap trainers are so great with their time and knowledge base. The participants are all wrapping their arms around Therap in different levels of module usage and the future is looking full of possibilities. Thanks to Maureen and her fabulous staff!

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Employment in Therap

Howdy fellow trainers! I just returned from a training on time studies and am looking for anyone who may be using the employment portion of  Therap to track employment information.  We have individuals in employment situations that are using time studies…no piece rate forms of payment at this time.   Any help you can offer is great.

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Thoughts or Comments on Training Categories

Hello fellow trainers. I was tackling training topics and wondering if anyone had any approaches to categorizing training topics. I would like to put sub-categories under trainings that address individual specific trainings, (i.e. training topic is back care, how could I make a sub category for a an individual who has a special lift or device and it is a lift that no one else has or uses, but training would need to be documented. I am trying to avoid have 5000 topics in the list of choices. Any suggestions would be greatly appeciated.

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Old Dog and New Tricks

Thank you Allison for the wonderful introduction. I feel like I am a contradiction in the making. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but technology keeps offering up new tricks I can’t wait to learn. I am thankful we have had staff who are also welcoming the technology, as we embark on Therap’s modules. I look forward to getting to know fellow certified trainers and the Therap family, in Therapville.

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