E-Book vs. Printed Books

Allison recently shared an article on Facebook regarding the rising use of e-books among readers and the slow decline in people reading printed material (books, magazines, newspapers, etc).  To read the article click here.  People are using computers, iPads, phones, and other devices to read books across the nation.  People who e-read actually tend to read twice as much as those who read using printed material.

I remember when the Kindle first came out…I HAD to have one…and quickly when on Amazon and ordered myself one.  Then when I purchased my first iPad, I downloaded the Kindle App.  Amazingly, what I found, was that when I purchased a book and read it electronically, if I really enjoyed it, I had to have a print copy to place on my bookshelf!?!?  So here I was, purchasing my books twice!?!?

I guess maybe I’m slightly a nerd, but I like to have that printed copy sitting on my shelf, and then I can go back through and put post-it notes at the paragraphs that stick out the most, and reference them later on.  And of course, there is something about having bookcases LOADED with all those wonderful books.

Now there are even books that are only published electronically, and for those of us old fashioned print-book readers, we have to cave in and read electronic copies if we wish to read.  Of course, for the wanna-be-author, electronic publication is the way to go.  Much cheaper and a whole lot easier to get your material out there.

As for me…I actually deleted the Kindle App off my iPad, gave away the Kindle, and I’m just an avid reader with the real old fashioned printed books!  (There’s also nothing like walking into a book store and getting lost in the shelves of books…kinda like heaven on earth!)

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Greetings from ND!

I write (or technically I type) today with a sad state of mind…I’m reading all these posts about people going to the National Conference…and alas, I won’t be there:-(  Think of me during your week of learning!

We in ND are experiencing the WIERDEST winter ever!  Here I sit and it is currently 37 degrees out today with a high of 45!?  No snow on the ground!?  Not quite sure what to make of it, hoping it remains this way until summer.  On the bright side, this kind of weather gives us such an awesome opportunity to get people out of the house and out into the community.

On another note…our growing ‘little’ community that has erupted over the last couple years is on the way to becoming even more famous.  Check out http://www.luckydogfilmworks.com/television.html for a new series that is apparently coming out.  The young ladies’ mother actually used to work for our agency.

Until next month (when I promise to share more useful information:-), take care, and enjoy the conference for those of you attending!


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Training Therap

Hey there folks…was part of a discussion recently on how to get started on Therap and how to train your staff once you are going.  Below is what we did and currently do here at OFI.

Identify Provider/Administrators – If you are not hiring someone to specifically take care of the ‘back side’ of the program, then it can be split into different responsibilities.  For example, you may want HR to take care of adding people and giving them roles and privileges.  You may want to give your managers access to reset passwords.  You may also want managers to have access to give privileges to staff?

Identify Superroles – It may help to have a workgroup sit down and look at all the options of who should have access to do what in Therap.  Bonnie had a link on her blog to look at the list of different roles.  I would recommend getting all your roles figured out and get staff the access they need before they walk in the door for training!

Identify Trainers – Your Provider/Administrators may be the right choice of people to train…then again they may not.  Decide who does a good job training and who is ‘computer-savvy’, and of course who can keep the atmosphere light and positive, and see if they would like to train.  Also, decide where you will be training.  Some agencies set up a training room, our agency rents a computer lab at the college.

Schedule Training – We set dates for each department to go live on Therap for each different ‘module’.  We broke it down into S-Comm/TLogs, GERs, ISPS, and Health Tracking.  We scheduled several hour training sessions for each ‘module’, and had staff sign up for the training.

GET RID OF THE PAPER! – On your scheduled day to go live with a portion of Therap, get the paper out!  If you leave paper behind, there is a larger chance staff will record on paper, and not in Therap!

Follow-Up – It is important that you provide some additional time with employees who may have questions or want a little help or just need a chance to ask a question after they have gone live on Therap!  Continue to be there for them!  We even continue to send S-Comm’s or provide addition training as thing evolve in Therap if we feel that it may be necessary.  We discuss Therap in our quarterly all staff meetings, and our yearly staff retreat to keep eveyone up to date!


Then comes the question of what to do with new-hires once your agency is live in Therap.  We schedule training one day a month, from 8:30-4:00.  It usually ends around 2:30 or 3:00, but that all depends on the computer skills of the people in the class.  All of our new employees are scheduled to attend the training during their first month of employment.  We discussed the option of leaving it to managers to train, but feel it is important that everyone hear the same information to keep all of our charting consistent.

I train our new employees not only on how to use the program, but what our expectations are in the program.  For example, not just how to enter a T-Log, but what should be included in a T-Log, and how they should be written respectfully, factually, etc.  We look at common mistakes made by staff during charting and identify how to correct them to hopefully ensure our new staff enter information correctly.

Different styles of learning – Remember, every learner learns differently!  I first demonstrate with everyone watching me, then I have them practice, then later I verbally quiz them and have the relate to me how to utilize the program.  This lets them learn by the different styles!  At the end of the class, each learner completes an excercise evaluating their skill in the program.

One Size Does Not Fit All – It is important to be flexible in your training to make sure each staff is reached!  Also, just because it works for our organization to train a certain way, it may not learn for yours.  Be patient and flexible, and you will succeed!!!

(P.S. – I have been typing this in a Therap class while the class works on their practice:-)

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Greetings from ND

Hey there everyone in Therapville!

I was sitting here on Facebook and thought maybe I’d take a moment to blog.  Before blogging I thought I’d look at my previous posts and saw that last time I blogged it had been EXACTLY 2 month since blogging.  I thought maybe I should wait until November 26th to blog so I could make that claim again…but figured Allison would come out here and beat me or something?  (But hey…if that’s what it takes to get Allison to ND!) :-)

It has been a rather busy couple of months!  (That’s the start of my excuse for not getting my blogging done…is it working?)  I feel like I have been spending every week in Bismarck, ND.  (Our state capital, and about a 4 hour drive for me.)  I’m begininng to think I’m a weekend family man or something?  Since my last post though, I did have the WONDERFUL opportunity to go out to dinner with Deborah at Olive Garden on a week she was spending in Bismarck!  The poor waitress must have ventured to our table at least a dozen times to see if we had our order ready…but me and my big mouth wouldn’t quit talking long enough for us to review our menus!!  Great food and some great chit chat…of course the subject of Therap didn’t come up the entire evening!  Yeah right:-)

Last month was a very sad month for us at Opportunity Foundation in Williston.  One of the people we support that lived in the home I manage had been in failing health for the last few months.  Towards the end of October she was hospitalized, and I spent every waking minute with her at the hopsital during her last week on earth.  She was a very special friend and she will be missed SO much.

Looking forward, I head back to Bismarck again next Tuesday…and the following week is Thanksgiving, and then I think I’ll be home free for awhile and things can slow down, and then watch out Therap blog!  Maybe I can get back to keeping the blog alive:-)

Take care everyone and try to stay warm!

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A Little Busy This Summer…

Wow!  It has been exactly two months since I blogged!  I am REALLY losing my touch!  …or life has just been extremely busy…

I had the privilige last week of attending a seminar with Tom Pomeranz.  I have been scheduled to attend his training twice, and both times had to back out due to various reasons.  But last Monday found me in Sidney, MT attending one of his sessions.

I think the greatest thing to get from him is his little’ gem’.  Good Enough for Me!  A question we should all ask ourselves each day as we go about our duties.  The choices we help people make each day should be carefully considered as if we are making those choices for ourselves.  One thing I push my staff to do is to have the people we support participate in their Therap documenation.  We have not yet began giving people their own login and password, but we do have the people participate in charting their ISP’s and writing the T-Logs.

I also had the benefit last week to run into Candy from Glenwood out of Plentywood, MT.  She made a point of letting me know I never responded to her email from July…oops!  (told you I’ve been busy)  Next month I will enjoy getting to head to Plentywood again to help them take another step in the Therap journey!

Tomorrow morning I head to Bismarck for Part I in a Supervisory Training.  Wednesday will be on ‘Understanding Our Interpersonal Influence’, and Thursday will be covering ‘Understanding What Drives and Inspires Us’.  I will try to remember next week to blog what I’ve learned.  But the highlight of the trip….tomorrow evening I will get to enjoy supper with Therap’s own Deb Hibbard! 

Friday, I will be heading back  to Minot with a couple of the folks I support to hit up the ND Hostfest and take in the Gaither’s Friday night.

In any case…I’ll try not to take two months to blog again:-)

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Another reason to use Therap!!!

WOW!!!  I am SO impressed! 

Therap 9.1 was relased over the weekend…and I decided I needed to ‘test’ it out…so I logged into a demo account and added an allergy to penicillin to a person.  Then I added a new medication of amixicillin.  And take a look at the screen!!!

And not only will it compare the medications to the allergies…it also has a comparison of medication that will react to other medications!!!

You can say I’m easily excited…but WOW!!!!!   Just another reason to use Therap….a wonderful safety guard for the people we support!

Screenshot of Medication History form showing Drug-Allergy Interaction and Drug-Drug Interaction

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North Dakota Conference

Hello my fellow Therapites!  Hope this blog finds you all healthy and wealthy!  (one out of two ain’t bad is it?)

We had the privilege of hosting another Therap conference in the great state of North Dakota!  Of course, our feelings are slightly hurt that Allison didn’t join us!  haha  Of course I must share a little amusement before getting serious…Tammie from Tri-City Cares in Stanley, ND was in TJ Maxx and was being ‘stalked’ by a clerk Monday evening.  Her first instinct was that he suspected her of shop lifting until he began to compliment her…’I like your highlights’ was the best pickup line he could come up with I guess!  Of course she began trying to talk Cheryl into rushing out of the store…to no avail!  Then Tuesday morning Tammie decided to give me my morning wake up call, but misdialed by cell phone number by one digit.  Some guy ansered and Tammie asked what he was doing…working was his response.  At this point she realized she had the wrong number.  Her reply…’OK, well I better go now!’ and she hung up!?!?!?  Oh well, it tickled my funny bone:-)

Now we are all gearing up across the state for the ‘looming’ implementation of the OSP (Overall Service Plan), which will include the new ISP and PCSP.  Of course, we’re delighted that we will get to host Deb again.  She’s rapidly gaining groopies all across the state…right Deb:-)  (I may be one of them!)

There was also discussion of some more advanced discussions for some of us who would like to brain storm or share thoughts / ideas.  Maybe we’ll get Deb or Allison to set up an advanced user group / webinar for those of us. 

It was great spending a couple days with all of you great North Dakotans!

Till next time – TONY

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Still learning…

Hey folks…we’re still keeping out heads above water here in ND!  We are just taking it day by day.

I am sitting in a Therap class as I type, while my ‘students’ are working through their final excercise.  During the class I was playing a video we took of when Tom Pomeranz was here in Williston providing some training and consulting for our agency.  I was letting the folks who were working through their material faster than others use it rather than have dead time. 

I think we can all continue to learn additional lessons on supporting people to become more independent.  One phrase that leaps out at me is ‘GET A LIFE!’  We are here to support people in getting back their lives!  But how do we do that?

There are SO many ways…but here are a few small ones…

You work in a group home and it is time for meds.  Who opens the med cabinets and pulls out the meds?  Are they your meds?  Is the person who is going to be taking them capable of pulling them out?  They why aren’t they?  (Please don’t tell me because it’s your job to do it!)

Who set the table for supper last night?

Who decided what was for supper?

Who decided what to type in the T-Logs yesterday?

We can make up ALL kinds of excuses…but that’s what they end up being.  If you were on the other end of the supports, what would you want?  I know that I would want a say in my life…after all, it’s MY life.

Another thing that sticks out at me is the question what will this person’s life be like one year from now?  Are there going to be any changes or is it going to be the same as it is now?  We are here to support people in fulfilling their dreams and working towards the lifestyle they choose.  Do you know what they want from life?  If not, how are you going to help them get there? 

Maybe there is a goal…but who set that goal?  The QMRP, the manager, the guardian, or the person?  Once again we have to ask ourself, who’s life is it?

Just some food for though!

Until next time – Tony

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My Recent Ramblings…..

Wow!  April 26th was my last blog!  I am REALLY slacking…(or I’m just so busy I haven’t had a chance)!  Depends on who you ask:-)

A lot has happened in the last month.  9.0 was released!  I’m interested to here what people have already started using Time Tracking for…leave some comments and share what your experience so far has been with it!

In May I had the opportunity to attend NDACP (North Dakota Association of Community Providers) Annual Conference.  (I even saw Justin there!)  While there, Patty Eide, one of my assistant managers was awarded DSP of the Year.  She was one out of seventeen across the state to recieve the award, presented by Lieutenant Governor Wrigley.  Way to go Patty!


In other news, our agencies community education committee has set up a facebook profile.  Search for Opportunity Foundation, Inc. in Williston, ND to see us online!  We are also in the process of putting together a presentation to present at local schools, clubs, churches, and basically to educate whoever is willing to listen about overcoming disabilities.  If anyone has any ideas to throw my way, please do!  I’m always willing to listen:-)

Up here in ND we are dealing with a lot of flooding.  Minot and Bismarck have been sandbagging like crazy.  So far Williston has a lot of flooded basements but we are feeling somewhat safe, provided the water released from Fort Peck Dam doesn’t come our way to fast!  The picture below is a road right outside of town leading to a boat ramp and picnic area.  I don’t think anyone will be having lunch there for awhile!  Of course, with all this excess water, I’m sure the mosquitoes will be worse than ever this year!  (If that’s possible in Williston!  They are HORRIBLE here EVERY year!)

Well…I’ve rambled enough.  I hope everyone out in Therapville enjoys their summer!


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May is looking kind of boring…

I was digging for some paperwork today, and came across the folder from our annual conference for NDACP. It got me to thinking…one year ago I was looking forward to going to NDACP next week. Following NDACP, I was driving back to Minot to board a plane. My wife…myself…minus the children…heading for a three night stay in a resort on the beach in Miami, followed by a five night cruise through the Caribbean!

This May…my wife…myself…three children….home….work….you get the point!

I suppose we will have to make the best of it and hit up the parks and enjoy this spring weather that seems to be trying to stick around! We may have to have some more impromptu weekends. We both had last Friday off, so I called my wife on Thursday shortly before 9 PM and said pack the suitcase for a two-night stay. I headed home, loaded the family in the van, and off we went to Billings for a few nights!

It may not be the Caribbean, or Miami, or a beach, but sometimes a person just needs to get away!

Who know, maybe next weekend we’ll be knocking on Allison’s door:-)

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