Prioritizing Life

How do you determine what to prioritize in your life?  Is it based on your religion, the stack of paperwork on your desk, your family?  Each of us may make a different decision based on the same criteria, depending on how we prioritize what is happening in our life at that time.

For those of you that know me, you already know that my number one priority is my family, right up there with my faith in God.  I have a wonderful husband that I love dearly, and God has blessed me with two wonderful children, Alice and Gary.

Picture of Alice and Gary

Because my family is the most important thing to me, my priorities frequently change, depending on what activities my children are involved in this month.  Football practice, cheerleading practice, volleyball camp, boy scouts, swimming, the list goes on and on, and is ever changing.  For those of you that are parents, I’m sure you can relate.

Well, once again, my priorities have changed.  I love Therap.  Everyone knows it.   I have had such a wonderful time working with Richard, Allison, Sazzad, Justin, Anna, Kevin, and everyone else that I’ve met through Therap whose names I haven’t mentioned.  But, my priorities have led me to taking another job that allows me to spend more time with my children and enables me to never miss any of their extracurricular activities.

I am handing over my Therap Queen crown to Letisha (although I’m keeping my Ther-Bear), and I wish all of you good luck.

God Bless.  Renee


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Ping Tests?

Although Therap itself requires no IT background for users to be able to easily utilize for documentation purposes, it’s good to have your IT department on board. Recently, we’ve been struggling with delays in getting around within Therap.

With myself and Letisha having no serious IT background knowledge, we had to turn to Can Tenamore, our #1 computer guy… in order to try and find out the problem, he has been doing some ping tests.

Ping Tests?

I have no idea what that means, and in fact when he sent me the report, it was gibberish. Non-sensical rubbish that no one could possibly understand unless they have an IT background. We’ve sent the report to Therap and they are assisting us in determining the problem so that we can reduce our delays. (Thanks Therap!)

So, to the point, although you do not need to be a software genius in order to love Therap like I do, it’s good to have buy-in from your go-to-computer-guy when you do have a problem. Our guy is Can, and just like his name, he can do anything!  Thanks Can!

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Therap Calendar

When we first started using Therap, we put all of our Medical Appointments in the Therap calendar, just like we do on paper. Then Therap put the Appointments on everyone’s FirstPage/Dashboard so that users could see all of the appointments for Today and Tomorrow. Now we are turning off the calendar and only using HT.

This will save on double documenting in both places, therefore saving staff more work. Once again, Therap has saved us time and energy!

Thanks Therap!

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1115 Waiver in NY

It’s mid-day at the Therap Conference on Day Two, and I was just in a session regarding the 1115 Wavier for New York.  I could go into great detail about what was discussed regarding funding, Care Coordinators, etc…, but I would probably bore you.  If you’re really curious, just Google OPWDD 1115 Waiver, get yourself a pillow, and you’ll be out in just a few minutes.

But there are two things that I really appreciated taking out of that session:

1) We are all in the dark… nobody reallly knows what exactly this will mean for our agencies, how we will need to implement it, what documentation will increase/decrease, how it’s going to change the way we serve the individuals we currently support, etc…  It’s good to know that we are not alone in having anxiety about what this will bring.

2) Therap is already on top of it.  In all of the sessions that I’ve attended so far, there has been at least one programmer in attendance.  But at this session, there were at least 3 programmers (Sazzad, Pushpita, and Asif), as well as Kevin Lightle and James Kelly, who were able to share information about the Waiver.  I’m not sure, but I think Kevin has a direct line to the OPWDD Commissioner, Courtney Burke, so hopefully he’s getting any inside scoop on the issue.

So tonight, I’ll be just fine falling asleep knowing that, once again, I can count on Therap to be there whenever there is a regulatory concern.  Now, if I could just make sure that Sazzad fixes that one thing for me…

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Webinars vs. Presentations

Hanging out with Allison at talking about the pros and cons of webinars vs. live presentations. Personally, I can stand in front of anyone and talk about Therap for as long as needed. But, I feel lost trying to do a webinar. I think it’s the visual feedback of the audience that I need and the same reason I don’t like talking on the telephone! Others may prefer that lack of eyes staring at you in front of the room in doing a webinar. Either way, it’s another cool thing about Therap, that users from everywhere are always sharing information! Which way are you most comfortable? Let me know as both a presenter or an attendee.

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Techno-idiot becomes Techno-savvy

So I got an iPhone just last week, which is really kinda funny, because I hate phones… they are way too auditory for my visual personality,  I don’t like talking on them, I frequently misplace mine, and I almost always let the battery die.  One of my co-workers actually said it was a waste of a good iPhone for me to even have one.

I say they’re just jealous, but in reality, I’m a techno-idiot.  I have no idea what the difference is between one search engine and another, why Microsoft is better/worse than Apple, I can’t even program my VCR (yep, still have one).  I’m pretty sure that if Pete or Justin read this, they are going to go into some sort of techno-babble about why it was a good/bad idea for me to get an iPhone (I’ll just shake my head up and down like I know what they are talking about).  That’s why I love Therap, it works even for a techno-idiot like me.

Back to my iPhone… can you guess what was my first downloaded App?  Therap’s T-Log App of course!!!  Logged in and there they were!  How cool is it to be able to read T-Logs while sitting on the sideline at my daughter’s soccer practice?!  Way Cool!  At first I wondered why the “Mark as Read and Go To Next” button was missing, but then I read my first T-Log, marked it as read, and realized it went right back to the T-Log list, so I could read the next one, the previous one, or any one on the list.

I was showing off the T-Log App at a meeting the other day and someone pointed out to me that I didn’t really need it… huh?  “Why don’t you just pull up Therap on the Internet?”  OMGoodness.  I can pull up Therap on my phone.  Holy cow.  This is way too cool.   (I thought Safari was an African vacation app…  little did I know.)

So now when I am at a meeting I can pull up anything on Therap that I need by using the internet, or when watching soccer practice I can just use the T-Log app to get quickly to my T-Logs.  Either way, it’s a great convenience having it right in my pocket.

Believe it or not, one of the other soccer mom’s actually commented on how techno-savvy I am…

Little does she know  ;)


Renee M. Moffatt, The Resource Center, Jamestown, NY


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Therap is on Fire!!!

Seriously, we are talking about some hot new stuff here in Fishkill, so much so, that during one of our afternoon sessions, the fire alarm sounded and we all had to evacuate the hotel!!! No worries… we were only outside for a short period of time and back to talking Therap in no time!

Today, I’ve learned a whole lot more about the Individual Home module and I have to say that the Profile listing the Involved Staff was very surprising to me! Check it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts!  (If you don’t know what I’m referring to, contact your Provider Administrator so that you can be given the privilege.)

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Billing Checklist Report

The first session that I attended this morning has Sazzad showing us the new Billing Checklist Report that they are currently developing for NY. It will assist MSCs in checking to make sure that they have met all their requirements for billing, i.e. their face-to-face contacts, signing off on their ISP Plans, distribution, having one Line A item or 2 Line B items, LCED in place/reviewed, etc… Although it’s still in development, the consensus of the room is that it’s on the right track and will certainly assist in making sure billing requirements are met. I LOVE THERAP!!!

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The Queen is back in Court

It’s been pointed out to me that it has been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I’ve posted a blog (shame on me)!!!  Time flies when you’re having fun on Therap!!!  Long story short as to my absence… I’m still the Queen, but there is a new Therap Administrator at TRC, Letisha, and I’m sure that you’ve seen some of her blogs.

Well, now I’m back at Fishkill and it seems like old home week to me!!!  I’ve seen so many friends that I haven’t seen in years… Kara, Allison, Maureen, Anna, Richard, Justin, Kris, Stephen, Bonnie, Pete,Cheryl, and I’ve already met some new friends!!  It’s been a great time full of laughter and we haven’t even had one session… tomorrow should be awesome!!! Hope to see you here, but if not, I’ll try to keep you posted!!!

Now, if I could just get Jim to burn that stupid Packers sweater.

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Naming ISP Programs

We’re utilizing the Template Library more and more these days and therefore, the list is getting bigger and bigger.  If you can remember the author or name of the template you are looking for, the search function works great.  But, if you have to look through the list, finding it is much more challenging.

To fix this problem, I’ve suggested that departments name all of their program specific templates with a prefix.  For example, our behavior plans in the ISP Program all start with “BP:” no matter the ABSS that writes it or the program that it belongs.  In TMS, we’ve named all of our residential specific classes starting with “RES:”.

Applying this to the names of ISP Programs in the library will make it easier to search the information, since you’ll always know that your templates start with that specific prefix, no matter the author or name of of the program.

Just a thought I wanted to share!!!  Thanks!


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