Change is good….right?

Hello from Southeast Works! We have many things going on here in our corner of WNY. A great number of people have joined our agency, both individuals that we serve and staff. With new staff coming in I have been training, training, training, people how to use Therap. Feedback is very positive, and Therap is well-loved at our agency. However, there is one area that I have been having problems with, and that is Scheduling.

The question I get consistently “Is there a faster way to Schedule Staff?’

Has anyone been experiencing this issue?  I have given all the training I can on the module and I still have frustrated Managers.   They like the old way of doing schedules, with paper and pen, like when the dinosaurs roamed the world.  I keep reminding them that CHANGE IS GOOD, but they are not feeling it.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated at  On a good note we are implementing ISP Programs and Hab Plans and everyone is thrilled with the results.  As we know August is right around the corner and that means the Buffalo Regional Conference is coming up .  I get so much out of the Conferences and User Groups.  I’m looking forward to seeing our area reps.  Enjoy the end of July.

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News from WNY

Hello all,
Finally something exciting to write about! Southeast Works is hosting its first User Group on June 19th.  We have been looking forward to this for months now and I can’t believe it’s already the middle of June. I really love attending the many User Groups that have been offered in our area. A lot of good info is shared and our WNY agencies are always well prepared with questions and answers. I will try to take pictures and share with all of you by the end of the week.  Take care.

Lori Sojka

Southeast Works

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