Historical Storm

Hello all,
Didn’t know if I was going to be able to come in today to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as we have been buried under 6 ft of snow here at Southeast Works in Depew, NY! Strangest storm I have ever seen. We have been shut down for a week but everyone came out of it in one piece. Some of our staff couldn’t believe that we were closed as they did not even have an inch of the white stuff! Very bizarre. We had a band of snow that sat in one place for 5 days. The weather people at first named it Storm Knife because it cut out just a section of WNY but nobody liked the name so it was changed to Snowvember! I am just glad everyone here is OK and hope the rest of you are faring well. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Why struggle?

A point that I stress to our present agency staff at all times, and to new staff at orientation, is to never struggle with obtaining information from Therap. For some reason I work with some rebels who feel that they can “conquer” Therap on their own. First of all, there is no conquering, as Therap is an easy system to navigate and secondly I ask them why are you wasting time? I had a Residential Manager call me and said with much exasperation ” I can’t find finance info I need and I have been looking for it for 2 hours!”  She had misplaced her instructions.  I instructed her on the process again  and the information that she was looking for was obtained within one minute. When I asked her why she didn’t call me in the first place her answer was, “I didn’t want to bother you.”

I tell my staff that my job is to guide them through Therap and that they should always bother me if they have a question. What I am trying to say is that there is a lot of useful information that is easily obtained through Therap; you just have to know where it is, so ask your Provider Administrator, a Certified Trainer, Therap Customer Service, etc…We are all here to help.  Solutions can be given within minutes, you just have to ask.

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Buffalo Regional Conference

We just attended another most helpful Regional Conference here in Buffalo. It was nice seeing all the Therap Reps again as well as catching up with old acquaintances and meeting new ones. If you have a regional Conference coming up in your area please try to attend as the information shared is very beneficial. Also keep in mind that attending User Groups is a great way to network and stay in the loop. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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Great Vacation Now Back to Work :-)

I had a wonderful time with my family over the past week. We spent a lot of time swimming at the pool and at the beach. Now its time to go back to work.
One of the more exciting projects I am returning to includes developing a process for expending Therap access to individual’s and guardians within our agency. I am curious how other agency have gone about opening up access. It would be great to hear back from other agencies how have opened up access or are in the process.

Take care,
Vicki Erdie
Electronic Health Records Manager
Ulster-Greene ARC

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The Joys of being a Certified Trainer….

I had the pleasure of assisting an agency in our area that is just starting Therap. It was awesome to be asked to show some of our Therap tricks and tips and see relief on their faces as they now are understanding some of the process. They were also relieved to find out that our agency also felt overwhelmed at first and that we quickly got into the Therap routine as I assured them they would. It was great to get positive feedback from them on what I shared with them and I mentioned that because I am a Certified Trainer they can feel free to contact me anytime. I told them to please not struggle with Therap and that Certified Trainers are available to help. I think some people feel like they are bothering us if they ask for guidance so maybe we need to spread the word that we are here and ready to help. Anyways it was a good experience that benefited all that attended. Here’s to looking forward to April and warm weather because I forgot what warm weather feels like. Take care everyone.

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Interesting start to 2014

Well as the title states it has been hectic around WNY. This is the first week that we have had to work a full five days in a month! I know, sounds rough doesn’t it? I’m exhausted. We had time off for the holidays and then, after we survived the toughest day to go to work (the First Monday after New Year), we got hit with the BLIZZARD OF 2014! We were closed for 2 days! Thankfully we did not lose electricity and Therap was accessible the entire week of the BLIZZARD OF 2014. Sorry about the caps but that’s how all the news stations posted it, pretty funny.  I guess capitalizing makes an event look worse than it is.  Don’t get me wrong it was bad but but only for about 3 days.  I still remember the BLIZZARD of ’77 which shut WNY down for over a week!  At least snow melts (which it has).  I hope everyone else has fared well this year. I am disappointed that we are not going to National this year but for all of you who are, have a great time, you will learn alot. Take care.

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Goodbye 2013

Well it’s the end of 2013 and hopefully it was a good one for all!  Therap played a  huge role for our agency in 2013. We implemented many modules and I had the honor of becoming a Certified Trainer. Can’t wait to start 2014. Unfortunately our agency will not be attending the National Conference but we will see the other WNY agencies at the Regional Conference. Take care and Happy Holidays!

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Therap Points

Hi everyone! Well it’s been an exciting month for us here at Southeast Works. Our annual fundraiser was last week and, as you all know from your own experiences, alot of time and effort was put into the event. We were all running around taking care of last minute details and then this week absolute quiet! We had a great turnout and a good time was had by all. In the meantime, as I was able to squeeze in some Therap time, I visited area agencies websites. One thing  I noticed is that some agencies are not utilizing a feature that earns easy points for your Therap account. If there is a link to Therap from your agency’s website your agency earns points. It’s a simple way to earn points and our agency tries to take every oppurtunity we can to earn and use Therap Points.  This is a great deal that Therap offers and has enabled more of our staff to attend conferences.  Speaking of conferences I am really looking forward to the National Conference which will be here sooner then you think.  Think about having your agency do a Presentation as there are perks to that too.  Have a good one.

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