Wow! What a crazy November for the Buffalo, NY, area! We had 6 feet of snow dumped on half of our region and then the temperature went up to 55 degrees less than a week later. Some of our Direct Support Professionals worked nearly 100 hours that week, and some of our staff were driven in to work on snowmobiles. Craziness!! The commitment of so many people on so many levels during this snow emergency was amazing!! Despite being stuck in my (warm!!) house for the week, I was able to keep up with work using Therap. Our National Therap Conference trip is booked, my presentation is almost done, and I am excited to be bringing some new faces to the conference this year. See you soon!!
P.S. I am keeping my fingers crossed Atlanta is warmer than Buffalo!!!

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My First Blog….Sorry!!!!!!!!

I thought the easiest part of being a Certified Trainer was going to be blogging. Boy, was I wrong!! This is my first blog after becoming a CT….four months ago!!!
We just attended the Buffalo Regional Therap Conference last week. It was great to hear the feedback from local agencies especially since New York is in such a state of transition. Our agency is starting the billing module this month so we were able to get individualized attention from Jim (added conference bonus)!! We really missed Leah this year, we all wish her the best!
On a personal note: My Therap life up until April was all about nursing, and I was becoming a pro at the medical stuff. However in late April I became the Director of Residential Services– and now have to focus on all modules, so I am learning all sorts of new things!!

Ok, blog done…….now on to Webinar ideas, lol!!!

Maybe it wasn’t so bad!!!

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