Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe 2014 is here, but I’m very excited about some things in my near future.  One being the National Therap Conference is a little over 3 weeks away, and will be in Kansas City this year.  I look forward to seeing everyone, and hopefully meeting some new Therap users too.  I will be leading a session on using Therap for Admissions/Central Intake at the agency level.  Therap has a few options, and I will show you how we made use of them in a unique way.  See you all soon!

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TRC is in the final stages of rolling out the Therap MAR.  To avoid confusion between paper MARs and Therap MARs we call the Therap MAR the “eMAR”.  When the rollout started some of my coworkers decided the name sounded like a small critter, and that’s when Evangeline the eMAR arrived in the office.

Small Critter,

As you start the eMAR, what are some things you have determined work best?  One policy we have in place is T-Notes may only be deleted by the Site RN.  Sometimes people think if they trash a T-Note it only removes it from their page on the eMAR, however it removes it from everyone.  If you are not sure who trashed a T-Note a provider admin can do an Activity Tracking report to find out.  Another policy we have in place is at the beginning/end of your shift or any time you switch keys as a Med Passer you must run a Due Medications Report for Overdue Medications to double check you have passed/signed for all medications due during your shift.

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Messages to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

TRC employees and service recipients have made and sent Governor Cuomo two videos urging him to restore funding for services to people with developmental disabilities.  The videos speak for themselves:

TRC sends Governor Andrew Cuomo a video message, urging him not to cut funding .

2013 Budget Cut – TRC video for Governor Cuomo

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Update on the Therap Conference

We passed 21 car accidents on the way to Jersey, but it was worth it.  Allison put the majority of the Certified Trainers on probation, so you will be hearing from many of us!  Damien wondered why so many of us shopped at “Committee Mart,” but Bev realized her caseload was larger than his entire agency.  It’s very interesting to see all the differences across the nation, and how they manage Therap at their agency.  Yesterday, I presented on TRC’s Therap Guides.  One agency was ecstatic to learn they could require T-Logs to be written after a GER was written.  This allows a limited number of people to have access to GERs, but everyone to be notified of the event.  Of course we have been giving Therap lots of ideas including a better offline form for MARs, allowing the Personal Focus Worksheet role to be with ISP Plan View (so all team members including the individual and family could input on the worksheet), having the update date for Individual Medical Information and Contacts reflect on the ID, having acknowledgement on Care Plans, and the list goes on.  If you would like to see any of these changes or others be sure to submit a Feedback to Therap.

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Required Fields

Sometimes we find ways of working around *Required Fields.  For instance, if you do not know the enrollment date for an individual, but the program would like to start preparing documents (i.e. IPOPs) you may input the date of 09/09/9999.  The trick is remembering to go back and update it to the correct enrollment date once the individual starts the program.  Otherwise, it will come back to haunt you when you least expect it!

One example is when you go to remove the individual it will give you an error message stating the discharge date is prior to the enrollment date… but this could have been easily suspected.  This week, when trying to ensure everything is ready for 23 IRAs to start Attendance on July 1st one of the mangers noticed a problem under Generate Billing.  Most of the individuals from this residence showed they had been enrolled 0 days this month.  I checked the Attendance Service Authorizations over and over again, but they all said the Attendance start date was May 1st, so finally I asked Therap.  Sure enough, it was those 9’s in the enrollment dates on their Individual Data.  Now, I only need to track down 5 more dates before the end of the day, since July 1st is Sunday.  My point, there’s always a reason for those Required Fields, and…

Good luck to the 50+ managers, assistants, and coordinators starting attendance!

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Memorial Day~Week

Happy belated Memorial Day Therap World! I was able to attend The Memorial Day Service yesterday at the Dunkirk (NY) Historical Lighthouse, and hope you too were able to find some time to remember those servicemen and women who were lost serving.

Now, it’s Tuesday and back to work! Tomorrow, I will be leading a webinar on Provider Admin. A lot has changed just in the couple years I have been the Therap Admin at TRC, and I hope to give you some tricks I have found along the way (and some Renee has taught me)! Thursday, I start Attendance training for all the IRA managers, assistants, and coordinators to prepare for all TRC IRAs going live with Attendance July 1st. We have been looking at Attendance for a long time, so it is great to see it coming together with the help of Jim Kelly!

Enjoy your week, and check out the webinar tomorrow if you have some time! Emoticon showing smiley face

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Self-Advocates Using Therap

Prior to last week we had two individuals viewing their own documentation on Therap.  They went through Therap training for Families/Advocates, and gained access to view all their documentation (except GERs and Personal Finance).  Recently, we had a resident whom is self medicating, interested in using the Therap MAR to complete her documentation.  Last Wednesday, she completed Therap MAR training with enthusiasm and has been documenting on Therap ever since!

Does your agency have individuals viewing their own documentation, and/or anyone completing their own documentation on Therap?

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Thank You!!!  As DSP Recognition week comes to an end this weekend, were you able to recognize all the Direct Care Professionals you know?  Among several ways to express our thanks, TRC was able to use Therap to thank DSPs electronically.  We posted a thank you message using a Splash Page, and an agency-wide Scomm was sent out with the following link:

DSP Thank You Video NEW

The video says it all, but again… Thank you for all you do!

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Is it May 30th Yet?

Therap 9.0 looks and sounds amazing!  Last week I was able to watch Justin’s Webinar on 9.0, and it made the Release Notes a reality!  If you missed it, I suggest you check it out as it was recorded and the link is on Therap’s Home Page.  Yesterday, Bev called me from the West Virginia conference, and just from the opening she was able to learn all about some of the advancements coming (such as the Normal Range in Vital Signs is determined from an individual’s age and gender).  I just can’t wait until next week to play with all the new features!

Happy Memorial Day!!

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Spring Fever

Spring Fever for Therap in Western NY is here! Last week I had the opportunity to meet with two different agencies from Buffalo about Therap. One agency was almost ready to sign-up, so it was a quick meeting to discuss implementation and some dos and don’ts. The other agency was just thinking about using Therap, so we spent the day, showing them how much TRC loves Therap and what the system can do!

Today, I have been working on arranging for an agency from Rochester to come meet with us to discuss Therap. This agency already uses Therap for MSC, but wants to expand to Residential, Day Hab, and Community Hab. Since we use Therap in all these areas (and more!) they have contacted us to help them move forward. Also, another local agency just contacted our HR department and is looking to talk to us.

Last fall when I became the provider admin for TRC, I knew I would be meeting lots of new people at conferences, but didn’t expect this. I really enjoy meeting with other agencies. However, I do wonder if this counts for Therap Points as Information Sessions (any idea Tony)?

On top of the agency to agency sessions that have been going on, tomorrow, myself, Renee (Thearp Queen), and Bev (Certified Trainer specializing in MARs) are attending the User Group at CSDD! It sounds like there will be a great turnout, so I can’t wait to learn and meet more Therap Gurus!  Emoticon showing smiley face

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