Florida Regional Conference

Florida Regional Conference

Had a blast with everyone at the conference in West Palm Beach this week and shopping/dining at City Place. Met a lot of new friends, learned some new tricks of the trade, and hopefully inspired others to continue their journey with Therap. Now it’s back to the grid and the cooler weather in Georgia! In case any of my new Florida friends need to track me down for some ideas – dominyk@thejessamineplace.org.

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T-Log Etiquette

Tlogs are used for different reasons depending on the requirements of your agency, but the as we all know they are viewed by many users in the system. In the past 2 years of being an administrator, I have read some really funny, scary, sketchy, and some down-right unnecessary tlogs. Everything from misspelled words to cursing has come across my screen for my viewing pleasure. I have struggled to train staff to use the correct etiquette when completing their tlogs. Some staff even get confused and will complete a tlog to send a personal message to another staff instead of sending an SCOMM. Human error makes for a very interesting day – or maybe I’m just so nerdy that I’m amused by the simplest things!

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Georgia User Group Meeting a Success

Jason Laws and Chelsea Newby held our first in-person user group meeting on Tuesday in Albany. Can I say that the new Apps for Android devices is making me so excited! It is almost as exciting as when we first kicked off Therap at our agency 2 years ago. We watched a demo of the Apps and it seems so user friendly that I can predict that some staff will prefer the App over logging on to the website. The added features of GPS location and the capability of uploading photos deserves an applause! We also looked at the updates that were made at the last release, so everyone received a lot of good information!

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Blogging is hard work

So I’ve been sitting here for the past 20 minutes staring at the computer screen hoping the magic blog fairy will give me an idea to blog about… It’s like my brain is made of mud from the millions of things I have been trying to keep up with lately. I think Google knows everything so I do a quick search, just to find myself reading other people’s blogs on a million various subjects that have no interest to me but I cannot seem to pull myself away. So I think okay, let’s not over think this, maybe I can write something inspirational like a lot of other people do. But, then again maybe a pessimist is not the best person to inspire others. So maybe instructional, but then again this is the Therap web site so everything you ever wanted to know about Therap can be found in a simple search or on one of the other brilliant trainers’ blogs. So I say I thought this is a great time to list the top ten things I love about Therap:
1. ISP data
2. BERs
3. GERs
4. Tlogs
6. IPOPs
7. Emergency data forms
8. Health tracking
9. MARs

So I know this is not the blog you wish you had just spent the past five minutes reading, but at least it wasn’t political!

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Overlapping Time

It has always been an issue from a Quality Assurance stand point for time to overlap in the system for our organization. Although the new option that has been added to the ISP program to not allow for overlapping time, it still does not stop time between two different programs from overlapping. We meet every week on correcting time that overlaps or time that has gaps between programs. We spend a great deal of time combing through hundreds of entries every week to find this information, and even sorting in Excel can be confusing to look at. I would be interested in learning of other ways to address this issue if anyone has ideas.

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Kristy Dominy

Can I train ’em or what! So proud of my assistant Miranda Young who is moving into a full time position as manager in training this coming month. It just goes to show that a little hard work and a lot of Therap training goes a long way! Could not be happier for her!

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A world without complaining…

All too often we find ourselves focusing on the negative. When negative thoughts come we often want to “vent” to others and thus are spreading the negativity. So as a challenge to our leadership, we are trying a 21 day complaint free world challenge. We wear purple bracelets to remind us not to complain. When we catch ourselves complaining, we must move the bracelet to the other wrist and our 21 days start over. This is an effort to retrain ourselves to be positive. As a QA specialist, you could say I have become quite proficient at complaining and this has been an extreme learning curve for me. It has made me more solution driven, instead of problem driven. So as a challenge to all of my readers, stop complaining… it will make your job so much easier!

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Excited about new tech….

I’m looking forward to the new technology that is coming out soon for Therap. The GPS option to use to track location on mobile devices is going to be interesting (if not scary!) when we find out if staff are really where they say they are. I’m hoping that some major changes are going to improve the MAR soon, I know it is in the works.

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February Brings About Change

It seems the winds of change are blowing in my area again. I had a dear friend of mine pass away this past month and it has been hard to accept, but her memory has reminded me to stay on track. I set a goal to get things in order – mind, body, and spirit. I’ve started going to a workout class three days a week and I try to make it to the gym on the other days when I have an opportunity. I have found that exercise has relieved a lot of stress at work and makes work more smooth flowing. I have also started going to different churches in my area to find the right “fit” for me and my family. But, since funds are not looking their best, I might have to wait on the bachelor degree until next year.
On another note, I’m looking forward to the Therap conference in Atlanta this summer. Hopefully I will get to see some of the faces I have been communicating with through emails these past few months. Just remember I’m here if you need me, and keep up the good work!

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Sometimes we need a little help!

I have always been available to any Therap users who need help or need questions answered about Georgia specific forms or any other parts/modules in Therap, but I just want to let everyone know that I’m here and I’m always available. Send my an email: dominyk@thejessamineplace.org or respond to my blog. I have posted some templates to the global template library that other providers have asked about including the HRST data tracking log and the fire drill form. I also have the PCA worksheets and Host Home monitoring forms if anyone is interested in using those. We have also implemented monitoring of water temperature checks through Therap for our host homes. I am interested in brainstorming with other agencies about POM interviews and results and what approaches you use in Therap to track these. I’ll be happy to hear from you!

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