New use for a Splash Page

Typcially we’ve used agency Splash Pages as announcements for specific Therap related issues: “An updated T-Log Reference Guide has been sent via SComm, please be sure to review.”  Non-Therap related information has always been sent as a flyer within staff paychecks: “Interested in earning more money?  Individualized Services is looking for…”

Recently, however, we decided to try something new.  We created a Splash Page to let users know that we were hiring for a specific position and listed the phone number to contact if they knew anyone interested.  Since that Splash Page, I’ve received additional requests for other similar needs, “Mary Active, a resident at First Street Group Home, is looking for someone that would be interested in volunteering for …” 

So here is my next thought… when a staff sees this Splash Page, it might not interest them at first, so they click on the box “Do not show this message again.”  But later that week, they need the information that was in that Splash Page.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial for users to have the ability to access old Splash Pages?  I know that there have been times when I’ve clicked on that box, just to realize two days later that I needed the information again, for example, release notes.  Some users would be able to find them on the homepage, but others might not.

Here’s my feedback: Category-Suggestion, Summary-Access to old Splash Pages, Description-“It would be beneficial if users could access old Splash Pages that they have clicked not to be shown. There may be information within them that at that time they don’t need, but may need at a later date.”

I’ll let you know if there’s anything interesting in “My Issues” tomorrow!

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WNY User Group

Yesterday, I left my office at The Resource Center to drive north two hours to attend a WNY User Group Session, and it was awesome!!!   Thanks to the great staff at Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled located in Buffalo, NY for once again opening their agency for a user group session.

Picture of WNY User Group session is Unavailable

And also to Kris and Stephen who were willing to put up with all of us throwing out our great ideas for future upgrades!  I’m pretty sure that they wrote everything down to take back to the Therap programmers to work on for us!!!!  Hopefully we’ll see some of those great ideas soon!  ;)

If you haven’t already attended a local user group, you really should consider it.  You can find a list of sessions on Therap’s homepage.  It’s a great opportunity to see how other agencies in your state are utilizing Therap.  Everytime I’ve attended, I’ve either learned how to do something that we aren’t doing or shared something with other agencies that they aren’t doing.   Either way, it’s a win-win for all agencies in attendance.

Another great reason for a user group session is for the Points Program.  Kelly and I are currently working on getting enough points to attend any future conferences that Therap might host in Hawaii!!!  See you there Kevin!

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Are you prepared with Offline Forms?

Yesterday’s unplanned down time of Therap is an unusual occurrence and doesn’t happen very often.  Typically, Therap notifies everyone that they are going to be down for a period of time and it is usually in the middle of the night.  But, if it were to happen again, is your agency prepared?

Therap provides several Offline Forms for documentation when the system is down.  They can also be used for documentation when staff is away from a computer, for example, camping in the middle of the forest or at a meeting where there’s no Internet connection.

Picture of Help & Support button/link

To get to the forms, just click on Help & Support at the bottom of any page, or at the top of the Therap homepage, and you’ll find them on the right-hand side directly above “Useful Links” (or click here!).

You’ll find a list of  forms from Health Tracking, GERs, the IDF, a T-Log form, and several other forms that are state-specific to Connecticut, Delaware, Montana, and New York.  You can then print them off and keep them in a file, handy for the next unexpected time they are needed.

Now, to be honest with you, we’ve been using Therap since 2005 and we have never needed to use the forms for unplanned down time.  But they have come in handy for training, off-site documentation, and preparing for an individual new to the agency… print off the IPOP/Safeguard, take it to the Information Sharing Meeting, and fill it out right there, so once the individual is enrolled, you have everything you need to complete the form online.

I don’t know if Richard or Justin, or any of the other Therap staff or programmers were Boy Scouts, but they definitely did a good job with the motto… Be Prepared.  Now you just have to make sure that your agency follows their lead and is prepared with offline forms!

Icon of Be Prepared

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Guess what today is…

Picture of Renee MoffattPicture of Renee Moffatt at TRC

That’s right, it’s the big-FOUR-OH for me!!!  The picture on the right is from an Expo we had here at TRC where I got to experience what it would be like to be visually impaired and work in our workshop putting together jewelry boxes (it wasn’t easy).

My kids woke me up singing Happy Birthday, my mom called and sang to me, and my wonderful co-workers posted 40 of those pictures every where throughout my cubicle and the break room!!!  They hung 40 rubber bands all over my desk, linked 40 paper clips like a garland, wrote “40” on forty sticky notes and used them to border my bulletin board, and (best of all)…brought breakfast pizza!!!  My supervisor called and sang Hapy Birthday on my voice mail, and my assistant brought me some Begonias to plant in the spring!!!

I also found these all over my desk…

Picture of stickers on Renee Moffat's Desk on her Birthday

…not sure if I appreciate those.

But, overall, a wonderful way to start the next decade!  Thank you to all my fabulous friends at work for making my birthday so great.  You are absolutely AWESOME and the best co-workers a queen could ask for!!!

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Teaching an old queen new TMS tricks!

This week Kara held the first of a three-part TMS Webinar.  I originally signed up for the first class so that I could invite our training staff to attend and they could get more familiar with the whole TMS picture.  I also signed up for the other two classes hoping that I would learn something new.  What I didn’t know, was that I would learn something in the first class!!!

When we started using TMS, I just set up one Super Role with all of the TMS privileges and gave myself and two other staff that Super Role.  We are currently giving Supervisors the ability to view their staff’s trainings… supervisor by supervisor… one at a time… for every staff… every time they transfer to a different position.    We were concerned about the timeliness that we were receiving notifications about staff changing positions and supervisors needing the information.

At the webinar, Kara was showing off the different privileges TMS offers and all of a sudden it hit me!!!  I can give out that one privilege, TMS- Manage Supervisor, to each of the supervisors and they can be responsible for their own staff list!!!

It had been such a long time since I actually looked at the Super Role, I had just remembered it as being one privilege.  Not separate ones that could be given out independently!!!

It just goes to show you that even if you think you know everything  (and sometimes I do!), checking out the webinars that Therap offers (at no extra charge) may just have the answer that you didn’t even know you needed!

Thanks Kara!!!  You have no idea how much time you have just saved me!!

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Expanding LiveLook

If you are a reader of all the blogs, you have probably already read about LiveLook in Justin’s blog.  If not, you really should check it out.  Here is the condensed version… when you are on Live Help, you have the ability to share your screen so that Therap can see what you see.

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to utilize LiveLook yet, I can certainly see the benefit.  As the Therap Administrator for a large agency, my day frequently consists of nothing more than taking phone calls from co-workers and assisting them with a problem that they are having.  I would love to be able to see the screen exactly as the caller sees it so that I can accurately evaluate what is the concern.

So my question is… how soon will Therap be expanding this option for the Data Adminstrators of  specific agencies?!  When will I be on the other side of LiveLook viewing the screen of a user with a question at my agency?!

Now that would be awesome!!!  ;)

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Fishkill Photos

Even though I didn’t get to be there at Fishkill this year, my colleagues were kind enough to bring me back some pictures of their week (I’m giving them the benefit here and assuming that they aren’t rubbing it in)…

One of the stops on the NYC trip was to see the Statue of Liberty…

Picture of Statue of Liberty at M&M Store, New YorkPicture of Different Colors of M&Ms at M&M Store, New York

…you can find her in the M&M’s store, where there are M&M’s of every color imaginable in tubes that are two-stories high! Yum!

Thanks to Justin for taking my place as assistant to Todd in his multiple presentations on how MSC’s in NY utilize Therap and the ISP Plan…

 Picture of Justin and ToddPicture of Todd

… also a great big Thanks! to Todd for his willingness to share with all of the other NY providers all the things that our MSC department does on Therap.

Included in the trip to NYC, was a stop at the local pizza parlor, which everyone enjoyed.  And the reports are that although the food at the conference was great, by the end of the week, all they wanted to do was eat something besides chicken!

Picture of New York TripPicture of New York Trip at a Local Pizza Parlor

Thanks Coty, Bev, Letisha, Steve, and Todd!!!  Thanks so much for representing The Resource Center and bringing back such great ideas as to where our agency can continue to improve in our utilization of Therap.  You guys are awesome!!!

Renee :)

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Oh how I wish I was at Fishkill :(

Believe it or not, I’m not at Fishkill.  And I am devastated.  The short story is that I’m feeling much better and my mother-in-law’s surgery went very well. 

My co-workers, Bev, Coty, Letisha, Steve and Todd were able to go without me, so I’m looking forward to hearing from them next week about all the sessions they attended and all the great stuff they’ve discovered that Therap has to offer.  If you see them, intoduce yourself and say hello.  They’re great at what they do, they know Therap very well, and will be able to answer a lot of your questions.

Enjoy the conference for me… I really wish I was there, but since I’m not, I’ll keep watching the blogs.  I really hope to see something on here from Pete or Bonnie (but I’m not holding my breath!).  See you at the next conference!

Thanks!  Renee

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Agency Policies within SComm Folders

I’ve participated in several discussions about how agencies wish they could have their policies on Therap somehow for easy access to users and I agree that this would be great.  We have three Therap specific Guides that I send out via SComm to all users, that staff are to post near every computer as a reference, and I wish I could just attach them somewhere in Therap for all to see (without doing some sort of crazy work-around by creating an ISP program and giving everyone access).

But until then, a co-worker of mine came up with an idea.  He created a specific SComm folder for Therap Guides, and whenever I send something out, he moves it to that folder.  He always has the guide in his SComm folder no matter where he logs-in on Therap.  This works great for him because he has the ability to create the folder in his account.

So then I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could just create an agencywide folder that would show up in everyone’s My Folders, kind of like how I can create an agency wide Custom User Group.  Then every user would always have the most up-to-date guide in that folder, there would be no confusion as to which one to use, nothing hanging on the walls of the residence or office, and everyone would have the information at their fingertips.

If anyone else has any ideas about how to share this type of information with users in your agency, submit a comment here or add your thoughts to “Ideas!” at the bottom of every Therap page.

Thanks!  Renee

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Reassigning and Deleting within the Shared Contact List

Well, I don’t know about your list, but our agency Shared Contact List is getting out of control.  It seems that if a user can’t find what they are looking for, then they just Create A New Shared Contact, and the list ends up having duplicates of the same physician, with the same address, with the same phone number.  One Audiologist, I’ll call her Anne, was listed four times on our list.

I was excited when I found out that as a Data Administrator I could create custom Contact Types, because I think that this will help users locate the specific contact for which they are looking.  For example, the majority of doctors are listed as physicians, but really, they are Nuerologists, Dermatologists, Cardiologists, etc… or they are listed as Specialists, but really they are Audiologists, Speech Pathologists, etc…   Having them listed as what they actually are will make it easier for users to locate them.

So, I created a new Custom Contact Type, Audiologist, and updated one of the entries with all the correct information.  I then tried to Reassign and Delete one of the other 3 entries that had her listed as a Specialist, but Therap came back with an error message telling me that I couldn’t do that.


  • This Shared Contact has been used in HT-Appointment/HT-Medication History/T-Log/GER/ISP Plan froms and hence the contact type can not be changed
  • (Those messages make me crazy.)  I sent a feedback telling Therap my problem and the following day, Naimul, one of the wonderful Therap Customer Support Staff, confirmed that I could not reassign and delete different types of contacts.

    Not the answer I wanted to hear.

    But then I realized, in giving me the answer that I didn’t want to hear, I was also given the answer as to how to fix it!!!  It took a little more effort, but worth it.  I went back to the 3 entries listed as Specialist, changed them to Audiologist, and then tried reassigning and deleting all over again.

    Successfully Reassigned and Deleted

    Wahoo!  It worked!!!  I tried it for the other two, and no problems.  Now there is only the one entry for Anne, with all of the correct information, and she is listed as an Audiologist.

    Once again, Therap has proven that they are awesome, even when they don’t give you the answer that you think you wanted.  Thank you Therap!!!

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