February 2017

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Happy February everyone! I am happy to say I made it through the storms/tornadoes in South Georgia with only needing a new roof so I consider myself blessed. My thoughts go out to my friends in the northern states who are experiencing a winter storm.

Therap Tip of the Month: Administrators who enter ISP programs should submit the information a few days prior to the start date instead of approving right away. This gives the administrator time to review it again before approving it. Best case scenario would be for one person to enter the program and another person review and approve, but we all wear many hats in this field so there is not always that extra staff. The double-check will cut back on omitted information and spelling errors.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Billing!


Hopefully by now everyone is working out the “kinks” in their ICD-10 codes. I have learned from other providers that a “parent” diagnosis of an Intellectual Disability is needed (F70, F71, F72, etc.) instead of a diagnosis of autism or other disabilities. In order to get paid for a service that is strictly for individuals with intellectual disabilities, you must have a diagnosis of an intellectual disability. If you do not have a primary diagnosis, you need to get one as soon as possible. So far, we have had smooth billing! Hope everyone else is having success as well!


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Caregiver Pay Rule Enforcement Delayed

The Obama administration is expected to delay the enforcement of the new FLSA rule until July 2015. Of course the law will still take effect January 1, 2015. The new law will effect many host homes in our state and across the nation if the host home provider is currently being contracted to provide the service. It is a great step forward for caregivers who are not currently receiving basic labor protection, but it is also scary to think that people with disabilities may lose longtime caregivers due to the the funding sources not being enough to cover a 24/7 employee with benefits. It will be interesting to see how providers work through this dramatic change.

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Person Centered Excellence – You up for it?

Thinking about our accreditation next week, it seemed fitting to post on person-centered excellence. Discovery begins with the understanding that every person is unique and has the right to advocate for themselves. Discovery should build more on strengths than focusing on weaknesses. It should be more than “a plan,” it should be the person’s life story, hopes, dreams, and goals. It should include all aspects of the person’s life, including health, safety, gifts, preferences, and spirituality (holistic care). These are the things that we get paid to work on. As providers, we should all be providing the best possible services that we can. As many of us know, we are not in it for the money but the gratification we receive when we truly make a difference in someone’s life.

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Host Homes and the New Labor Laws

According to the DOL: “Conversely, it will often, though not always, be the case that a provider who moves into the home of a consumer is the consumer’s employee. In these types of shared living arrangements, the consumer is more likely to set his own schedule, direct the provider how and when to perform certain tasks, and otherwise exercise control over the conditions of the provider’s work. Additionally but less significantly, the provider is unlikely to have invested in the arrangement, whereas the consumer has acquired a home in which there is sufficient space for the provider to also reside.”

My question to my fellow providers and certified trainers out there: Have you looked into the law and feel that your Host Home Providers will have to be an employee of the organization, an employee of the individual, or an independent contractor? To me we are required to make services person-centered and now we are being told that if the services are controlled by the individual then the host home provider is an employee of the individual and that individual will be responsible for pay, taxes, etc. We are also being told if we (the organization) have any control over the day to day activities of the home then the host home provider is our employee. I do not have an issue with that, but the issue I do have is that the funds that we receive for the services will not be enough to cover the 40 hours plus the many overtime hours for the host home providers. It would be interesting to hear some of the feedback from you guys!

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Making Coffee…

In the efforts to “try another way” I decided to train managers on ISP programs and ISP data in relation to the process of making coffee. I tried to explain that the ISP programs were like filters and the ISP data is the end result. It did not turn out as well as I thought, but all things considered it was a good training. They now know how to look for the new goals I have entered in the system. This will help them determine if their staff have documented on the expired goals before they were discontinued. I always give a one day grace period before I discontinue goals so that any missing information from the day before can be entered if needed. Somehow this is causing confusion, and staff continue to track on the old goals even though they see the new goals are present on the system. Training the managers on what to look for will help eliminate these errors.

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January 2014

What an eventful month! Georgia has been a “hot mess” since the snow storm in Atlanta. It is amazing that a few inches of snow can shut down Atlanta. When I say Atlanta though, you should realize that Atlanta actually spans 28 counties and is about the size of Massachusetts. And I have also heard that the mess in GA has caused problems for people in other states catching a plane home (wink to Allison).
So what did we learn from this? Well, first off, I would not suggest living in the Atlanta area when (yes I said when!) the zombie apocalypse hits because you will never be able to get out of there regardless of what is on “The Walking Dead.” Second, don’t send your kids to school when you know bad weather is coming even if it is open – spending the night at school or on a bus is not fun. And finally, Georgians make really ugly snowmen and if you are going to write your name in the snow on your car and date it – make sure you have the right year. Gee Whiz!

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Winter Wonderland

What a way to kick off the New Year! The winter weather in the past few days has made South Georgians walk a little faster to their cars than we are used to! It has also slowed some community services due to the weather. I hope that everyone stays safe and warm out there, and remember that the cold is not the only thing that is dangerous in this weather! Cold weather causes more deaths by car accident than from the cold itself. So bundle up and buckle up!

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Billing off to a good start.

Working on our first month of billing all programs through Therap. So far it is working out pretty well minus some errors on our data entry part. We also started using Attendance for our 24 hour residential services. It has been a long time coming and I’m so happy our accounting department decided to go ahead with implementing billing. It has been an easy process, as it usually is with Therap!

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