It has been a year!

Hello Therap World!

I can’t believe that it has been 1 year since Allison had made me a trainer!  When our company first got to using Therap I thought it was the neatest thing out there.  That is probably why I bugged Allison so much to make me a trainer. All of the documentation and storage in one place…No Books….this is never going to last!  Our data will be eaten by the internet monster, things are going to get lost never to be seen again..its going to take so long to document without using a pen and paper.  Muahahah Oh what doubts some people had.  Since becoming a trainer I have learned so much from others and how they are using Therap and have gotten to pass my knowledge on to others in hopes it will make their experience better . The Therap community never disappoints..Well almost never I would still love to see something change but that is just me! :) I would really suggest that if you are the person who trains staff at your agency to talk with Allison and GET CERTIFIED!  You will have the opportunity to meet new people see what is new on Therap and ever try new things out before everyone else gets to see them!!!  Oh the perks!

Well I really hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays!

Until Next Year!


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Baby it’s cold outside

Hello All!

With the weather in Nebraska getting colder and colder this makes me appreciate Therap even more. As the wind is blowing we are not having to transport books in and out  taking the risk of papers  blowing away.  Yet again everything is at our finger tips :) Life continues to change for services and individuals we serve.  The more information everyone is putting on Therap the easier it is to find things when something does change in someones life and things just don’t blow away never to be seen again. I would really suggest that while exploring all of the things Therap has to offer you really think about good places to store important information. Keeping things consistent on everyone page will be a time saver in the end!

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!


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It’s my Life Conference

Hello All!

Well this year instead of a whole Therap centered conference, Nebraska had an It’s My Life conference with lots of guest speakers, entertainment and of course the guys from Therap. Let me tell you it was a great conference. I just missed seeing all of everyone from Therap!

Anyways I know that there is a lot of work to be done by everyone when it comes to billing on Therap but I can’t wait to get this rolling out. Then to have all of the Service Coordinators start using the ISP Plans on Therap and everything will be able to be linked and done even quicker. It was really great to hear from the Western part of Nebraska Service Coordinators as they have been piloting these things for a while and from what I hear everything is going well and is really liked.

Otherwise things have been pretty quiet around here just still finding new things to do every day. Hope you all are trying some new things on Therap as well. Little bits at a time make things easier! :)

Have a good one!

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It’s My Life

Well we will not be having our normal Nebraska Therap conference in Lincoln this year.  We are going to be having a It’s My Life conference in La Vista.  There will still be some Therap sessions just not as many as there has been in the past! :(  But, this will be amazing because there will be some great speakers and I am very excited about the change of location.

There really has not been a whole lot else going on here  just getting use to all of the new changes with billing.  Hopefully one day we will be able to get the attendances all set up so we can use this part of Therap as well!  Just the little things make me happy!  :)


Keep on learning!



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A Wonderful Review!

It’s that time again so here it is….

We had our State Surveyors come and do our State review a few months back and it really did not go to bad (I thought).  Having someone back there with them when needed to point them in the right direction WORKED GREAT!  Well they must have thought so too!! We received our Certification in the mail!  Having Therap makes everything so nice…we were not pulling books worrying about how and where things were filled.  It was a “oh click here” and “pull this up”!

I am so proud of our management team and our staff to have taken to Therap the way they did! They just continue to use it more and more and hey they even like it!  Staff continue to say how easy it is and why did we not use this years ago!

Just remember when all else fails keep moving forward!


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Implementing Therap

Hello All!

So I got to thinking the other day about when we first implemented Therap in Nebraska!  Looking back when and what we started with to where we are today I just can’t believe it.  I have some suggestions to new users before jumping in and wanting to use EVERYTHING take a step back and make a list! lol Yes, Therap does make your life easier keeping track of everything from doctor appointments to medications to programing and data and everything in between but don’t bite off more then you can chew! Make a list of the items you would like to use.  Start slow so no one is feeling overwhelmed!  Start with a few things and let staff/management get use to them (get good at them) then pilot a a few people with the next item on the list you would like to implement!  Eventually everything you would like to use will be there but this way everyone is comfortable with everything being implemented before adding more to think about! Just keep breathing and in no time you will have used it for years!!! :)


Just a friendly hint!



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One Hail of a Storm!

Hello June!

I can’t believe that yet another month is here and we are now half way through 2014.  Time sure has a way of running away!  I would like to report we are all  good here! :)  We had a massive storm move through Nebraska and wowzers it was something else.  Lots of wind, rain and BIG hail fell on parts of Nebraska and many other states.  We were lucky enough to have everyone get home safe before it really let loose.

Anyways we continue to plug away with Therap… yet another update and things kind of changing.  With every change there continues to be new things to learn and do.  Otherwise not really much going on this month besides continuing to learn about billing and getting things imputed correctly.  This is something to look forward too. Make sure you are watching for webinars on this so you can also stay updated!

Also don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Nebraska Therap Conference that will happen on September 23-25 2014  at Embassy Suites Omaha-La Vista,.  This is a change from the years past. It is always great to see what else is new and listen to others with their experiences using Therap.


Hope you all continue to use more and more with Therap!

Stay on the sunny side!


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State Review

Well Hello Everyone!

I don’t know how many of you out there have already gone through a review/re-certification while you have been on Therap but….We had our state re-cert the beginning of last week. Let me tell you it was very different from our past reviews….. Normally we would have started getting ready by reviewing our books, flipping page to page making sure everything was in the correct order, programs, appointments etc. from ALL of our settings. This time how ever it felt like there was not a whole lot to flip through :) We sat there looking at each other like “what are we suppose to do”. This review was so EASY. Our State reviewers were very receptive to everything we had done with Therap. Tip: Just make sure that you take the time to let your reviews know where you have put everything, what are you all using on Therap…how to pull data/reports etc. The more they know what and how to find things the better your review will go! :)
Good Luck!

Hope you all have a great week!

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Another Cold Day in Nebraska

Hi Everyone!

So its a beginning to another month and here we go with another blog! :) I tell ya what this Nebraska weather sure is crazy 70+ degrees one day and then 42 the next and freezing/snowing at night. Nebraska sure does play a good April Fools! :)

Anyways getting on with the task at hand!… I had an issue come to light and I just wanted to share… I went to pull an ISP data report (there is a new great button with the update new button-data collection monthly) and there was no data there actually there was no data on any of the reports I pulled???? I was ready to cry then I got to thinking.. Hummm the staff that would have collected that data no longer works here (that never happens right?), I deactivated her…. so I reactivated her and POOF there it was! So this got me thinking there has to be a better way to pull reports that show data even if it was completed by a deactivated staff? RIGHT? The answer is YES!!! Was I happy to hear that!

I never have used the report library and let me tell ya I am going to start. Whether or not you have an active staff or a deactivated staff the documentation is there NO MATTER WHAT. It is a bit hard to read depending on what you are looking ( lots of data depending on how you pull it) for but, I would suggest using that. All of the information that I needed to find was there. Way better then actually just searching the data day by day by day… I did not want to waste all that time. So just to recap… If you want to find data no matter what go to Agency reports (if you have that access, if you don’t ask for it) Report library and there are so many different things you can look up it’s just wonderful.

Ok well that is all I have for today! Hope you all are having a great week!

Peace out!

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Well, Hello Everyone! March is here and it’s time to blog for this month!

I am very excited to say that I made it through my first time ever presenting a webinar! But, I almost did not make it lol…. I really thought it was going to be easy…No big deal…No one looking at me….I can’t hear/see people yawning….THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!…..I was wrong!!! I think that this webinar thing is way worse than standing in front of people. I have determined I LIKE to see people and have them see me, see their facial expressions!!! Those are things that I think help you learn what you need to beef up on!

Pointers for all of you that are getting ready to do your first EVER webinar:

1. Practice to your empty room (it’s a lot different then you think)
2. Write your key points down
3. Get some ear buds/head set with microphone for presenting
4. Make sure your computer is updated so nothing pops up
5. Remember to BREATHE
6. SLOW DOWN: it will be over soon
7. Make sure you get your point across on what you are teaching!!!

No, it really was not that bad! Just talk to Allison before your presentation; she makes everything better and will have your back!!!!

On another positive note… Things have been going pretty great since we have gone paperless. Everyone can find the documentation no matter what/where it is. No papers being lost in transport!

Just want to wish everyone luck in their upcoming webinars!! You’ll do great!

Remember: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! :)

Peace out!



(ALLISON’S NOTE: Envisions is so paperless, it is NOT EVEN funny. I know this to be true!)

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