Using Sign Up Agreement for Policy Acknowledgment

Hi everybody!

I am looking to use the sign up agreement for policy acknowledgment and had a couple of questions. If anybody can help me out, I would really appreciate it.

1. Is there a way to check who has read and acknowledged (i.e. agreed) with the policy that is noted as a sign up agreement? How do you do this?
2. What if someone chooses to disagree? Are they unable to access Therap’s first page until they have agreed?

Thanks for your help! Happy President’s Day!

Michelle :)

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The groundhog saw his shadow…….Is it spring yet???

One of the many reasons I love Therap is that even if programs are closed due to weather, I can still communicate with employees via Therap. We had 18 inches of snow earlier this week and I was still able to communicate with employees via S-Comm. I was able to fill requests to update users and even had a chance to get some employees signed up for training!

Although I will be happier when we do not have the snow and ice around, I am extra-thankful that our agency uses Therap!

Michelle :)

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It is almost 2011!!!

With December and 2010 whittling down to an end, I am so excited about the many wonderful things that we have accomplished at ACT over the past year with Therap. We have our CARF survey in June and I cannot wait to show our surveyors how we have evolved using Therap. We are looking to start using the MAR module in 2011, so if you have experience with this module, I would like to talk to you! Another goal at ACT this year is to begin guardian and case manager access to Therap. Again, if you are already doing this, I am very interested in finding out how you rolled this out!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL start to 2011!

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Recent Upgrades to TMS

The upgrades to Therap’s Training Management System have been well received at our agency! It’s been helpful to be able to use the delete function and to be able to view who has canceled sign up for a learner. Our agency uses TMS to track training for all employees and it has been SO wonderful for agency personnel to be able to access the system to look when learners are due for training. Previously, we had to request an administrative assistant to query a report for the applicable department. I think my favorite part is that we can now have an automatic report/record for any learner in our agency. We have a CARF review coming in about 6 months and I cannot wait to share the TMS application and other applications within Therap. What is your favorite part of TMS?


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Thoughts about a payroll application within Therap!

I was talking with our Director of Finance the other day and she questioned me about Therap having a payroll application for employees. I noted that I thought this would be a spectacular idea and would post this information in hopes that my fellow certified trainers would provide some thoughts about whether or not their agencies would benefit from such an application.

Our agency looked into other payroll applications and they either did not fit our needs (we were told we had too many cost centers, 24 hour care was an issue, logging in and out repeatedly throughout the day to meet consumer needs was problematic, etc.) Having a payroll application within Therap would be one stop shopping for employees and administrative personnel at an agency.

What does everybody else think about this? I look forward to hearing from you!


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DSP Recognition Week is Just around the Corner!

Direct Support Professional Recognition week starts on 9-12-10. What things does your agency plan to do to recognize the hard work of your direct care workers? My agency has lots of fun ideas, that I would like to share. I would also be interested in any ideas you have to share.

Monday: Yellow Flag Campaign on lawn, drawings for t-shirts and ½ days off with pay

Tuesday: Send S-Comm with literature regarding ANCOR, the purpose of DSP week, legislation in place for DSPs; have samples of individualized letters staff can send to Congress about increasing their wages; drawings for movie tickets and ½ days off with pay

Wednesday: Breakfast for all programs, drawings for gas cards and ½ days off with pay

Thursday: Management deliver notes to DSP, drawings Wal-Mart gift cards and ½ days off with pay, cook lunch in main building for facility based programs

Friday: Cook out for all programs supervisors/directors, managers and supervisors cooking and bringing side dishes, Community Living cook dinner at houses, drawings for half day off with pay

Kudos to all DSPs and the wonderful job they do supporting persons in our agencies!   Enjoy DSP recognition week!

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Therap and the CDS “bridge”

The College of Direct Support has been utilized at my agency, Alternative Community Training, for about 5 years now. Our employees love the courses the CDS has to offer and the technology of online systems works well for all involved. A result of Therap partnering with the CDS was the “bridge.” This is a simple way for learners to access CDS from their Therap First Page. Our employees think this is a great feature. They do not need to remember the CDS website or an additional username and password. They only need to login in one time from their First Page and they are set! We appreciate the wonderful technology options that are out there. Keep up the great work Therap!

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