iPad fever

I don’t know if anyone caught Justin’s blog about the iMar, but it had some really cool pictures of the new iPad from Apple.  Yesterday, I received our iPad and was able to do some pretty amazing stuff on it in Therap.  I can’t wait to see how it changes the way that we do our documentation.  Some issues that have already come up are how to implement these with filtering software, interface lock down, and a way to keep them from breaking.  These are the standard issues you deal with when you implement a new technology.  I would love to hear from anyone who has some ideas about these.  Once I do some research on this, I will do another post.

Until then….


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Justin is the man!

I needed some help with pivot tables and excel today, and guess who I called?  It was Justin to the rescue!  It is days like this that remind me why I am glad Occazio uses Therap.  No matter how many times I seem to call, email, text, or just bug them in general, Therap always comes through with a smile and the stuff that I need. 

So the process went like this…

I called Justin yesterday with a problem about exporting ISP data to excel.  He told me to do a feedback and I heard back from customer support this morning.  I forwarded the email to Justin, even though I knew he had seen it already, asking if he had any suggestions.  He emailed me back and stated that if I sent the file, he would take a look at it.  I had worked through some things, so I emailed back and stated I had “figured it out.”  Ha Ha, famous last words. 

So about an hour after that, I called Justin and asked him for help with pivot tables.  He chuckled at the fact that I had to dismiss my ego to ask for help.  I then sent an scomm to customer support with the excel file attached.  Justin told me he would work on it and get back with me. 

The finale was about fifteen minutes later when I received the file.  It was not only exactly what I needed, but Justin went above and beyond to call me (again) and explain how he did it.

Nothing says support like this.  Therap, no matter what, keep doing what you guys do because you are hands down the best at it.  And now I understand why Justin ranked higher on Bonnie’s Geek Blog than me!

Until next time…



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New Name, Same Great Company, Same Great People


I am pleased to announce that Cardinal Service Management, Inc. is now Occazio. 
Occasio is a latin term meaning a
favorable opportuinity.  That is what Occazio can provide to people. 

The “as” has been replaced by an “az” to show respect and honor to our president and founder A.Z. Soforenko.  He started the company 20 plus years ago and we are still going strong today with leadership not only from A.Z., but also our C.O.O., Randy Soforenko.

I can not say how proud and excited I am to be a part of such a big and exciting change.  I am very lucky to get to work with the people that I do, and am amazed at how much I learn and grow everyday.  Look for more on Occazio in the future.

Until next time….


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A good Monday!

Just a quick note about some things I found out about Therap last week.  After a recent update, you are able to run a search on ISP data, then export to Excel and get some really cool information.  Fields that are included are time in, time out, and the comments sections.  This allows for some pretty awesome data mining once you get it into Excel. 

Now the other reason that this is way cool is that this was a topic that Sazzad and I talked about at the Kansas City conference.  So we talked, and poof, a few days later it is there.  Just another of the many reason to join in on a conference. 

On a final note, my wife is starting her new job today.  Just wanted to tell her that she is going to be great at it and to also let her know that the main reason I am successful is because of how she has helped me grow as a person.  I know you will do a good job and meet every challenge head on.

Until next time…


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What a cool cartoon!

I got to thinking about what Bonnie was saying about being a geek and wondered how I could boost my geek status.  Then I remembered Justin saying something about a webcomic called XKCD.  So I went to the site and started hitting the random button like a rat hitting a feeder bar for a pellet.  It was when I got to number 149 that I decided that I had found the funniest thing that I have ever read.  So for your geeky enjoyment, I present sandwich.

Not I am not joking when I say that my officemate Matt and I laughed for about 10 minutes after reading this comic.  So if you get the joke, then you are a geek like Matt and me (Allison, I expect you to be laughing like us!).  If not, you can go here to learn about it.  So the moral of the story is you can’t judge a geeky book by it’s cover.  Besides, does Justin carry around a Darth Vader keychain and have a picture of Captain Picard hanging in his office?  Those have to be worth some geek points!

Until next time…

P.S.-Thanks to Justin I realized the problem with my picture and fixed it.  You can also click on it to get to the actual cartoon.  Hope you enjoy!

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A great morning followed by a great evening!

Today started out for me at my children’s school having a bravo breakfast to celebrate how great my children are.  I have always told them that they take after there mother! 

So now I am at work looking at my first page and wondering what Justin was thinking about 8.1.  I found out he was thinking about 8.1 on Facebook yesterday.  By the way, if you haven’t gotten on Facebook yet, you need to.  It has been a cool way for me to stay in touch with people that I would otherwise only be able to email. 

Anyways, tonight I am going to a Gov’t Mule concert in Covington, KY, which I am really excited about.  Warren Haynes is by far one of my favorite guitarist at this time and I can’t wait to see him live again.  The cool thing about their concerts is that they are in smaller venues, so you can get up close and feel like you are more apart of the show than just standing back and watching the show on a big screen. 

So hopefully tomorrow if I can get out of bed, I will have lots to blog about.  I do have to say the last time I went to a concert of theirs, I got a speeding ticket on my way home, but have no fear, I am not driving this time.  Until next time….

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KC is the place to be!

Day three is starting early for me, so I thought that I would take this quiet time to write my very first blog.  Now it is no lie that compared to my other bloggers, I am behind in this race!  I will say that I did start a facebook page last night, which was fun and exciting, and it is one thing that I am ahead of Renee on.  Speaking of Renee, we did a cool session yesterday about the behavior module.  There were lots of interesting discussion going on in that room.

Picture of Renee from TRC discussing the behavior module

Renee from TRC discussing the behavior module.

As for me, tomorrow I will fly back to Indiana and get to see my family again.  My daughter proclaimed to me this morning that tomorrow is going to be the greatest day ever because of three things:
1.  She has a field trip tomorrow.
2.  Tomorrow night is trick or treating.
3.  Her daddy is coming home.

It’s always nice to know that you are loved.  Until next time….


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