It Official

Received word late yesterday that the Govenor has signed the new 404 regs for Nebraska.
Exciting yet uncertain about how it will all roll out over time.
As an agency administrator I am glad that we have access to all the modules that Therap has to offer. 

As we push to implement the new regs we will be utilizing many of the custom forms. The forms/modules that have been developed by the braintrust will be of great benefit in the coming months and beyond.
The IPOP, Risk Assessment, and Behavior Support Plans just to mention a few.  All the tools we need to move forward in the quest of providing person centered supports.

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A Little Cheesy

I just completed my first read of Who Moved My Cheese – a classic, in ways that people deal with change.
If you have not read the book, I recommend that you locate a copy and share. If it has been awhile since you read it – dust if off and give it another read.
The names of the characters sum up quite a bit. Hem, Haw, Sniff and Scurry.
Where do you see yourself when dealing with CHANGE? Better yet, where do your co-workers see you when dealing with CHANGE?
As you move through the changes that happen in life, are you charting your own path or following someone else’s?
As you journey, whether charting new territory or following the expressway, what handwriting are you leaving on the wall for those that will follow?
What do the signs say? CAUTION, Stay the course, turn back, DO NOT PASS ! Or – Keep Moving, Look ahead, No-U-turns allowed, anticipate, let go, savor the adventure.
Change – remember to enjoy the flavors along the way.

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Keeping Your Head Above Water?

Positive permanent change comes slow in the service system model. Nebraska providers are currently being turned on our sides and it seems that the water is rising.

The changes that are happening  require us to move at a pace faster than we like. It’s may not be fun, and it most certainly is uncomfortable for some.
If you feel that like you are about to go under, hold your nose, because when you surface it will all be good. Jump right in, both feet. Just go for it.

By the end of April we will have the BER module implemented agency wide. I continue to utilize the Therap applications to reduce the volume of paper that we produce on a daily basis. Some strange reason, most of it  seems to end up on my desk.
Remember –
“In times likes these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.” Paul Harvey

Happy Arbor Day – plant a forest!

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Greetings from Nebraska!

The lost have been found!  Since returning from the National Provider Conference in NY, I have been busy introducing the Individual Home option – otherwise know as the “cheat sheet” in our organization. Comments so far are that it is so user friendly, makes the direct support responsibility of documentation easier.
We welcome the state of Nebraska to the Therap family. For some, this will be a very large leap out of your comfort zone. It is time to stretch, grow and go! I do not know who said the following quote – but they are dead on (no pun intended) – “If we are not growin’, then we are die’n”! Lets grow through this together! Welcome!

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Therap In Nebraska

Life on the farm is – really not laid back -middle of February in Nebraska and I see onions sprouting? Soon we should have snow!

Just returned from the 38th Annual  Nebraska ARC Senatorial Appreciation Dinner in Lincoln. 250 miles of windshield time provides for lots of thinking. Rumor has it that there are a few more providers in Nebraska thinking about using Therap. YEAH!!  I had  conversations with one of the providers in a more rural, larger geographical area than we, about getting on board.   They are excited. Even though we are taking baby steps to get this implemented and have some tech issues we are persevering.  That sounds like it is a chore, but it is not. Information sharing is already better.

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