Tornadoes and Therap

This week’s massive tornado in Oklahoma has affected so many people – my family included. Growing up in Nebraska, I am not shocked to see a tornado at least a few times each year, and know what to do when severe weather threatens. However, as I was reviewing some IDF’s in Therap this morning, it brought to mind the importance of having good, quality data that can be accessed whenever something happens. Many people remember (and still have) the big massive notebooks with all individual information. As we move to Therap, we need to remember that the information in Therap is just as important, if not more important, than the information in physical form. Therap should be the system of record, and information should be as complete and accurate as possible. As I looked at some IDF’s this morning that contained only the name and birthdate, it brought concern that in an emergency situation, their Emergency Data Form would be useless. Being a type 1 diabetic myself, I can’t imagine what would happen to me if no one had my information and I was unable to speak.

So, along with fire drills and disaster preparedness, make sure that the information in the IDF for all active Individuals is as complete and accurate as possible – you never know when it may be needed by people other than you!

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Splash Pages with Pictures – Take 2

I would first like to thank Wendy Cranford for her initial instructions on creating Effective Splash Pages! We, here at Mosaic, are in the unusual situation of using only Linux without Microsoft PowerPoint. Some users had tried using the instructions with our version of Microsoft PowerPoint, known as LibreOffice Impress, but to no avail. So today, I decided to sit down and figure this thing out. Here is what I discovered!

1. Any Picture will work!

  •  I was able to use an actual jpg picture (of my dog – see below!), or create my own using an image tool (ie GIMP or MSPaint)
  • The picture will need to be scaled (or sized) in the image tool (no ability to resize in the Splash Page)

2. Paste into a program that allows you to “Copy Image

  • Copying the file from the desktop, I discovered, works in Windows environments, but not in our Linux environment (the path to the file kept showing instead of the picture)
  • I knew that our email program (gmail) has a setting that allows pasting of pictures and they show within the email. From my image editor, I selected Copy. What I discovered today, was that once you paste the picture into the email, you can right-click and a menu appears that has an option to Copy Image.

Copy Image

  • I could then go to the Splash Page and paste the picture.
I’m sure that there are other programs that will allow you to do the same thing (Copy Image) – email is one that I always happen to have open, so it was an easy choice to try first.
Also, working in an image editor program eliminates the need for Grouping of items and doing the additional “Save As” functionality.
NOTE: It took a bit of work to figure out creating a picture in LibreOffice Impress – I actually had to use Fontworks (instead of a text field) since I used a picture instead of a shape. Then I had to Select All, followed by Convert to BMP, which then gave me an option to “Save As” when I right-clicked.
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Feedback/Issues List

I would just like to say that I would really, really, really like to see a STATUS on the list of Feedback/Issues that is searchable. With Read/Unread status, I can’t figure out what has been resolved and what is still an open issue.

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Solving Mysteries and Giving People a Laugh!

My past couple of weeks have been filled with solving Therap mysteries and making people laugh – although not always at the same time! I am a purveyor of all things data – in other words, a data geek. I also have many years of testing and ensuring quality in software (along with programming), so I find joy in figuring out the intricacies and  quirks of Therap. Two weeks ago was a data question, where we couldn’t figure out how a count was being generated. Sometimes I feel like an investigator, although data may not nearly be as interesting as crime. My department spends a lot of time verifying data, so we get into the trenches with all the raw data (thank goodness raw data is not smelly!), and determine how calculations are being done.

Sometimes our mysteries are not related to data, as was the case for the past day. Luckily today, with some help from my cohorts, I was able to replicate the issue and notify Therap.  Whew!

I think that humor is necessary in life, and today was no exception. My email subject line today (unwittingly): “Tricks for Discharged/Deceased Individuals”. Nothing like teaching old dogs new tricks to make someone smile!

Some of the other funny subject lines I have received:

  • dummy at work here  (at least the dummy is working)
  • Innervate (innervations)   (huh???)
  • IT learning to share    (Who knew they could share?)
  • Happy National Chip and Dip Day!!!
  • Bugzilla is Down    (Note: how do you report a bug on a bug system when the system is down?)
  • another ‘dumb’ question
  • Where’s Waldo?
  • First-name does data   (it had a name in there, and it wasn’t me!)
Hope everyone has a good rest of the week! I am moving, so I know I will be busy.
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ISP Data Status

Now that we are implementing ISP’s across our pilot agencies, a question has come up regarding the status of ISP Data. From what we can tell, there are only 2 statuses – In Prep & Deleted. Does the data ever change to a different status? Our agencies would like to see Approved or Reviewed, for data that has been reviewed by management. It would also be nice for those that are tied to a Billing Service Authorization, to change to a Billed status.

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Ready for next week?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been busy here at Mosaic getting ready for next week’s National Therap Conference in New Jersey. I will be doing 2 presentations – The Price is Right! and Why Big is Different (or How to do BIG things with a Small team). Hope to see many of you there.

At Mosaic, we are currently working on our Phase 2 of Therap implementation – ISP’s. One question that has come up is in regards to scoring methods. We have not found a good way to be able to use the Count scoring and have it correctly calculate when the program has not been run. For example, if we are using Count to track Behaviors, if the program has not been run and data entered, it looks as if the Individual had NO behaviors, when in reality the staff may have forgotten to enter anything. The only option we have found is to report using the Hab Documentation, which will show a blank for no entry.

Does anyone have other options for this type of tracking using ISP Programs? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

See you in New Jersey!

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Happy Holidays!

December has been a very good month for Therap. The latest release went very smoothly, and I would like to thank Therap for good roll-out. Our last agency is in the process of going live with Phase 1 (GER, T-Logs and IDF), and will be completed by the end of January. In addition, our pilot agencies have begun rolling out Phase 2, which consists of ISP’s (Plans, Programs and Data). In addition, we have a couple of agencies testing out Phase 3 MAR’s in a variety of different settings. We now have 3624 active Individuals and 5453 active Users in 36 Provider accounts and 1 Multi-Provider account!

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Thankful for Therap

On this Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the prospect of getting a test version of the new Therap release this weekend. My next few weeks are going to be busy for me with testing the new release and preparing documentation for our end users. I already have 2 pages of notes written for things to look at. Hopefully the release goes well, because I will be taking an early Christmas vacation in sunny Phoenix, AZ. But of course, I always have a cell phone, tablet and laptop with me!!! Looking forward to the changes coming about in this release, especially the MIE! This will make it much easier for our regional and corporate staff to look GER’s that involve more than one person. Keep up the good work, Therap!

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Notifications for ISP’s

As Mosaic is beginning our implementations for ISP Plans and Programs, I decided to take a look at the Notifications for this module. I soon discovered that the module for Programs is called something much different than what I had expected! Individual Service Plans in notifications are the Plans, whereas Individual Support Plans are the ISP Programs. I did put in a feedback to have the name for Individual Support Plans changed to something that more closely follows the naming convention used throughout the FirstPage and Dashboard for Programs.

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If you only have 15 minutes…

Sometimes we are really pressed for time – ok, maybe a lot of the time! If you only had 15 minutes to spend in Therap, what would you do? Here are 4 Therap reports that I gave our agencies that can make good use of limited time if you are using T-Log, GER, IDF and SComm.

  • Demographic Report (under Agency > Management Reports in Dashboard or on the right-hand side of FirstPage Admin Mode under Management Reports) – this report will provide a lot of counts for Individuals in service, such as Gender, Programs, Age Ranges, Top 10 Diagnosis, Communication method, Mobility and Race. You can click on a number to see the names of everyone included in the count. This is an easy way to check if all Individuals are in Therap or have been discharged if no longer in service.
  • Event Summary (under Agency > Management Reports in Dashboard or on the right-hand side of FirstPage Admin Mode under Management Reports) – this report can be run for any time period (up to 1 year), and will show a count of GER’s. You can also select to see the GER’s by Type or Program. Selecting Next will take you to a page where you can download specific information into a spreadsheet.
  • T-Log Detailed Report (under Agency > Management Reports > List of Reports in Dashboard or on the right-hand side of FirstPage Admin Mode under Management Reports) – this report can be run for any time period, but I would only recommend 1 month at the most due to the large amount of T-Logs. This is an easy way to review T-Logs at a glance if you download to a spreadsheet. You can also sort by status and type within a spreadsheet.
  • Password Expiration (under Agency > Management Reports > List of Reports in Dashboard or on the right-hand side of FirstPage under Report Library > List of Reports) – this report shows all system users and when their password expires (or expired), along with number of days left. If the number is negative, the user is not able to get into Therap, and has not been logged in at least the number of days showing as negative.

As we roll out additional Therap modules, I will be creating a one-page cheat sheet of reports to run.

If anyone has additional suggestions of reports that they find useful, please let me know!

On a side note, I started hiking in July and absolutely love it! Who says you can’t hike in Omaha? Ok, maybe there are no mountains, but we do have a few hills! Slacklining is my newest endeavor, where you walk on a strap that is 2 inches wide. Right now I am only about 18 inches off the ground between 2 trees, but have made it up to 3 steps so far!


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