Training New Therap Users


I find that some new users feel overwhelmed with new technology. And, those are the ones that I often focus on when training. Tech savvy users follow along, and sometimes scout ahead. The introduction of just the basic functions of Therap, is key to easing newbies into the world of Therap. Start with 1) Login, 2) This is your Dashboard, 3) Left Column you have the *To Do list and * Individual tabs (that’s it, wait to discuss the tabs that follow) 4) Modules *ISP Data * T-Logs 5) S-Comms. I may have simplified it with steps missing in this post, but my point is, do not overwhelm them with too much information. Have them navigate with prompts so that they feel at ease. Before you conclude that first session, suggest that they log in and browse through the system. This alleviates the monster in the closet syndrome (Yes, I just made that up, or did I). When they become familiar with Therap, it doesn’t seem mysterious and scary. Next session, hit them with the other important modules.

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New Jersey National Conference 2017

I am such a geek and therefore anticipating the Therap National Conference like a child on Christmas. I want to be on top of my game and I plan on devoting time to going over my modules providing relevant dialog about how my agency utilizes the system. My vocational program is also piloting the Employment/Volunteering History Module. I hope to be able to share our experience and learn more at the conference. If anyone is interested in how the use of the module is going for my agency email me @

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Meriden CT Therap Training

The recent Therap Training in Meriden CT was pretty good. The first day of the conference 9/27/16, I enjoyed the question and answer set up of most of the classes. By day two, I admittedly was not as invested as day one. The format of classes went back to show and tell. That said, I do look forward to more Trainings and Nerd exchanges, where I can talk Therap Speak and ask more questions. Happy Fall all… I thought I would use my blog more often, so I’m going to try.

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Hell Week= Surprise Week

Every year we hold an agency wide Therap training for our staff. This consists of six, roughly 12 hour, days of 1.5 hour class sessions. As you might expect by day three the instructors, myself and one other, are having nightmares about the sessions. We have been doing these trainings, whether its review or new material, for the last four years and have always had the staff logging on to Therap and following along. So, for the last three years we have had trainings where the staff stare at a computer screen while myself and the other instructor drone on and on. But not this year, this year we decided to shake things up a bit.

This year we decided not to use computers and we played Therap Jeopardy. Surprises came by the truck load. First The classes were far more engaged. Second the increased engagement fostered some absolutely fantastic discussions and Ah ha! moments. Now, Therap is a web based system, so having no computers was a concern, but in the end the result was the biggest surprise, and testament to its user friendless. Several of the questions asked staff to walk through this process or that process. My socks were blown off when staff verbally using the correct terms and everything were able to explain what we were asking. Not only that, but were able to add valuable insights from a Support Staff’s position that myself and the other instructor could not have given.

When a system works in such a way that it makes it possible to recall the process without actually looking at it speaks volumes. So, I guess in short what I am trying to say is this. For staff, that have already gone through some sort of introduction to Therap, don’t be afraid to go off grid every once and a while. It breaths new life into training and gives them a sense of pride that they really do know their stuff.

Tips and Tricks

Lorelei did an awesome presentation on the variety of reports and searches she uses when sampling data from Mosaic’s multiple Therap systems.

Video on Quality Assurance SIG : Quality Assurance Tips and Tricks for Therap Data

Have a look! Keep a look out for more webinars from this Special Interest Group.


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Sneak Peeks: 2013.2…will help QA, for sure!

Screenshot of ISP Data Collection form and excel document of ISP Data Collection


A lot of using ISP Data involves creating a quality assurance process with several levels, that may include the daily review of an immediate supervisor, through a quality assurance staff member, and potentially reaching into administration and finance.

The new release has added some fields much requested by agencies using ISP Data to track a wide range of teaching strategies, checklists, behavioral concerns, as well as taking advantage of its interface with Therap’s billing module.

Once released, the “Export to Excel” will include both data collection date and data entry date, to ensure data is being collected in a timely way. Both Scoring Comments and the main Comments field will also appear in this export now.

Along with some adjustments to ISP Programs that will allow for more flexible formatting, this addition will make QAing a snap!


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Incident Management

Bonnie Scott shared some information about how her agency handles incident management.

Have a look!

Video on Certified Trainer Series : Managing Incident Reports



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