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Hell Week= Surprise Week

Every year we hold an agency wide Therap training for our staff. This consists of six, roughly 12 hour, days of 1.5 hour class sessions. As you might expect by day three the instructors, myself and one other, are having nightmares about the sessions. We have been doing these trainings, whether its review or new material, for the last four years and have always had the staff logging on to Therap and following along. So, for the last three years we have had trainings where the staff stare at a computer screen while myself and the other instructor drone on and on. But not this year, this year we decided to shake things up a bit.

This year we decided not […]

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Using Therap to Support Georgia Specific Documentation Requirements

I am positive all my GEORGIA Therap users have had questions surrounding how to document within Therap and still remain in compliance w/ DBHDD. Well, thanks to Kristy Dominy, Certified Trainer, we have a step-by-step guide to remaining in compliance.  Below is the youtube recording of Kristy going through her Georgia Specific Documentation Power Point. Additionally,  I’ve linked an outline of how Therap meets Georgia’s Electronic Signature Policy.





GA-Secure Electronic Signature 120312 (therap doc)

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A Day in the Life of a Therap Administrator

Hi All,
As promised, the webinar titled “A Day in the Life of a Therap Administrator” has been published to YouTube. This webinar was lead by Kristen Thompson, Certified Trainer. This webinar is an excellent resource for both new and existing Therap administrators as it assist with internal quality assurance efforts. Overall, this webinar walks administrators through the actions needed to maintain compliance within the confines of your agency’s quality standard.






Should you have additional questions, please reach out to Kristen Thompson, certified trainer or myself.

Have a fantastic day!

Chelsea Newby, M.P.A
Training and Implementation Specialist

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To Say “HI” and my frustration with Outrageous Deadlines

So, to begin with I wanted to say, “HI!”  I am a newly (since March) Certified Trainer.  This is my first blog post.  But I am eyebrow deep in this new Therap project I have started and thought I would take a quick breath of fresh air (while madly treading my feet) and say hi.   I am guessing that someone is saying – “well, here comes the details of this new (to this blog) person” to themselves.  I would hate to disappoint, so I will tell you a little about myself and HOPE that at least ONE person said that to themselves….

I am Jessica D. Dunn.  I work at Tobosa Developmental Services in Roswell NM.  (Yes, we have aliens; and […]

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A Day in The Life of a Therap Adminstrator……

Today, certified trainer, Kristen Thompson covered a stellar webinar surrounding a day in the life of a super busy, Therap administrator. There were 50+ attendees and some great feedback regarding all the great tips and tricks she’s learned over the years. Monitoring and compliance are key responsibilities of a Therap admin, so I would strongly encourage everyone to take a look and pass this webinar on to folks at your agency. I will let everyone when the recording has been posted!

Have a spectacular day!!!

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Hello from Orlando, FL

I just wanted to introduce myself as a new Certified Trainer with THERAP. My name is Tricia Woods and I am the Director of Health Information and Training for Central FLorida Communities and Group homes. We have been using THERAP since 2011 and I had the great privilege of being introduced to the system by Kristen Thompson. I look forward to expanding my skills through upcoming webinars, user groups and conferences…and of course meeting you all.  We are hosting a user group on April 21st from 10-1 for all you locals.

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I just saw a story on Good Morning America about a frozen water fountain in Atlanta! I sure hope it warms up before the conference! Take it from someone in the bitter cold right now, the thought of going somewhere warmer keeps ones hopes up, so lets send warm thoughts Atlanta’s way. Have a good one and for those of you in cold America bundle up!

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The Outsiders

So I’m curious if and how agencies out in the Therapverse document when and why surveyors/auditors view Therap documents. In other words, when surveyors/auditors look at Therap records, do agencies give them their own login accounts or have them view documents in the presence of an existing user? If it’s the latter, is there any documentation that the surveyor/auditor reviewed that individual’s records?

Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!!!

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The last days…

As we enter these last days of the year a season of reflection reaches its crescendo. And, what I find is that through all the struggles and victories there are always constants. Those constants are as varied as those who rely upon them. For the purposes of this rambling I will restrict myself to the constant of Therap.

Yes, Therap has had several updates throughout the year. These updates have ranged from little changes to ones that alter how we input data. Though these changes were many they still kept with the long standing ease of use which Therap has always strived for. For that I am thankful.

The other Therap constant that I am always thankful for is the amazing Therap […]

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It has been a year!

Hello Therap World!

I can’t believe that it has been 1 year since Allison had made me a trainer!  When our company first got to using Therap I thought it was the neatest thing out there.  That is probably why I bugged Allison so much to make me a trainer. All of the documentation and storage in one place…No Books….this is never going to last!  Our data will be eaten by the internet monster, things are going to get lost never to be seen again..its going to take so long to document without using a pen and paper.  Muahahah Oh what doubts some people had.  Since becoming a trainer I have learned so much from others and how they are using […]

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Liking 2014.7 Release

Our agency uses GERs almost like progress notes.  Anything and everything is documented on a GER.  One “hair-pulling” issue I had was how staff seemed to misidentify the GER Notification Level of High, Medium or Low.  In the beginning I just thought staff were not paying attention to the memos and charts on GER levels.  I then learned the level was defaulted to Low.  I emailed Therap months back requesting the default be set at “blank”…nothing, which would require staff to select the correct corresponding level for the type of GER being written.  Low and behold…The Therap “Gods”, I mean “Nerds” obliged my wish and now staff are “forced” to choose High, Medium or Low.  Now I just hope staff take the […]

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Test Mode Wish List

As OCD as I am about listed Therap documents showing discontinued because I found an error on a template or a form doesn’t work as well as I had envisioned is one of the main reasons I develop all of our initial documents in test mode.  The only drawback is that after I create a form, I have to manually cut and paste every document field from test mode to real mode.  Maybe I don’t know the trick, but I would love to be able to save the document onto the test mode global library, which then can be transferred to real mode global library that I can “download”.  Is there a way to do this?

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Practice Blog…as if I need to practice

I think I am doing things backwards… Blogging that is.  Just thought I would write something to figure out the “ins and outs” of blogging as a certified trainer.  Why do I think I am doing things backwards?  I know you are all asking this question…Well, unlike other new Certified Trainers, I volunteered to present 1-3 topics at the upcoming National Conference, then I scheduled a Webinar…which is on December 19th, and now I am writing my first blog.  Oh well… that’s just me.

First, let me introduce myself…My name is William Jones, although I go by Bill and I am a “newish” Therap Certified Trainer.  I say newish because I was certified back in early April 2014, and this is my […]

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Wow! What a crazy November for the Buffalo, NY, area! We had 6 feet of snow dumped on half of our region and then the temperature went up to 55 degrees less than a week later. Some of our Direct Support Professionals worked nearly 100 hours that week, and some of our staff were driven in to work on snowmobiles. Craziness!! The commitment of so many people on so many levels during this snow emergency was amazing!! Despite being stuck in my (warm!!) house for the week, I was able to keep up with work using Therap. Our National Therap Conference trip is booked, my presentation is almost done, and I am excited to be bringing some new faces to […]

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Staff Trainings….UGH turning into WOOHOO

I have to say that when we first started Therap I wish we had given consideration to how much continuous training we would be doing. Unfortunately we jumped in as if competing for best cannon-ball in a national competition, so almost 2 years later we still have staff who are not trained appropriately.  All in all this causes an unwanted headache for many people within the organization.

So….. a year ago (1 year into Therap) we developed a Therap Committee…. thank goodness!!  There are approximately 10 staff that volunteered their time to assist.  What I enjoy most is having varying positions within the agency represented.  The difference between our DSPs, Leads, Directors and Executive positions is nice to have reflected in […]

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Historical Storm

Hello all,
Didn’t know if I was going to be able to come in today to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as we have been buried under 6 ft of snow here at Southeast Works in Depew, NY! Strangest storm I have ever seen. We have been shut down for a week but everyone came out of it in one piece. Some of our staff couldn’t believe that we were closed as they did not even have an inch of the white stuff! Very bizarre. We had a band of snow that sat in one place for 5 days. The weather people at first named it Storm Knife because it cut out just a section of WNY but nobody liked the […]

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Baby it’s cold outside

Hello All!

With the weather in Nebraska getting colder and colder this makes me appreciate Therap even more. As the wind is blowing we are not having to transport books in and out  taking the risk of papers  blowing away.  Yet again everything is at our finger tips :) Life continues to change for services and individuals we serve.  The more information everyone is putting on Therap the easier it is to find things when something does change in someones life and things just don’t blow away never to be seen again. I would really suggest that while exploring all of the things Therap has to offer you really think about good places to store important information. Keeping things consistent on […]

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That Escalated Quickly

Dang it’s cold….Winter….That escalated quickly. Yes, it is time for my annual “it’s too cold in the south” blog. Thirty two degrees before Thanksgiving is not our way of life. Yes, I can hear all of you in the north snickering. Fall and winter bring on many things here at ROC. Our annual Fall Ball, where our individuals are honored for their individual achievements throughout the year and the holidays that are so much fun.

The most important thing that it brings on is the spirit of giving. Whether giving thanks at Thanksgiving or giving gifts at Christmas, Hanukkah, or your choice of holidays. Our wallets get a little looser this time of year, so I challenge you, while those purse […]

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Family/Guardian Satisfaction Surveys – examples anyone?

I thought I would reach out to everyone out in the Therap world, to see if anyone has any Family Satisfaction Surveys example that they would be willing to share. I am also looking for some additional information on response rates, implemented online or paper (or both), do you have a company create & tabulate the survey or do that in-house, and how you use the results you receive. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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