I’m a presenter!!??

So I just agreed to be a presenter at the Montana Regional Conference in Helena June 12-13. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I am going to be talking about GER’s and Montana’s Incident Management System and also how to take Montana’s PSP’s and put them into Therap’s ISP module. Are there comments/suggestions on these topics that people wish they would have known about or that I should make sure to mention?

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My 1st blog!

Hello all!

Boy did I jump into this head first, last month I decided to become a Certified Trainer at the same time as our agency decided to go paperless and utilize more of Therap’s potential. I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed by it all. But that is a usual feeling for me and I will soldier on.

ROI has just completed a full week of documenting PSP actions in Theraps ISP data module. We have had both very positive comments and very negative comments from staff about this transition. I am reminding them that it will take time to adjust and it will take some time for administrators to know what they want everything to look like. I am discovering new things that Therap can do everyday and that is awesome!


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